15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics

Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto

22-27 July 2012



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Main Topics

The conference will address the following topics, and others that may be proposed for the different  Thematic Symposia :


A - Testing and Diagnostics

Condition Monitoring

Destructive and Nondestructive Testing

Damage Mechanics and Assessment

Prototyping and Full-Scale Testing

Vibration Monitoring

Failure Diagnosis

Residual Stresses


B - Surface and Interface Engineering:

Functionally Graded Materials

Smart  Structures and Materials

Coatings  Plating and Metal Finishing

Tribology and Failure of Interfaces

Surface Integrity

Surface Treatments  and Shot-peening


C - Civil Engineering Applications:

Structural Analysis

Structural Integrity

Experimental Tests & Structural Monitoring

Experimentation in Geoseismology

Concrete and Composite Structures

Metallic Structures

Structural Rehabilitation


D - Sensors and Instrumentation:

Optical Techniques and Interferometry

Optical Fibres

Nondestructive Tools in Design

Advanced Mechanical Testing

Condition Monitoring

Self-sensing Materials

Self-healing Materials


E - Teaching Experimental Mechanics:

We will accept papers that deal with novel techniques in teaching experimental mechanics to engineering students. Topics

of interest include: lateral thinking, teaching

of large classes, assessment, curricula, laboratories, time management, Integration

of IT into the classroom


F - Modes of Failure:

Fatigue, Corrosion-Fatigue

Stress Corrosion Cracking

Fatigue Creep Interaction

Environmentally Assisted Failures

Brittle Facture


Impact Failure

G - Nanotechnologies & Nanomaterials:

NEMS and MEMS Technologies



Diagnostics and Control


Molecular Devices


H - Biomechanical Applications:

Mechanics and Design of Protheses

Biomaterials and Biocompatibility

Stress Monitoring

Dental and Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Sports and Rehabilitation Biomechanics

Biofluid Mechanics

Medical Devices


I - Thermo-Fluid Systems:

Granular Flow

Thermal  Barrier Coatings

Heat And Mass Transfer

Experimental Fluid Dynamics

Solid-Fluid Interactions

Interfacial Dynamics

Large Scale Eddy and Turbulence Analysis


J - Case Studies:

We would welcome real engineering applications, case histories and case studies that involve the use of experimental techniques in engineering applications to design, manufacturing and monitoring of structures, materials and processes


K - Optical Techniques:



Speckle Interferometry


Shearography and Digital Holography

Image Correlation

Phase Proceesing Methods


L - Impact and Crashworthiness:

Testing Techniques

Measurement in Dynamics

Earthquake Engineering


Balistic Studies

Shock Loading

Impact Behaviour of Materials


 Please see also ICEM15 Thematic Symposia




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