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Scholar Year 2009/10, 5th Edition

              Adequated to the Third Cycle defined in the Bologne Declaration.


Numerus Clausus is 25 and the Application Form is available (Portuguese version, English version).

The calendar is the following:

      First phase applications:
  • Application period: from 4th May to 12th June, 2009
  • Candidates Selection: from 18th to 25th June, 2009
  • Results of applications: 29th June, 2009
  • Registration: 1st to 3rd July, 2009
  • Registration of Substitute Candidates: 6th to 10th July, 2009
  • Announcement of vacant places for 2nd Phase: 13th July, 2009
      Second phase applications:
  • Application period: from 16th June to 28th August, 2009
  • Candidates Selection: from 4th to 11th September, 2009
  • Results of applications: 14th September, 2009
  • Registration: from 21st to 23rd September, 2009
  • Registration of Substitute Candidates: 25th to 30th September, 2009
Start of scholar year:
  • 21st September, 2009

An INTRODUCTION to ProDEI-5th Edition


Fees are 3.000,00 ¤ per scholar year. 

Curricular Component

ProDEI courses are offered in such a way that permit to compose a set of relevant and updated competences, thought as relevant and updated. They qualify the students for:
  1. Research activities in specific areas of informatics, possibly in a multi or inter disciplinary context
  2. Independent and original research activity, in themes validated by international community in the field,
  3. Approaching systematization of research procedures and their practical application, as well as their evaluation.
Students considered with enough expertise in the offered courses may be granted ECTS equivalences, in a case by case basis, with a minimum of 30 ECTS to be completed in the program.

1st Semester
Mandatory Course in 1st Semester
Code Name ECTS
PRODEI001 Methodologies for Scientific Research
(Metodologias de Investigação Científica)
Optional Courses in 1st Semester  - Choose: 3 courses, 22.5 ECTS
Code Name ECTS
PRODEI002 Data Warehouses
(Armazéns de Dados)
PRODEI003 Information Description, Storage and Retrieval
(Descrição, Armazenamento e Pesquisa de Informação)
PRODEI030 Free Subject
(Estudo Livre)
PRODEI029 Knowledge Extraction and Machine Learning
(Extracção de Conhecimento e Aprendizagem Computacional)
PRODEI005 Information Systems Integration
(Integração de Sistemas de Informação)
PRODEI006 Interaction and Visual Simulation Environments
(Interacção e Ambientes de Simulação Visual)
PRODEI008 Strategic Planning of Information Systems
(Planeamento Estratégico de Sistemas de Informação)
PRODEI009 Constraint Programming for Combinatory Optimization
(Programação com Restrições para Optimização Combinatória)
PRODEI010 Intelligent Robotics
(Robótica Inteligente)
PRODEI011 Computer Systems Security
(Segurança em Sistemas Informáticos)
PRODEI012 Multi-agent Systems
(Sistemas Multi-agente)
PRODEI013 Test and Quality of Software
(Teste e Qualidade de Software)
PRODEI014 Software Engineering Research Topics
(Tópicos de Investigação em Engenharia de Software)
2nd Semester
Mandatory Course in 2nd Semester
Code Name ECTS
PRODEI015 Research Planning
(Planeamento de Investigação)
Optional Courses in 2nd Semester  - Choose: 2 courses, 15 ECTS
Code Name ECTS
PRODEI027 Parallel Programming
(Programação Paralela)
PRODEI030 Free Subject
(Estudo Livre)
PRODEI017 Planning and Scheduling Methodologies
(Metodologias de Planeamento e Escalonamento)
PRODEI026 Advanced Methods for Modelling and Simulation
(Métodos Avançados de Modelação e Simulação)
PRODEI018 Programming Paradigms
(Paradigmas de Programação)
PRODEI020 Assisted Reconstruction of 3D Objects
(Reconstrução Assistida de Objectos 3D)
PRODEI025 Information Retrieval
(Recuperação de Informação)
PRODEI021 High Performance Resources in Internet Environment
(Recursos de Elevado Desempenho em Ambiente Internet)
PRODEI028 System and Networks Services
(Serviço de Rede e de Sistema)
PRODEI022 Critical Systems
(Sistemas Críticos)
PRODEI023 Electronic Business Technologies
(Tecnologias para Negócio Electrónico)

Scholar Important Dates:

1st Semester
Starting Classes: 21st September, 2009
Ending of Classes: 8th January, 2010
Preparing to Exams: 19th December, 2008 to 10th January, 2010
Christmas Vacancies: 21st December, 2009 to 3rd January, 2010
Exams: 11th January to 12th February, 2010

2nd Semester
Starting Classes: 17th February, 2010
Ending of Classes: 9th June, 2010
Carnival Vacancies: 15th to 16th February, 2010
Easter Vacancies: 29th March to 5th April, 2010
Preparing to Exams: 11th to 20th June, 2010
Starting of Exams: 21st June, 2010
Ending of Exams: 23rd July, 2010

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