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Creating and developing high performance materials for specific use in various domains or industrial systems is the philosophy of composites engineering. Composites combine different elements. The result of those combinations are versatile systems that can be tailored with respect to end use requirements.

The composite concept is fantastic. Since the imagination of researchers and engineers has no limit, the number of possible combinations is theoretically infinite. Hence, the field of investigation is very wide. We can look at two opposite directions and explore two opposite worlds. On one side the nanoscale and the microscale, on the other side the macroscale of composite components or systems.

Composite Science bridges the gap between the nanoworld and the macroworld. It involves fundamental and applied research. Europe is at the forefront. ECCM is a reference Conference on composite materials. It is the place where the latest results in the various areas of composite science and engineering are presented and discussed.

ECCM series of conferences is organized every two years by the European Society of Composite Materials. This year, ECCM 12 organization was taken over by France and Portugal. Such co-organization involving two neighbouring countries illustrates the European spirit.

The Conference took place in one of the Convention Centres of Biarritz.