18-20 October 2017

Porto, Portugal



. Conference Programme - 2017/10/12

. Tentative Programme - 2017/10/03

. Website of VipIMAGE 2017 is online and submissions are open for Thematic Sessions and Extended Abstracts. (2016/10)

. New Thematic Sessions Accepted: Application of Image Analysis in Musculoskeletal Radiology and Computer Vision in Robotics (2016/10/26)

. New Thematic Sessions Accepted: Computational vision and image processing applied to Dental Medicine (2016/11/09)

. New Thematic Session Accepted: Infrared Thermal Imaging in Biomedicine (2016/11/23)

. New Thematic Session Accepted: Imaging and Image processing in Ophthalmology (2016/12/13)

. New Thematic Session Accepted: Imaging of Flows in Lab-on-Chip Devices: trends and challenges (2016/12/31)

. New Thematic Session Accepted: Advances in Lung CT Image Processing (2017/01/24)

. New Thematic Session Accepted: Emotions classification from EEG signals (2017/02/13)

. New Thematic Session Accepted: Imaging and Simulation Techniques for Cardiovascular Diseases (2017/02/16)

. Two New Thematic Sessions Accepted: Meta-learning in Deep Learning: New Trends and Directions & Image Analysis and Machine Learning for Skin Ulcers (2017/02/23)

. Two New Thematic Sessions Accepted: Advanced Techniques for Image-based Numerical Simulation in Biomedical Applications & Shape Analysis in Medical Imaging: From Math to Clinics (2017/02/28)

. Submission deadline has been postponed to March 31 (2017/03/16)

. Submission deadline has been postponed to April 21 - FINAL Deadline (2017/04/03)

. New Thematic Sessions Accepted: Bio-inspired Computing in Medical Image and Data Analysis (2017/04/10)

. The review results have been sent. Congratulations to the Authors of accepted works. (2017/05/10)