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  Conference Main Topics  

The objective of this meeting to provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of recent advances in the use of mechanics, thermo-fluids sciences and materials in design. The goal is to enable mechanical, aeronautical, space, civil, automotive, biomedical, environmental, and nuclear engineers, researchers and scientists to exchange ideas on the following topics, and others that may be proposed for the different  Thematic Symposia :



A - Analytical and Numerical Tools

FEM, BEM and Hybrid Methods 
Analysis of Structural Components 
Optimum Design Techniques
Metal Forming and Metal Cutting
Dynamics and Vibration 
Computational Methods in Failure Diagnostics 
Dynamic Loading of Structures  
Reliability Assessment


B - Testing and Diagnostics

Condition Monitoring

Destructive and Nondestructive Testing

Optical Techniques

Damage Mechanics and Assessment

Prototyping and Full-Scale Testing

Vibration Monitoring

Residual Stresses


C - Surface and Interface Engineering:

Functionally Graded Materials

Smart  Structures and Materials

Coatings  Plating and Metal Finishing

Tribology and Failure of Interfaces

Surface Integrity

Surface Treatments  and Shot-peening

Adhesive Bonding


D - Civil Engineering Applications:

Structural Analysis

Structural Integrity

Experimental Tests & Structural Monitoring

Experimentation in Geoseismology

Concrete and Composite Structures

Metallic Structures

Structural Rehabilitation


E - Sensors and Instrumentation:

Optical Techniques and Interferometry

Optical Fibres

Nondestructive Tools in Design

Advanced Mechanical Testing

Self-sensing Materials

Self-healing Materials


F - Tribology, Gears and Transmissions:

Gears and bearings

High speed wheel / rail systems


Lubrication, Lubricants and additives

Surface coatings and heat treatments

micropitting, pitting, scuffing and wear


G - Mechanical Design and Prototyping:

Mechanical Design

Product Development

Additive Manufacturing


Design for Manufacturing


Conversion Technologies

H - Modes of Failure:

Fatigue, Corrosion-Fatigue

Stress Corrosion Cracking

Fatigue Creep Interaction

Environmentally Assisted Failures

Brittle Facture


Impact Failure


I - Composite and Advanced Materials

Fibres, Matrices and Interfaces

Polymer, Ceramic, Carbon, Metal Composites

Multifunctional Composites

Processing, Fabrication and Recycling

Durability, Damage and Fracture

Health Monitoring and Repairability

Applications: Building, Aerospace, Medical, etc…


J - Nanotechnologies & Nanomaterials:

NEMS and MEMS Technologies



Diagnostics and Control


Molecular Devices


K - Biomechanical Applications:

Mechanics and Design of Protheses

Biomaterials and Biocompatibility

Stress Monitoring

Dental and Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Sports and Rehabilitation Biomechanics

Biofluid Mechanics

Medical Devices


L - Energy and Thermo-Fluid Systems:

Energy Systems

Thermal  Barrier Coatings

Heat And Mass Transfer

Experimental Fluid Dynamics

Solid-Fluid Interactions

Interfacial Dynamics

Large Scale Eddy and Turbulence Analysis


M - Impact and Crashworthiness:

Testing Techniques

Measurement in Dynamics

Earthquake Engineering


Balistic Studies

Shock Loading

Energetic Materials

Impact Behaviour of Materials


N - Case Studies:

We would welcome real engineering applications,

case histories and case studies that involve the

use of numerical and experimental techniques in engineering applications to design, manufacturing

and monitoring of structures, materials and processes


 Please see also M2D'2015 Thematic Symposia


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