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Industrial Electronics


• Adriano da Silva Carvalho
• António José de Pina Martins
• Armando Luis Sousa Araujo
• Paulo Jorge Campos Costa
• Rui Filipe Marques Chibante
• Abílio Joaquim Gomes de Oliveira Azenha
• Artur Agostinho Santos Capelo Cardoso
• Carlos Joao Rodrigues Costa Ramos
• José Miguel Torres Correia Cardoso Ferreira
• Orlando Manuel de Castro Ferreira Soares


Power Semiconductors modelling methods will be improved and extended to encompass renewable energy sources by using appropriate process analytical formulations and optimization techniques for parameter extraction. Methods of finite elements analysis are used to the conduction process.

Power converters research methods will be used to investigate appropriate topologies for either interconnected or stand alone renewable electrical generation systems designed for environment preservation. Short-term conditions of renewable sources will be investigated as significant data to generate control references and to specify transient behaviours and quality indicators for electrical generation systems.

Research on power circuit topologies supported on the SABER development tool, in order to integrate component models with appropriate models of sources and loads, thus supporting the behavioural analysis of the whole system.

Research on mathematical methods for the optimization of operation of distributed generation of systems leading to the development of an open tool to analyse the dynamical behaviour of, either interconnected or stand alone, renewable energy systems. This tool will enable to address current issues on mutual disturbances of renewable energy systems and the grid, thus contributing to the improvement of the renewable energy quality as well as the dissemination of autonomous distributed generation systems.