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Robotic Systems

The general objective of this group consists in the development of innovative robotic systems for different application areas where standard platforms are not optimal. The research activities address not only relevant problems in robotics but also application areas where robotics play an important role.


• Anibal Castilho Coimbra de Matos
• Antonio Paulo Gomes Mendes Moreira (principal investigator)
• Armando Jorge Miranda de Sousa
• Patrícia Alexandra Gregório Ramos
• Paulo Jose Cerqueira Gomes da Costa
• Nuno Alexandre Lopes Moreira da Cruz


The activity of the group will build on the past experience of its members, addressing navigation, guidance and control of autonomous marine vehicles, real time vision, navigation and control of land robots, robotic manipulators and environmental monitoring using autonomous robots.

1. Autonomous marine vehicles

• Natural landmark navigation for AUVs, unconventional acoustic navigation networks, and vision based AUV guidance.
• Coordinated control of heterogeneous teams, low bandwidth control of AUV teams.
• Modelling and control of autonomous sailboats.

2. Environmental monitoring

• Modelling of near and far field pollutants dispersion, statistical methods for space-time modelling of data, and automatic data processing systems.
• Feature-based and adaptive sampling approaches.

3. Real-time vision

• Perception systems as sensors for onboard sensing, and real-time stereo sensing for mapping and self localization.
• Low latency and robust feature extraction in semi controlled environments.

4. Land robotics field

• Modelling and control of mobile robots.
• Fast team coordination and global path planning.
• Navigation and localization in semi structured environments (natural and artificial landmarks).

5. Soccer robotics

• Vision and manipulator coordination.
• Advanced sensing: measurements and testing of features.
• Rapid teaching and programming interfaces.
• Development of a universal language with translators to different manipulators (ABB, MOTOMAN, …).
• Realistic simulation environments for program validation.