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Explanation of the re-organization

A careful review of the progress in recent years led to a significant refinement of its mission and, associated with it, to the current organization in groups.

Before July 2007, the unit was organized into the following research groups:

• CST – Control Systems and Technologies
• DCE – Decision and Control Engineering
• IA – Industrial Automation
• PSE – Process Systems Engineering

The most remarkable feature of this transformation is the extinction of the PSE group whose researchers departed to LEPAE. The mobility of researchers among the first three groups and the signing in of new researchers enabled the emergence of the groups CEO, IE, NCCS, and RS. This reorganization increased the strength and improved the focus of the core expertises of each one of the new groups which became more homogeneous and consistent.

Moreover, the objectives of each group became better adjusted to the results obtained in recent years by the respective researchers and better focused from the strategic point of view.

The new arrangement is expected to lead to a:

(i) more effective execution of the proposed mission
(ii) better pooling of resources towards the scientific and technical excellence
(iii) increased scientific productivity
(iv) more efficient exploitation of synergies