UISPA is a research unit working in the fields of Automation, Instrumentation and Control. It is part of FEUP's section of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IDMEC). The AdvanSys (Advanced Methodologies for Decentralised Motion Control Systems) project team current work is focused on the intersection between the fields of control engineering, real-time communications and advanced sensors/actuators, developing tools and techniques for the new manufacturing and process control applications.

The team is now exploring advanced control methodologies and innovative sensor developments integrated with new technological data communications.

The interaction between Control systems and Health Sciences is now producing visible results, with clear progress either in advanced motion control architectures, in real-time communications and in new transducers for engineering, bio-engineering, medical and nutritional applications.

As a result of the network interaction established between the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto and Universidade Federal de Paraíba - Informatics Engineering Department (Brazil), work is being carried out on simulators based in free software applications.

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Danilo Fernandes
Joana Quintela