Remote / Virtual Reality and Haptic Devices

Development of Dynamic Environments for Robotic Image-Guided Surgery Cooperation project between Centre of intelligent systems (CSI)–IDMEC/IST and System Integration and Process Automation (UISPA)-IDMEC/FEUP: Pneumatically driven haptic devices (PDHD)

USIPA Partner Leader in the Cooperation Project: Maria Teresa Restivo
USIPA Team: Manuel Rodrigues Quintas, Paulo Abreu, Fernando Gomes de Almeida, António Mendes Lopes, João Falcão Carneiro, Tiago Andrade
Period: 2012

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UISPA is committed to the development of haptic systems that may be used on the rehabilitation stage following hip and knee surgery, under the general project framework of Development of Dynamic Environments for Robotic Image-Guided Surgery.

For a first step work the present development is related with Pneumatically driven haptic devices (PDHD).

Being lower member articulations the haptic rehabilitation systems will be required to develop large forces, with values outside the scope of market available devices. A promising technology providing both high force and low cost potential is the pneumatic driven haptic device. Unfortunately pneumatic actuators are hard to control in either position or force control applications due to their highly non-linear behaviour.

On the plus side UISPA has the know-how needed to overcome this difficulty. So, UISPA proposes to leverage its accumulated body of knowledge on the control of pneumatic systems and on the impedance control of mechanical systems to develop a single axis pneumatically driven haptic device for physical rehabilitation tasks. The experience gained with this development will enable the future development of multi axis systems capable of more complex roles.


video about pneumatic haptic system

Haptic Devices for training and teaching purposes

Leader: Maria Teresa Restivo
UISPA Team: Pingjun Xia, António Mendes Lopes

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A virtual interface was developed for actuating a remote experiment at FEUP. A small online seminar was followed by the online actuation on the experiment.

Cooperation: Federal University of Paraíba (Brazil).

Haptic Multi-Materal Virtual Beam Bender

video about haptic bean

Interaction of the haptic device with virtual systems developed at FEUP

video about haptic device

Haptic–based Virtual Assembly Environment

Leader: Pingjun Xia
UISPA Team: Maria Teresa Restivo, António Mendes Lopes
Period: From 2011 to 2012

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Data integration from CAD system + Model representation in virtual environment + Physics modeling for assembly process + Haptics modeling for assembly process.

Test feasibility of assembly operations at design stage Generate optimized assembly plan for complex products.

HVAE (Haptics-based Virtual Assembly Environment)

video about haptic device

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