4 | 5 July, 2013

Faculty of Engineering
University of Porto
Porto, Portugal


Welcome International Conference on Adhesive Bonding 2013

Welcome to the web site of the 2nd international conference on structural adhesive bonding AB2013. We intend to hold this conference every two years in Porto. The venue is the campus of Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), which offers excellent facilities for high quality scientific interactions. FEUP is located in the town of Porto in the Northern region of Portugal. Porto is a beautiful and lively city, steeped in history and rich in great experiences. With its magnificent location by the Atlantic coast, Porto is the city of the world famous Port Wine and the River Douro. Porto is the second largest city of Portugal (after the capital Lisbon), has around 250000 inhabitants. Porto is surrounded by other cities. The district of Porto has around 1.5 million people.

The focus will be on structural bonding but all areas of bonding are welcome: Fundamental aspects of adhesion; the science and technology of surfaces; advances in adhesive materials; mechanical properties of bonded joints; innovative designs and applications; testing and standardization; industrial aspects; quality procedures; environmental and ecological aspects; bio-adhesion.