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Summary Wrap-up
Title:Cisco and GWU: Networking Faculty, Students, and Staff

Case Summary:

The George Washington University places a high premium on network connectivity in order to ensure that its faculty, staff, and students are able to conduct classwork and research as smoothly as possible. The infrastructure on which this connectivity is based is provided by Cisco Systems. Each student at the university receives a high-speed, dedicated Ethernet connection, enabling that person to quickly check syllabi and class notes, as well as register for courses online. The network infrastructure has brought the university a significant return on its investment.

Case Study Questions:

  1. How did The George Washington University give its students wireless high-speed Internet access that was also secure?

  2. How does the university differentiate between the ways that staff members and students utilize the network?

  3. What issues did the university have with its network prior to adopting the Cisco solutions?

  4. What benefits has GWU derived from working with a single vendor?

  5. Analyze the university's decision to move its networking systems to a remote site.