Update: September 3rd
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ANICT - Associação Nacional de Investigadores em Ciência e Tecnologia
aims to represent the interests of all full-time Doctoral Researchers working in Portugal. The proposed central objectives of this National Association are:
  1. To provide a voice and offer support to Investigadores working in Portugal;
  2. To act as an effective dialogue partner between the Investigadores and the       government, as well as with other organisations that influence science policy;
  3. To promote academic freedom, autonomy and excellence across all disciplines;
  4. To contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the general public.

Organizing Committee

  - Nuno Cerca  (UM)
  - Myrta Grüning  (UC)
  - Sandra Heleno  (UTL)
  - Miguel Jorge  (UP)
  - João Lopes  (UP)
  - Nicolas Lori  (UC)
  - Konstantin Luzyanin  (UTL)
  - Mónica Oliveira  (UP)
  - Nuno Otero (UM)
  - João Rodrigues  (UNL)
  - Miguel Santos  (UP)
  - Natascha van Hattum-Janssen (UM)
  - Frank Wagner (UE)

Local Organizing Committee

  - Nuno Azevedo  (UP)
  - Laura Campo-Deaño  (UP)
  - Francisco Galindo-Rosales  (UP)
  - Nuno Garrido (UP)
  - Miguel Jorge  (UP)
  - João Lopes  (UP)
  - Mónica Oliveira  (UP)
  - Nuno Otero (UM)
  - António Queimada (UP)