PARADIGM-ME architecture

The image below shows the PARADIGM-ME architecture.

Following is a brief description of each package:

  • “paradigm” presents the base code of the elements of the PARADIGM language.
  • “diagram” is the environment, namely the modeling space creation, its menus and actions.
  • “edit” has to do with the creation of the properties view of the elements.
  • “edit.ui” presents dialogs added to be possible to edit the configurations of each node.
  • “figures” presents the modification of the icon of each type of node.
  • “mapping” presents the action of mapping the fields of a node to the controls present in the GUI.
  • “scriptGenerator” presents the functionality to generate the test script.
  • “diagram.custom” contains small functionalities to create nodes from the context menu and the possibility to open a new diagram for a Form node.
  • “testExecution” presents the functionality of test execution.
  • “pluginLoader” contains classes to use for the creation of configurations dialogs.
  • “Sikuli” external library used for image recognition.
  • “Selenium” external library to recognize web controls and interact with them.
  • coverage” is the plugin that provides the test coverage analysis functionality.

Here you may see a video with a brief explanation: paradigm-me.wmv

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