Privacy statement (for present & future BIN@ delegates)


BIN@ is an informal international network of academic and industry partners engaged in supporting the creation of sustainable platform for sharing best practices and opportunities in innovation. BIN@ was created by the Universities of Porto, Sheffield and São Paulo and has currently over 3500 delegates worldwide (+60 countries).

In order to organise its annual and mid-term events and to guarantee each individual’s participation in them, incl. identifying their participation preferences, the BIN@ network has collected and also needs to collect in the future the following personal data (contact information) – name, surname, e-mail address, company name, position (latter depending on the concrete registration form of the event), and country. BIN@ maintains this data in order to (1) inform the participants about upcoming event’s programme updates/changes and other related organisational practicalities, (2) to disseminate event’s results & outcomes (if applicable), (3) and also to share news about upcoming BIN@ activities for the purpose of upholding well-functioning partnership relations. Events requiring registration have been: BIN@FEUP 2010, BIN@SHEFFIELD 2011, BIN@PORTO 2012, BIN@BRAZIL 2013, BIN@SHEFFIELD 2014, BIN@Porto 2015, BIN@SP 2016, BIN@TARGOVISTE 2017, BIN@SHEFFIELD 2017, BIN@GLIWICE 2018, BIN@PORTO 2018.

Through filling out the online registration form, the participants of BIN@ events (annual and mid-term) consent to pass the data inserted via this form to the Administration of BIN@ (i.e. the lawfulness of the processing). BIN@ hereby also corroborates that neither your e-mail address (nor the accompanying data) has been nor will be shared with any third party outside the scope of the Administration of this network. That is to say, the mentioned contact information is solely accessed and maintained by the Administrator of BIN@ network at the Faculty of Engineering (FEUP) of the University of Porto (Porto, Portugal). Only in case the concrete event(s) you participated in, or will be participating in the future, were or will be organised by a partner university/institution other than FEUP, such partner university/institution (acting as the Administrator/Organiser of BIN@ event) had or will have the access to above mentioned contact information, pertinent to the concrete event it is or was organising (incl. BIN@ partner universities organising BIN@ event outside the EU).

The mentioned personal data will be saved for as long as the BIN@ network is functioning in order to uphold effective partnership relations.

All BIN@ delegates (EU citizens, but also citizens of other countries) who do not wish to be included in the network’s list of delegates after the concrete event they participated in has finished, and who thus do not wish to be informed about the upcoming activities of BIN@, should inform the network accordingly by sending a topical e-mail at (Administrator of BIN@ at FEUP) whereupon you will be removed from BIN@ network’s list of delegates.