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16h00 - 19h30 | Users Oriented Creative Innovation

Hosted by: Porto City Council - Reception at Porto City Hall by Dr. Rui Moreira (City Mayor)


16h00 - 16h10 | Welcome speech by the City Mayor

16h10 - 16h20 | Speech by the European Comissioner for Transport

16h20 - 16h40 | Presentation of the project "Rita.Red.Shoes" | Lígia Lopes, Designer

16h40 - 17h30 | Talk: Users Oriented Creative Innovation | Julia Cassim, Kyoto Institute of Technology

 Foto Julia Cassim

Julia Cassim's career spans the worlds of art, design, museum studies and social activism. She studied fine art in Manchester and Tokyo. She has an MPhil from the University of Newcastle and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Art and of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). She writes for many publications worldwide and is an international authority on inclusive design. The 24 and 48 Hour Inclusive Design Challenges she organises have been held in 21 cities worldwide and involved over 800 designers from different countries.
Her most recent project in Bosnia, Croatia and FYR Macedonia won the Grand Prix at D Day in Zagreb in 2011, the international jury prize at the 2012 Croatian Design Biennale and the Association Mrak, Network for Development and Creativity, Croatia. It was the subject of an exhibition at the British Council headquarters in London in January 2013.
In May 2014, she was appointed Professor at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, charged with setting up the KYOTO Design Lab, as a centre for interdisciplinary design innovation projects in collaboration with industry, the public sector and other national and international partners. She was included in Design Week's 'Hot 50' list of people who most influenced the design world in 2010.
Julia is Visiting Professor at Tongji University in Shanghai, Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem and Visiting Fellow at the RCA and an advisor to the Science Museum and Natural History Museum in London.


17h30 - 19h30 | Inauguration of the Exhibition "Rita.Red.Shoes" | by Designer Lígia Lopes

 CARTAZ exposicaoRRS


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NOVEMBER, 3rd and 4th


Inclusive Design Challenge | Playful Wearables

Hosted by: UPTEC's Product Development Lab

Co-organised by: IDEIA.M, Kyoto Institute of Technology & Design Includes You

Scientific Coordination, Julia Cassim, KIT

 poster workshopBIN2

In design terms, the area of assistive devices can be called the graveyard of aspiration and style, although this is not the intention of their creators. Function is so all-important to their effectiveness that the great technological leaps forward have taken place within an engineering rather than a mainstream design context. Where form has followed function, it has been as a poor cousin rather than an equal partner with scant attention paid to the aesthetic aspirations of the user and the resulting emotional impact on them of stigmatising design.
Poor styling too, has often obscured both the innovative potential of the devices themselves as well as the enormous creative value that the extreme scenarios of disability offer for the design of mainstream products, communication and service design. Technological advances particularly in the area of smart textiles, responsive materials and 3D printing have opened new avenues for innovation and co-design in this field. This Inclusive Design Challenge aims to explore those avenues hand in hand with the design partners who will work with the teams.


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19h30 - 22h00 | Happy hour on Creative Thinking

Hosted by: Maus Hábitos

Maus Hábitos









Talk/Debate: The terrible "F" word - Celebrating Failure | Sónia Teles Fernandes, Hapenner

           Intro: Changing perspectives on what we focus on - seeing is believing

                   - What does failing feel like?
                   - Where does the fear of Failure come from?
                   - Is Failing the opposite of having Success?
                   - When Failing isn't Failure
                   - Failure is an event, never a person - you included.

Sonia Teles Fernandes

Sónia Teles Fernandes started off in HRM and quickly understood the importance of excellent communication skills to better reach people and organizations. Specialized in Communication and Image and has since been executing ideas for people. Be them through public events or smaller more intimate happenings, there is always a strong focus on what people and organizations need to make something happen, better or, simply, a bit different.
Excellent communicator, a true people person, exceptional organizational and coordination skills, team manager and all round dedicated professional that works extremely well under pressure and always has a different perspective on how things can be done.

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Exhibition of the project "Inside Music Machine", with a performance from the musician Ianina Khmelik

Inside Music Machine















Informal Dinner included


soft drink not included (there's open bar available)



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