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Technologies Showroom & Business Showcase




14h00 - 17h30 | Technologies Showroom & Business Showcase @ UPTEC TECH




The Technologies Showroom & Business Showcase will include:


Venue: UPTEC TECH - ShowSpace





Infraspeak is the dawn of a new age in Facility Management, allowing customers to increase control and productivity, reducing bureaucracy, risks and costs.

Infraspeak is the most simple, integrated, flexible and efficient software to excel at the overall process of facility and asset management. Using the most advanced web and mobile technologies, Infraspeak radically increases control and productivity of its users, reducing bureaucracy, risks and costs.

It is directed to companies supplying, managing or purchasing maintenance of equipment and infrastructure, particularly the ones responsible for Large infrastructures, Geographically disperse infrastructures and Maintenance services providers.




CONTINUE TO GROW is a firm with a strong focus and background in innovation management. CONTINUE TO GROW supports organizations in their roadmap for change, providing critical support services and products to boost the innovation effort.



3Decide is an innovative company specialized in advanced visual technologies and contents. Our core business resides on a cloud platform, a Visual Information System, on top of which we have created several products, for different purposes and commercial niches. This platform deals with 360 photos, 2D drawings, 3D models, GIS maps, etc enabling a powerful Do It Yourself approach and publishing to several digital channels.



SCRAIM (www.scraim.com) is an online service for project management based on adaptable processes, to help standardise best practices, revolutionising the implementation of international certifications making them affordable for small/medium companies. It is a complete and easy Multiplatform SaaS, based on the most advanced methodologies.



Planeta Virtual
Planeta Virtual e-business software, B2B platforms, vertical solutions, custom made Web architecture solutions



HealthyRoad is a biometrical software house that is developing technology for sleepiness and fatigue detection, using the ultimate facial tracking and analysis techniques in order to identify and evaluate, with a high accuracy level, those physical states of the user.



AddVolt is currently developing WeTruck, a solution targeted to Transport and Logistics companies operating in the temperature sensitive product supply chain that possesses a fleet equipped with refrigeration units powered by diesel engines with high levels of fuel consumption, maintenance, noise and CO2 emissions.


University of Sao Paulo
Selective Signaling - We are designing and developing novel GPCR-targeted drugs for cardiovascular diseases.



CULTUREPRINT is a cultural cooperative founded in 2011 and we are based at UPTEC|PINC. We develop cultural projects specifically in the literary industry. We publish indy authors, organize literary festivals and events and we communicate culture through design\printing, managing social networks and press advisory. We have some innovative products related to the communication and cultural industries to present at BIN@Porto.



Helppier - Take user's manuals to the next level. The simplest solution to create interactive how-to-do tutorials and tooltips for any website, blog or web application



MASDIMA - Multi-agent System for Disruption Management is a system that aims to manage the operation of airlines, flights and monitoring the unexpected events that may affect and cause flight delays. These events can affect the aircraft, crews and passengers and MASDIMA analyses the impact on these three dimensions, looking for the best integrated solution (including the solution to the airplane, crew and passengers) and complying with the time available for arriving to a solution. A demo of the system will be shown. MASDIMA is the result of research performed at FEUP, University of Porto. MASDIMA company is a FEUP spin-off and it is incubated at UPTEC.



Connect Robotics
Connect Robotics - Autonomous Drone demo



logo UISPA

UISPA - Research Group from LAETA|INEGI at FEUP
Portable health devices:
LipoWise - integrated system for body fat evaluation by measuring skinfolds. Demonstration of the device performance during the evaluation process.
BodyGrip - device to measure compression and traction forces and their associated expended energy.
DataGlove - data acquisition glove for hand rehabilitation with finger and hand position sensors that communicate with a virtual environment interface.
RehabCup - instrumented cup for hand force re-education and rehabilitation for bionic prostheses and hand movement impairment.



ZABALA Innovation Consulting
The European Network for Eco-Innovation Investment - The INNEON network for eco-innovation investment aims to extend public and private funding sources available for eco-innovation and social innovation in Europe, and provide a unique forum dedicated to the interaction between a select cohort of innovators and relevant investors. Eco-innovation is a fast and growing market in EU and globally.



Xpectraltek - Multispectral imaging system. We provide solutions based on computer vision including automation and spectral imaging, allowing a wider analysis in spectrum, from ultraviolet ranges, visible radiation, to the range of the infrared.



CeNTI - Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials
CeNTI is a distinct European Research and development Centre, equipped with cutting-edge technology, and conducting world-class research and development. CeNTI provides, in a business to business approach, applied R&D, engineering and scaling-up production of innovative functional and smart materials and devices. CeNTI's services are comprehensive and integrated: from R&D to scaling-up production. CeNTI has strict protocols to protect client confidentiality and intellectual property. CeNTI's services take a multi-disciplinary approach and include the participation of experienced technologists and researchers (physicists, chemists, electronics/chemical/materials engineers.



logo inesc

The Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science
INESC TEC is an Associate Laboratory with 30 years of experience in R&D and technology transfer. Present in 6 sites in the cities of Porto, Braga and Vila Real, INESC TEC incorporates 12 R&D Centres and one Associate Unit with complementary competences, always looking to the international market. INESC TEC brings together more than 800 collaborators, of which around 300 have PhDs (250 integrated PhDs in 600 researchers), forming a robust cluster with complementary skills and with notable international presence. INESC TEC invests in Scientific Research and Technological Development, as well as in Advanced Training and Consulting, Technology Transfer and supports the Establishment of new Technology-based Companies. INESC TEC was created to act as an interface between the academic world, the world of industry and services and the public administration in Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Electronics (ITT&E).




ERGOSTART aims to identify and promote innovative ideas for the development of new products with an end to its industrialization. Intrinsically linked to the company NAUTILUS, ERGOSTART is an ideas incubator that allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of the production capacity of NAUTILUS, as well as a mentoring program with specialized professionals. ERGOSTART intends to develop relationships between industry and university.




Colep, a RAR Group company, is a leading global player in the consumer goods packaging and contract manufacturing industries. With a turnover of around 512 million euros, Colep employs about 3 800 people in Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. As part of "ACOA, the Alliance of Colep & One Asia", Colep offers customers a global supply network.




LAUV - Lightweight Autonoumous Underwater Vehicle
OceanScan-MST is an European manufacturer of man-portable Autonomous Underwater Vehicles - the LAUV.This tool is targeted for cost-effective underwater surveys. OceanScan-MST has an extensive experience in state-of-the art technologies and systems engineering to deliver innovative advanced engineering services and operational support for ocean systems.




Sage energizes the success of businesses and their communities around the world through the use of smart technology and the imagination of our people. Sage has reimagined business and brings energy, experience and technology to inspire our customers to fulfill their dreams. We work with a thriving community of entrepreneurs, business owners, tradespeople, accountants, partners and developers who drive the global economy. Sage is a FTSE 100 company with 14,000 employees in 24 countries. For more information, visit www.sage.pt



Venue: UPTEC TECH - Space B2B


14h00 - 17h30 | Pre schedulled B2B Meetings




Venue: UPTEC TECH - Space A


16h30 - 16h50 | Presentation of the Network Eco-Innovation Investment | Aitor Garro, Zabala Innovation Consulting

The INNEON network for eco-innovation investment aims to extend public and private funding sources available for eco-innovation and social innovation in Europe, and provide a unique forum dedicated to the interaction between a select cohort of innovators and relevant investors. Eco-innovation is a fast and growing market in EU and globally.

Innovators and investors can join a dedicated network providing access to pan European markets, live networking events and more, to improve the quality of deals and allow for efficient matching of entrepreneurs and investors. INNEON is a catalyst accelerating the commercialization of eco-innovation and social innovation bringing economic, environmental and social benefits for the investors and entrepreneurs and beyond that for Europe at large.


17h00 - 17h20 | Presentation of the Echord++ Project | Francesco Maurelli, Technical University of Munich

The European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development Plus Plus (Echord++ project) aims to bring robotics research close to market, in cooperation with SME and industries. Two initiatives (Experiments and Public end-user Driven Technological Innovation) are currently running involving around one hundred partners in Europe, including universities, companies, industries and various public bodies. Additionally, the Robotics Innovation Facilities will still be open for a number of years, providing free access (and IP-protection) to robotics facilities and expertise for up to 6 weeks, for SME, industries and start-up.


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