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The Crowdfunding Centre The Crowdfunding Centre leads the world collecting data and providing professional and academic level insights into crowdfunding around the globe. Founder Barry E James is author of the acclaimed New Routes To Funding – The Handbook for Modern Funding, and will be signing copies on the stand.  
Sensory Technologies Sensory Technologies is a privately held Canadian medical software company with offices in Canada, the United States and Europe. We provide an innovative solution to prevent and replace medical treatment within private and public healthcare facilities.

Sensory Technologies has created a new clinical service model that allows patients to stay in the comfort of their place of choice while receiving the medical attention that they need. Virtual support teams are constructed, with one remote registered clinician supervising and directing a team of onsite care clinicians. Each supervising clinician can thus oversee care for multiple patients at once. Using our technology, the patient’s medical charts are updated in real time by the unified, secure stream
of patient information that is created between the virtual support team members, allowing for immediate medical support and direction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our approach reduces overhead costs, increases patient capacity, and is proven to lower re-admission rates.
Llama Digital Ltd Llama Digital has developed a mobile app framework, Situate, that makes it a breeze for venues to create location-based apps for their visitors. Using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons or GPS, apps can be created that respond to the user’s location – automatically showing them relevant content, or their location on a floor plan or map. It is perfect for creating visitor guides, audio guides and walking trail apps.
CATCH We are the Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) at the University of Sheffield. CATCH is an interdisciplinary research centre that undertakes high quality translational research to develop, evaluate and implement technologies that contribute to the sustainability, effectiveness and quality of long-term health and care, both nationally and globally.  CATCH connects researchers from different faculties of the University of Sheffield, healthcare providers, companies and other stakeholders, including users, in the region to co-design and co-produce joint research and innovation programmes that focus on Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare.  Assistive Technology is technology that supports individuals, with disability and support needs, in their ambition to live an independent active life and to participate in society. This may range from communication aids, prostheses and ‘simple’ mobility support devices to assistive robotics. Connected Healthcare includes technologies supporting people with a disability or a chronic condition in taking responsibility for their health and managing their treatment themselves wherever possible, and technologies that support healthcare professionals and organisations to provide care and treatment in the most cost-effective way, using technology. This field is also often referred to as ‘digital health’, ‘e-health’ or ‘m-health’.
Switchstance Switchstance is an award-winning and dynamic digital agency.

With a passion for high-quality design in everything we do, we guarantee maximum user engagement. Saving you time, money and stress.

Whether it be streamlined software, eye-catching web design, engaging branding or a kick-ass marketing strategy, or all of these combined, we help your business to stand out!

We have a wealth of experience in delivering digital services to clients across a broad range of sectors and pride ourselves on implementing quality solutions to solve our clients’ issues.
Inova Consultancy Inova has been running since 2001 and provides consultancy services in the area of entrepreneurship and career development, with a focus on diversity and equal opportunities. In particular, our work has focused on supporting those who are under-represented or who face particular challenges to fulfill their potential in a professional setting.

The majority of our work is funded by the European Commission, Erasmus Plus programme and we have more recently been involved in projects which are exploring the benefits of games for learning. Our project, ‘EntrinnO’ aims to provide an accessible and engaging educational tool for developing entrepreneurship skills. It is a free online game that simulates an entrepreneurship competition. The player is helped to come up with their own business idea and develop this in a risk free, online environment!
Sheffield Robotics Sheffield Robotics is an interdisciplinary research institute with one of the largest portfolios of ongoing publicly-funded robotics research in the UK, supported by both the UK Research Councils and the European Union. The institute spans The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, with both basic and applied research. Sheffield Robotics is building research partnerships with leading industrial, commercial, and government organisations in order to ensure the real-world relevance and impact of its research, and is keen to develop more relationships in the areas of Assistive Robotics, Field Robotics, Flexible Manufacturing, and all the underpinning technologies needed.
Sheffield Innovation Programme Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP) is a regional initiative which aims to stimulate business growth and promote the development of long-term relationships with SMEs; this is achieved by providing access to a broad range of academic expertise and university facilities. The support is in the form of bespoke research and innovation based consultancy, workshops and other events.
We are International The #WeAreInternational campaign, now supported by more than 160 universities and organisations across the UK, was established by the University of Sheffield and its Students’ Union in 2013 to celebrate and highlight the importance of our diverse international student and staff communities.

The campaign has been endorsed by the GREAT campaign and used by the Foreign Commonwealth Office, as well as widely across the higher education sector, and have been supported by all three of the UK’s leading business organisations in recognition of the investment made by international students.

Scholars from across the continent and the world enhance our academic life, knowledge and our economic growth and are vital to the teaching of students and research in everything from medicine and science to engineering, social sciences and the arts and humanities.

The #WeAreInternational campaign continues to ensure our research knows no geographical boundaries and our students and staff from around the world are able to celebrate their own cultures and friendships.
LVV The University of Sheffield’s Laboratory for Verification & Validation (LVV), part funded by the EPSRC and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is a unique dynamics testing facility enabling research into V&V of models across test scales and in all environments. Opening in February 2018, it will be larger and more versatile than any facility of its kind currently available for open academic and industrial use. Led by the Dynamics Research Group (DRG) at the University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, the laboratory will offer significant benefits across a range of industrial sectors including energy, aerospace, automotive, renewables and medical engineering.

The centrepiece of the facility is a series of three large environmental chambers designed for dynamic testing under realistic environmental conditions. They offer the ability to control temperature and humidity and to simulate both wind and rainfall. An integrated shake table and reconfigurable electro-dynamic shakers enables dynamic testing across a broad frequency range within the chambers.  A separate wave tank facility enables generation of deep water wave conditions. A strong wall and floor will be available for the testing of large size components and structures.
Sheffield City Region Growth Hub Sheffield City Region Growth Hub aims to be the single point of contact for all business support across our region. It aims to simplify all the regional and national business support that is available to businesses, so that you as a business owner/manager always know where to go to find the right support. Our experienced teams can provide direct support and also advise and signpost to the most appropriate support based on your business needs.
Enterprise Europe Network The Enterprise Europe Network aims to help companies with an ambition to grow their business through innovation and international trade.  Our Network now embraces over 60 countries worldwide and we can use these connections to help you get the information, contacts and funding you need  
Sheffield City Region Launchpad Launchpad is a business support programme in the Sheffield City Region. It is a £4m initiative across the City Region, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and in partnership with the Growth Hub, Barnsley MBC, Doncaster MBC, Sheffield CC, Rotherham MBC, Bassetlaw District Council, Derbyshire Dales District Council and Princes Trust.  Launchpad provides free support to pre-start and new businesses and is designed to help ambitious entrepreneurs set up and run successful businesses and support SMEs under 2 years old to take the next step and grow their business.
Superfast South Yorkshire The new fibre-based network installed by BT Openreach is open to all Internet Service Providers, which brings greater choice and affordability.  Fibre broadband allows you to;

·         Stream films and TV shows without any buffering
·         Chat to friends, family and colleagues through HD video calling like Skype and FaceTime
·         Download and play games online without any lag
·         Store your files, photos and music in the cloud, giving you access to it anywhere
·         The whole household can be online at the same time
VeryViz EQUS from VeriViz is a “Plug In” for spreadsheets that enhances the accessibility and understanding of “formulae creation” and the numeric systems in spreadsheets. This results in a much improved user understanding (and greater formula integrity) of calculations made in spreadsheets.

We call it a “Formulae Visualizer” as EQUS dynamically illustrates what is happening with a spreadsheet formulae. For example, the formula =PI()*(H2/2)^2 is illustrated by “exploding it” into its constituent parts, referencing the cells, the mathematical operators and thereby showing the mathematical precedence in the formulae, the intermediate results of the calculation and the final answer. Indeed, any error in the formulae construct preventing it being resolved is highlighted

EQUS can be used as a teaching tool for students, for day to day business use, for analytics or risk management. It is estimated that 40% of all spreadsheets in use contain errors. EQUS has been robustly tested and works with all numeric functions in Excel.
TICS TICS – the Transport Innovation Centre – Sheffield, is a University Partnership between the University of Sheffield and the UK’s Transport Systems Catapult (TSC). TSC’s remit is Intelligent Mobility – the application of Information and Communication Technology to Transport. TICS is particularly active in rail and multi-modal projects, and also with interests in logistics, and in communications. Forming multi-disciplinary teams, we are involved at UK and EU level, collaborating with major blue-chip companies, SME’s and other academic institutions.