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BIN@SP 2016 

Business & Innovation Network

7th international annual meeting of the Business & Innovation Network


The USP Innovation Agency (AUSPIN), endorsed by Research Pro Rectory from Sao Paulo University, is organising the 7th internaional BIN@ event that will be held at USP Campus, located into Latin America's most important city to business and innovation, Sao Paulo - Brazil, on November 7 - 9.


The BIN@ is an informal international network of academic and industry partners engaged and supporting the creation of a sustainable forum for sharing good practice and opportunities in busines and innovation.

 Our goal is to develop a sustainable international network of partners from across industry, academia, investment, incubation, business development and economic development agencies to support the sharing of good practice and knowledge and to promote open innovation. We intend to help connect partners from several disciplines and industrial sectors to create opportunities for collaboration and cooperation, and hopefully support partnerships that can deliver value and impact.

BIN@SP will include:

    • 15 Open Sessions
    • 14 Focus Sessions
    • Business Showcase
    • Networking activities
    • Technologies Showroom
    • 15 Thematic Action Tank sessions
    • 48h Challenge: "Opportunities for Active Agening"
    • 4 Complementary Events - Informal social networking spaces

Our Full Program, with the topics from each area listed above, and registrations will soon be available to download.


Open Sessions with multiple panelists

These sessions are opportunities to promote interactive debates, supporting ideas exchange or informations about selected topics.

Our 15 Open Sessions will be composed by at least one panelist and also with the opportunitie of debate to those who are interested in the theme. The audience is strongly encouraged to participate with questions and comments which will increase the debate.

Junior Company Symposium: from USP, São Paulo state and other universities, will soon be uploaded.


Focus Sessions

Application required activity, the 14 Focus Sessions' approach will be directed to selected topics, with brand new innovations, processes, products or tendencies.

An unconference model for theese conferences are expected to happen, considering audience expectations.

 The Focus Sessions will also include presentations of CEPIDs - Innovation, Difusion and Research Centers - from FAPESP - Research Support Foundation of São Paulo state;

Entrepreneurship short courses developed to students, supported by Business School of SEBRAE SP;


Busines Showcase

Permeating the Focus and Open Sessions,  the Business Showcase will occur also interlinked with the Technologies Showroom. There will be brands talking about their cases of succes, available spaces to support B2B meetings and institutional showcases. The idea is promoting interaction with the other partners and with the academic and scientific community and to do business.

All the participants can also, if they choose, submit us a partner search in order for us to promote the matching. If the matching proves to be successful we will pre-schedule B2B meetings.Part of one of the Business Rounds BIN@SP 2016 will have.


Techonologies Showroom

The delegates will have the opportunity to visit a wide group of technology showcases and some technology demonstration / simulation, including startups from USP. The Technologies Showroom will happen interlinked with the Business Showcase.


Networking activities

Business fair and "coffe-poster" exhibitions into spaces of interaction.
Here all delegates will have the experience to be togeher in the same place and talk to São Paulo's companies.
ELAN, Network activity - Business Round


Thematic action tanks

Our goals are to bring about a culture change in terms of working across disciplines and sharing knowledge and experience, and to foster the creation of new interdisciplinary teams who focus on the proposed themes under different areas, there will be 15 different action thanks, described in its own section on the website.


48 hour challenge

As a social health appeal, we launched the 48 hour challenge with the issue: "Opportunities for Active Ageing", promoted by Berrini Ventures Health Business Acelerator in partnership with USP Innovation Agency.


Complementary events

Cultural tours and happy hours are proposed, these activities aim to strengthen relations and deepen cooperation between the participants.
Separeted enrollments will be required to:
"Mocidade Alegre" Samba School Court - November 6th "Pre Launching"
"Giro Cultural" - Promoted by the Pro Rectory of Culture and Universitarian Extention - November 10th - Morning and lunch time
CIETEC Visit - Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Center, Latin America biggest technological business incubation pole - November 10th - Afternoon
Visit to MASP - Museum of Arts Of São Paulo - November 10th - Evening


The Bin@ Network gathered with São Paulo state government and city hall, whom organizes the annual São Paulo Tech Week event http://www.saopaulotechweek.com/. This year, from november 5th to 13th, with the proposal to join the whole technological sphere of the city, appraising the innovator DNA of this place, setting the city as an innovation global hub, hosting indeppendent events related to technologies and innovation, all along the city, including BIN@SP 2016 full programme.




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