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Participation conditions

(Please read the following conditions and guidelines before completing your registration forms)

1. Dates, Location and Schedule
2. Organization
3. Registration and Participation Forms
3.1. Registration at the “Technology Showroom & Business Showcase”
3.2. Registration for the "Action Tank Sessions"," Open Sessions" and Networking activities
4. Social Programme for Participants
5. Registration Deadline
6. Cancellation Policy
7. Registration Fees
8. Promotion
9. Security, Damages and Loss of Personal Property
10. Rights and Responsibility


1. Dates, Location and Schedule
The "Business & Innovation Network @ São Paulo" event will take place from the 7th to the 9th of November 2016 and will be primarily held in University of São Paulo, including other venues. Please check the programme for details.


2. Organization
This year event is organized by the USP Innovation Agency, capital (SP pole), being supported by University of Porto and University of Sheffield, also in partnership with other agents from USP, like CIETEC tech incubator park.


3. Registration and Participation Forms
The participants must register on-line and choose the activities they want to be involved in. After registration, they will receive an auto-reply stating the submission of the registration. The active participants will then receive an email from the organization committee confirming that they are registered in the event.
There are two types of participants:


The "active participants", who want to:
- participate in thepre schedulled Individual Meetings
- present a technology / project result at the "Technology Showroom & Business Showcase"
- participate in the Action Tank sessions
- be a sponsor of the event


The "attendees", who want to:
- attend the "Open Sessions"
- attend the "Technology Showroom & Business Showcase"

3.1. Registration as exhibitors at the "Technology Showroom & Business Showcase"
The Exhibition will be located at the CDI building, same location of the whole event. The Exhibition areas are easily accessible to all participants. If you have any technology you want to present, please choose this option in the on-line registration form for participants.


3.2. Registration for the "Action Tank Sessions"," Open Sessions" and Networking activities
The registration is mandatory even for the participation in the "Action Tank Sessions"," Open Sessions", "Complementary Events" and "Networking activities".


4. Social Programme for Participants
The participants will benefit from a social programme offered by the organization committee, which will include:

  • Visit to the “Mocidade Alegre” Samba Court: Samba School.
  • “Giro Cultural” into USP and São Paulo dependences.
  • Visit to MASP.
  • CIETEC tech incubator.
  • Networking activities.


5. Registration Deadline
On-line registrations will be open until November 9th for the open activities.
For complementary ones, the deadline is November 28th .


6. Cancellation Policy
In case there are not enough participants for this event, the organization committee will inform the participating institutions about the cancellation of this event until September 30th latest.
Cancellations by the participating institutions that registered on-line must be e-mailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it until September 30th.


7. Registration Fees


8. Promotion
The organization is responsible for publicizing this event in general media and by other means.


9. Security, Damages and Loss of Personal Property
During breaks and at the end of the day a room will be available for the participating institutions, where they can leave their laptops, merchandising materials, documents and other items.
The organization does not take responsibility or liability for damage to, or loss of, any institutions' property left in the Exhibition booths prior, during or after the meeting.
The organization cannot be held responsible for any of the institutions' material damage or disappearance, when occurred out of the meeting's schedule.


10. Rights and Responsibility
The organization reserves the right to change some of the information hereby provided or some of the conditions, and to cancel, change or move a reservation to another room or another booth whenever required. Every effort will be made to notify the institutions about any schedule changes or cancellations.

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