About me

Apart from my academic career and current research activities, I have several other personal interests and plans for my life ahead. Some of them involve sports, boats, nature, long walks and a lot of fresh air. Some others involve traveling, writing, friends, kids, pets, ice-creams and much joy and comfort.

I believe that there is no better use for our own time as the time we spend in the company of good old friends. Thus, I appreciate a pleasant cup of coffee while chatting with friends and I am always looking forward to meet new people.

As brainstorming is one of the main activities on which I spend my free time with, I often use those meetings to discuss alternative points of view. I am not yet sure if I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, but I do know I've been feeling highly motivated to do things differently and better.

Apart from some short trips I have done, I can picture myself in the near future living in a few distinct places around the world. Nowadays everybody is aware of how significant is the capability of quickly adapting to other societies. We learn and get experience from the necessity of adaptation and giving a quick glance over new civilizations is certainly meaningful, but receiving on a daily routine what all these places far from home have to offer us is something that goes far beyond.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"; that is actually what I am looking for. Thus, I need to get to know me even better to understand how exactly my personal and professional interests match together.

To conclude, I do make a lot of plans; however planning would never be possible without all of you who somehow have helped me throughout my journey to become what I have become. Thank you!