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Welcome to Business and Innovation Network – BIN@

BIN@ is an informal international network of academic and industry partners engaged in supporting the creation of a sustainable forum for sharing good practices and opportunities in innovation.

Our Mission

The BIN@ mission is to develop a sustainable international network of partners across industry, academia, investors, incubators, business and economic development agencies in order to support the sharing of good practices and knowledge as well as to promote open innovation.

We intend to help connect partners across disciplines and industrial sectors with a further aim to create opportunities for cooperation, and above all to support the partnerships that can deliver value and impact.


The BIN@ network is based on 5 basic principles:

  • Bottom-up approach

  • Mutual benefit based on reliable relationships

  • Open access to participation

  • Free-of-charge participation
  • Supported by universities


The BIN@ network has the following goals:

  • Promote innovation

  • Encourage research collaboration
  • Promote knowledge transfer opportunities

  • Promote universities’ spin-offs
  • Support the internationalization of SMEs
  • Engage with industry
  • Increase potential funding opportunities
  • Support regional agenda
  • Develop international partnerships
  • Support wider entrepreneurship agenda


Start-up Incubation

To encourage and support entrepreneurs in the creation and growth of new tech based creative businesses, Science and Technology Parks offer a set of services related to Start-up Incubation, such as: [more +]


Start-up Acceleration

The Acceleration Programmes provided by some of BIN@ Science and Technology Park members are geared towards entrepreneurs’ innovative ideas based on technology, science or creativity [more +]

Soft Landing

In order to support start-ups with international business development aspirations, and the need to approach new markets, the BIN@ network proposes Soft Landing as one of its activities. [more +]


Opportunities Matching

The BIN@ network supports the matching of business opportunities among the players of the innovation market. According to their interests and needs, start-ups, S&T Parks, [more +]

Business Missions

In order to promote cooperation, partnership, business opportunities and networking among its delegates, BIN@ network supports the identification of contacts and the organisation of [more +]


The BIN@ network organises training sessions during the annual events. More than providing a space for discussion, the short courses and workshops are proposed to offer the participants [more +]


The BIN@ network has supported many players at the innovation market. As outcomes, many results have been achieved, such as:

  • Bilateral collaboration agreements

  • Memoranda of Understanding
  • R&D and Innovation projects
  • VC’s and BA’s assessments
  • Business deals within the Network
  • First hand showcase of new technologies/products/ services
Successful Cases


More Successful Cases


FEUP has proven to be an excellent partner and co-host

‘We have held several high profile international UTEN/IC2 events in conjunction with U. Porto and FEUP. We have been consistently impressed with the FEUP team and have consistently had a positive experience. FEUP has proven to be an excellent partner and co-host. It has been a distinct pleasure working with FEUP and we look forward to co-hosting more events in the future’.

Eli D. Mercer – Dean of Technology, Health, and Business Division na Tarrant County College / Principal Founder na Genesis Consulting and 3D Innovation Labs / Academic Director of PAYLP Program / Adjunct Professor na The University of Texas at Austin

When speaking about the colleagues at FEUP, a “let’s do it” attitude, instead of a modest “we can do it”, is definitely a key feature

‘Recent relations between Porto and Sheffield can be characterised by great progress achieved during a relatively short period and all this thanks to the people involved. The willingness to share opportunities, experiences, contacts and know-how has been fundamental to this end and I think that FEUP should be congratulated for the people it has working there. Thus, when speaking about the colleagues at FEUP, then a “let’s do it” attitude instead of a modest “we can do it”, is definitely a key feature’.

Mark Sanderson – former manager of Incubator & Innovation Centre at University of Sheffield

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The BIN@ network promotes international brokerage events to facilitate discussion and cooperation and to align science and innovation with real global challenges.

The events are hosted by academia, showcasing the benefits of inter-disciplinary cooperation, the value and potential of knowledge exchange, and providing evidence of the impact of research and academia’s vital role in driving economic recovery and growth.

The structure of the annual events includes:
• Business Presentations
• Think/Action Tanks
• Technology Exhibition
• Business Showcase
• Presentations & Debates
• Networking Activities
• Complementary workshops

The events focus around moderated and themed workshops (Think / Action Tanks) bringing together industry, academia and the public sector to explore key economic or societal challenges in an open and supportive environment. The objective of the workshops is to promote discussion, to identify synergies and opportunities that can support collaboration and to translate research into value.


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The BIN@Sheffield 2017 was held at the University of Sheffield (Sheffield, United Kingdom) from 30 October - 1 November. BIN@Sheffield 2017 focused on the [...]

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