The BIN@ mission is to develop a sustainable international network of partners from across industry, academia, investment, incubation, business development and economic development agencies to support the sharing of good practice and knowledge and to promote open innovation.

We intend to help connect partners from across disciplines and industrial sectors to create opportunities for collaboration and cooperation, and hopefully support partnerships that can deliver value and impact.



The network is based on 5 basic principles:

    1. Bottom-up approach
    2. Mutual benefit based on trusting relationships
    3. Open access to participate
    4. Free-of-charge participation
    5. Supported on Universities



The BIN@ network has the following goals:

    • Promote Innovation
    • Encourage research collaboration
    • Promote knowledge transfer opportunities
    • Promote universities' spin-offs
    • Support the internationalization of SMEs
    • Engage with industry
    • Increase potential funding opportunities
    • Support regional agenda
    • Develop international partnerships
    • Support wider entrepreneurship agenda


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