The BIN@ network promotes international brokerage events to facilitating discussion and co-operation, and aligning science and innovation with real global challenges.

The events are hosted by academia, showcasing the benefit of inter-disciplinary co-operation, the value and potential of knowledge exchange, and providing evidence of the impact of research and academia's vital role in driving economic recovery and growth.

The structure of the annual events includes:

    • Business Presentations
    • Think/Action Tanks
    • Technology Exhibition
    • Business Showcase
    • Presentations & Debates
    • Networking Activities
    • Complementary workshops

The events focus around moderated and themed workshops (Think / Action Tanks) bringing together industry, academia and the public sector to explore key economic or societal challenges in an open and supportive environment. The objective of the workshops is to promote discussion, to identify synergies and opportunities that can support collaboration and to translate research into value. 


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