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The theme of BIN@Sheffield was geared to the business creation opportunities. One of the excellent outcomes of the event was the joint venture between the Portuguese Company Efacec and the Australian Dyesol, which resulted from the first contacts established during the BIN@Sheffield event.

As the network has set as its goal the enabling of sharing good practices and opportunities in an international context, another great feature of BIN@Sheffield was the participation of delegates from new countries, namely from Saudi Arabia and Japan.

During the final meeting the network’s delegates discussed about the takeaways of the event, and as a result of that discussion a set of aspects that enable a good collaboration was formed.

What makes a good collaboration?

• Trust
• Relationships (between People and Institutions)
• Top-down Leadership
• Bottom-up Leadership
• Mutual Respect and Benefits
• Metrics and Measures
• Clear, Honest and Open Communication
• Setting Clear Expectations
• Sustainability

More information on the official website: BIN@SHEFFIELD 2011