Março 2020

We have held several high profile international UTEN/IC2 events in conjunction with U. Porto and FEUP. We have been consistently impressed with the FEUP team and have consistently had a positive experience. FEUP has proven to be an excellent partner and co-host. It has been a distinct pleasure working with FEUP and we look forward to co-hosting more events in the future.

Eli D. MercerDean of Technology, Health, and Business Division at Tarrant County College / Principal Founder of Genesis Consulting and 3D Innovation Labs / Academic Director of PAYLP Program and Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin

Novembro 2019


‘The logic of circular economy is another. It is about understanding that our economy lies within the limited boundaries of our planet. For this reason, the ideal must be to reduce the production of waste, and if this is not possible, close the cycle, i.e. find alternative ways to use the residues.’

Adilton Carneiro, CEO of SUPERA Parque and one of the key organisers of the event



‘The use of renewable energies was also thoroughly discussed, including the reservations pertaining to electrical cars, meaning that although their use itself is not polluting, the process of producing energy still has a strong impact on the environment in some countries, especially when using the non-renewable sources like is the case with coal-fired thermal electric power plants.’

Dalton Marques, Manager of Economic and Technological Development at SUPERA Parque



This shows clearly the importance of the work realised by SUPERA Parque and the importance of these people for the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Ribeirão Preto and the country as a whole.’

Adilton Carneiro, CEO of SUPERA Parque, on attributing the prize to the three team members of SUPERA



‘Ribeirão Preto is prepared for this type of challenge and it is an honour that we can participate as protagonists in this discussion.’

Duarte Nogueira, mayor of Ribeirão Preto



‘It was an important event for showing how much our innovation ecosystem has consolidated in comparison to a former BIN@ event which took place in Ribeirão Preto in 2013.’

Eduardo Cicconi, Manager of New Business Activities at SUPERA Parque


Dezembro 2018


‘Thank you so much for great BIN@PORTO experience. We returned to Poland with lots of new ideas and plenty of potential partners for further cooperation between our scientists and university with BIN participants. I hope you feel lots of satisfaction after so excellently organized and realised event.’

Marcin Gorski (Director of Project Management Center, Silesian University of Technology)



‘I would like to thank you and all members of your team for organizing BIN@Porto event and helping us to get there. It was a very positive experience for our team – we managed to collect a lot of feedback and meet new people.’

Pavel Panasjuk (Air Energy – Dynamic Air Cooling Technology)


Novembro 2018


‘I believe that BIN@PORTO 2018 was another great success, and thus I present my congratulations to all closely related to making this happen.’

João Falcão e Cunha (Dean of FEUP)



‘I am very grateful for the magnificent organisation of BIN@PORTO.’

Rubén Leboreiro (EDAFOTEC)



‘I wish to congratulate you for the excellence, quality and realisation of BIN@PORTO 2018 which surely compensated all the efforts the organisation of it required. Extensive congratulations for the whole organisation team of the event.’

Fernando Roseira (Unidade de Engenharia, Mota-Engil, SGPS, S.A)


Maio 2018

BIN@Porto 2015

‘Our participation with a booth at the Technology Showroom & Business Showcase of BIN@PORTO 2015 was very productive. In fact, in terms of business outcomes, it was one of the most productive events we ever participated.’

Eduardo Mendes (Co-founder and Director of R&D at Connect Robotics)

Abril 2018


‘I simply wanted to express my sincerest gratitude for the invitation – it has been quite an experience and a wonderful opportunity. I sincerely believe that you are both remarkable and dynamic people with aligned goals, and you probably do not realize that your efforts have made a big difference for many people – keep it up.’

Michael Tadros (Senior Manager – Botin Foundation)


‘We were very well received by the organisers of the event and the vast majority of themes covered also met our expectations. In terms of the relevance of discussions and engagement of the people, we could witness the gravity with which the themes of innovation and entrepreneurship were handled by the event organising entities. Congratulations for the event!’

Guilherme Luis Gutjahr (Co-founder & Partner na Gutjahr & Schio e na Fidúcia Consultoria)


‘It was my first time to participate in BIN@BRAZIL and I stayed very satisfied. I left with updated information about the state of innovation as well as contact points at the national level. Would recommend this event to my colleagues. Thank you for enabling my participation.’

Juliana Miotto (Senior Scientist Global R&D Feminine Care at Johnson & Johnson)


‘The combination of the Latin American’s (Brazilian, Chilean, and Argentinean) collective consciousness in relation to European (especially Portuguese, British and Swedish, and Slovenian), has opened up new possibilities for even more profound understanding of the conditions, space, tools and opportunities related to innovation, innovation ecosystems and mass participation.’

Violeta Bulc (CEO of Vibacom Ltd, Sustainable Strategies and Innovation Ecosystems)


UPorto Rector’s speech (extract)

‘BIN@PORTO generated cooperation dynamics which in the near future can be translated into value added initiatives both for the academia and companies. In addition, BIN@PORTO also exposed a well-established international dimension, (…) i.e. the innovation process was addressed based on cross-border logic and with a purpose of boosting the international network of several partners (…)’

José Marques dos Santos (Rector of U.Porto between 2006 – 2014)


‘Thank you once more for all the collaboration with Portic, thanks to which the internationalisation results of the Portuguese technology companies have been leveraged, and also for the organisation of BIN@PORTO 2012 which was a success.’

Pedro Castro Henriques (CEO Strongstep; DPO; Speaker; Lecturer FEUP; ITSMF Board; CMU Portugal Alumni)


‘Firstly, I would like to thank for the warm welcome received in Porto and congratulate for the event’s success. During this week we were there, I stayed impressed about the engagement and initiatives of all of you in the Network, the creation of spin-off companies, technology-based incubators and institutions around university etc.’

Adilton Carneiro (FIPASE)


‘Many thanks for your invitation to participate in BIN@PORTO and also for the kind accompany during the event. The participation has been a huge success to me to get in touch with some key people involved in Innovation & Strategy Consultation and also for the business of Green Pai Energy. Now it is up to me to explore the full potential of these contacts but without your suggestion to participate in BIN@PORTO this would not have been possible.’

Rajesh Pai (Director at Green Pai Energy Audit Ltd)


‘I just want to congratulate you for such excellent organization during the Oporto meeting, you really made a great impression on us. I believe that the idea of placing the stands within the university is certainly a promising one, because you bring consciousness on the importance of IP issues and tech transfer to the students. Additionally, I specially enjoyed the session on open innovation.’

Gustavo Fuster (Patent Attorney and attorney-at-law at Hoffmann Eitle S.L)


‘We would like to congratulate all the BIN@FEUP team for the realisation of this excellent event. It was, without a doubt, a first fundamental step in creating an annual event which allows interconnection of partnership networks in research and commerce inside the various areas of engineering.’

Felipe Ávila da Costa (Co-founder, Head of Customer Development at Infraspeak)


‘A short note to compliment the whole team for the excellent organisation of the event BIN@FEUP 2010.’

Sara Medina (Member of the Board at SPI and SPI Ventures)

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