Since 2014, my research activity is developed in the Biomedical Imaging Lab from INESC TEC/C-BER. The list below shows the current researchers who collaborate more directly with me, at at INESC TEC/C-BER.

Name Affiliation Position
Ana Maria Mendonça FEUP/INESC TEC Associate Professor
Jorge Alves Silva FEUP/INESC TEC Assistant Professor
António Cunha UTAD/INESC TEC Assistant Professor
Fernando Monteiro IPB/INESC TEC Adjunct Professor
Rui Rocha IPP/INESC TEC Adjunct Professor
Adrián Gáldrán  INESC TEC Post-doc Researcher
Pedro Costa  INESC TEC Researcher
Guilherme Aresta  INESC TEC PhD Student
Teresa Araújo  INESC TEC PhD Student
José Ramos  INESC TEC PhD Student
Daniela Campos  INESC TEC PhD Student
Maria Inês Meyer  INESC TEC Researcher
Ana Domingues  INESC TEC Researcher
Patrck de Sousa  INESC TEC Researcher
Elham Shakibapour  INESC TEC Post-doc Researcher
Catarina Carvalho  INESC TEC Post-doc Researcher
Tânia Melo  INESC TEC Researcher
Carlos Ferreira  INESC TEC Researcher
Diego Wanderley  INESC TEC PhD Student