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The Research Unit Institute of R&D in Structures and Construction (CONSTRUCT) was created in 2015, stemming from the merging of two previous research units both settled at the Civil Eng. Department of FEUP.

CONSTRUCT includes 6 research groups in the areas of STRUCTURES, GEOTECHNICS and CONSTRUCTION, with a total of 51 PhD integrated members (in 2018-2023), collaborating in research activities of 6 thematic lines, and using laboratories with an overall area larger than 3500m2, accommodating equipment evaluated in more than 5M€, which corresponds to the largest and best equipped laboratorial infrastructure available in Civil Engineering Departments of Portuguese Universities.

The research groups are:

• LABEST – Laboratory of the Concrete Technology and Structural Behaviour

• LESE – Laboratory of Earthquake and Structural Engineering

• VIBEST – Laboratory of Vibrations and Structural Monitoring

• GEO – Geotechnics

• LFC – Laboratory of Building Physics

• GEQUALTEC – Management and Technology of Building Construction

The organisation of CONSTRUCT includes the following entities:

(I) the SCIENTIFIC COORDINATOR, responsible for the coordination and management of the Unit resources, who chairs the Management Board and the Scientific Council;

(II) the MANAGEMENT BOARD, integrated by the Principal Investigators of all Research Groups (one of which is the Scientific Coordinator of the Research Unit), which will implement the scientific strategy approved for the R&D Unit, aiding the Scientific Coordinator with the management of the Unit resources; the Principal Investigator of each Research Group is elected by the PhD researchers of that Group;

(III) the COORDINATORS OF THEMATIC LINES, senior researchers chosen by the Management Board that coordinate the scientific contribution of the several Research Groups to each TL and that may participate, whenever needed, in the ordinary meetings of the Management Board;

(IV) the SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL, formed by all the PhD Integrated Members of CONSTRUCT, which elect the Scientific Coordinator, approve and change the Unit Rules of Procedure, approve the strategic plans and review the report of annual activities of CONSTRUCT; the Scientific Council ordinarily meets twice a year;

(V) and the EXTERNAL ADVISORY BOARD, composed by 3 prestigious foreigner researchers (Prof. William Powrie – Univ. Southampton, Prof. Guido De Roeck – K.U.Leuven, and Prof. Hartwig Kunzel – Fraunhofer-Institute für Bauphysik IBP), which will scrutinize the Unit operation and will provide scientific advices on the plan of activities and on the report of annual activities.