thematic lines

In the period 2018-2022, the Institute of R&D in Structures and Construction (CONSTRUCT) focus its research on the three main FOCUS AREAS: SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION, INFRASTRUCTURES and BUILDINGS.

In this context, the scientific activity of the Unit is being developed according to the following Thematic Lines:

TL1 - New construction materials. Recycling and valorisation
TL2 - Built historical heritage. Preservation, natural actions and climate change
TL3 - Safety assessment and seismic engineering. Modelling and testing
TL4 - Assessment and SHM of energy and transportation infrastructures
TL5 - Railway infrastructures
TL6 - Efficient and smart Construction

The objectives of these Thematic Lines - which are to be based on the experience and scientific knowledge that the six Research Groups of CONSTRUCT have acquired over the years - intend to respond in an integrated manner to the current challenges of Civil Engineering and Horizon2020, which usually involve competences from different scientific areas. The contributes from the six research groups of CONSTRUCT to fulfilment of the Thematic Lines is summarized in the following table: