Guimarães is a northern Portuguese city and municipality in the Minho Province, 55 kilometers to the north of Porto. With an estimated population near 50,000 people, Guimarães is the center of a strongly industrialized region and hosts the campus of Universidade do Minho where Controlo 2016 will be held.


The history of Guimarães is closely associated with the establishment of the Portuguese national identity in the twelfth century. Its Historic Center was inscribed in the World Heritage List of Goods by UNESCO. Guimarães was European Capital of Culture in 2012.


Among the many interesting places and buildings to visit in Guimarães, one can point the medieval Castle, the Ducal Palace, the churches of Senhora da Oliveira, S. Francisco, Senhora da Consolação, S. Domingos, S. Pedro, the Martins Sarmento Museum and the Pousada of Santa Marinha where the conference’s gala dinner will take place. Wandering in the Historic Center is a most pleasant experience, given its individuality and well-conserved status.


For general information about Guimarães, visit the Tourism web site.




The climate of Guimarães is characterized by cool winters and moderate summers hot; the average minimum temperature of the coldest month varies between 2 and 5 ° C checking up during 10/15 to 30 days a year zero temperatures. The mean maximum temperature of the warmest month varies between 23 and 32ºC, if checking for 20 to 120 days per year maximum temperatures above 25 ° C.

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Centro Algoritmi       Centro de Engenharia da Universidade do Minho

APCA - Associação Portuguesa de Controlo Automático

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sociedade portuguesa para o ensino de engenharia


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