Information to the FEUP Community

(last updated: 26 February 2021)

New Academic Year:

Communications from the Director of FEUP

Summary of the main measures:

Use of Facilities

  • The use of a mask is mandatory throughout the FEUP campus;
  • Access to the buildings is only allowed on working days between 7:30 and 22:30 and on Saturdays between 7:30 and 20:30, and whenever there are automatic doors, only these doors;
  • The Library will be open only to members of the FEUP community and in the period between9:00 and 18:00 of working days;
  • The study rooms in building B and in the department buildings will remain closed;
  • The capacity of the various spaces of FEUP should be reduced in order to ensure at least 1m of distance between people;
  • The use of lifts is only allowed to people with conditioned mobility;
  • It is recommended the total exclusion of school and work of all FEUP community members with symptomatology indicative of VOCID-19, even if slight;

Hygiene and protection

  • At the main entrance (building A) there will be a thermographic camera that allows temperature control (data cannot be recorded);
  • Frequent ventilation of the spaces to allow renewed air;
  • Acrylic barriers and disinfection of surfaces and hands in face-to-face services;
  • Disinfection  by users of workstations in computer rooms;
  • Disposable masks available in case of exceptional forgetfulness;
  • Existence of alcohol-based antiseptic solution (SABA) dispensers;


  • FEUP catering units must have a maximum occupancy of 4 people per 10m2, ensuring distances of at least 1m, preferably 2m between people;
  • Distance of at least 2 m between counter points.

Information Session

Student support:

  • All difficulties in accessing remote classes must be reported to Course Directors to analyze the possibility of support from FEUP;
  • If you experience high levels of stress, anxiety or difficulty in managing concerns, FEUP has a Office Orientation and Integration prepared to deal with these situations.
    There is also the Psychological Support Line of the U.Porto (220 408 408) available between 9:30 am and 2:30 pm and between 7:00 pm and 12:00 am, Monday to Friday. At the weekend the service is available at night.



Person in the FEUP community (student, teacher or technician) who develops symptoms of cough (persistent or worsening of habitual cough), and/or fever (temperature equal to or greater than 38.0ºC), and/or breathing difficulty.



The suspected case, if it is in FEUP, must:

  • go to the isolation room – room A044, which can be accessed from the left side of the auditorium, on the ground floor, under the ramp;
  • if necessary (eg mobility difficulties), can request the help of a first aider – contacts:;
  • put on a mask (available in the room) if the clinical condition allows it;
  • inform the person responsible at FEUP, by calling 912233377;
  • contact the SNS24 Line (808 24 24 24) or, if it is not possible to establish a connection, the U.Porto Occupational Health Service (between 9 am and 5 pm) by calling 220426643;
  • if validated as a suspicious case, should go to the place indicated by the SNS24 Line for the laboratory diagnostic test. If it is not possible or for own convenience, can request the person responsible at FEUP to contact the U.Porto Task Force for COVID-19 for possible referral for the diagnostic test at the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto; afterwards, should return home (if possible not using public transport) and start isolation, with work/school eviction justified by the family doctor;
  • if it is not validated as a suspicious case, should go home and contact the family doctor/assistant.




A suspected case occurring outside the FEUP premises, after contacting the SNS24 Line (808 24 24 24) and being validated for testing, must contact and inform the person responsible at FEUP by calling 912233377 or and keep the responsible up to date on the test result.