Date: Friday, 28th.June 2019 | 15h30-16h30
Location: FEUPs Auditorium




This session will be presented by António Augusto de Sousa (Member of FEUPs Executive Board, FEUPs Vice-President for Pedagogical Affairs; DCE19 General Organizing Committee)

Each Symposia has chosen to award prizes to its authors.

All winners will receive a certificate and a prize. The prizewinners will be ad aeternum placed in this webpage, after the Congress.

The Awards Cerimony will be held at FEUPs auditorium, 15h30 and all participants must be present.



Symposium on Biomedical Engineering
• Best Oral communication (best oral presentation) to Eva Carvalho, Marco Araújo, Cristina Barrias and Ana Pêgo. Towards the development of biologically relevant platforms to study glial cell mechanotransduction: an alginate-based approach #27

Symposium on Chemical and Biological Engineering
• Best poster presentation Award to (in ex aequo) Rafael Morais, Natalia Rey-Raap, Miguel Granja, José Luís Figueiredo and M. Fernando Pereira. Non-noble metal biomass-derived carbons for oxygen reduction reaction. #245  and  Daniel Salvaterra, Fernando Pagels, Helena Amaro, Isabel Sousa-Pinto and A. Catarina Guedes. Cyanobium sp. – Optimization of biomass production. #19
• Best oral communication Award to Luís Moreira, Sara Pereira, Nuno Guimarães, Rita S. Santos, Joana Loureiro, Maria Do Carmo Pereira and Nuno F. Azevedo. Liposome-encapsulated Nucleic Acid Mimics
(LipoNAMs): a potential novel diagnostic and therapeutic tool. #234

Symposium on Civil Engineering and Spatial Planning
• Best oral communication Award to André Furtado, Hugo Rodrigues, Antonio Arede and Humberto Varum Seismic vulnerability assessment and retrofitting strategies for infilled RC frame buildings #96

Symposium on Eletrical and Computing Engineering
• Best poster presentation Award  – Enio Vasconcelos Filho, Carlos Humberto Llanos Quintero and Guilherme Caribé de Carvalho. Development of the trajectory planner and control system of a spherical robot manipulator embedded in a FPGA board. #1
• Best oral communication Award (in ex aequo) – Harrison Kurunathan, Ricardo Severino, Anis Koubaa, Eduardo Tovar. Routing Aware DSME Networks. #299  and  Francisco Fonseca and Matthew E. P. Davies. Musical Cross-Synthesis using Matrix Factorisation. #115

Symposium on Engineering Physics
• Best poster presentation Award  (in ex aequo) – João M. Serra, Sara Sequeira, Ismael Domingos, Ana Oliveira, Ermelinda Maçôas, Susana Cardoso, Helena Alves and Diana Leitão. Micropatterning Organic Single Crystals for Photonic Sensor Applications #348  and  Sandra Rodrigues, Joana Paiva, Paulo Marques, João Cunha and Pedro Jorge. Trapping nanometer sized particles with optical fiber tweezers – a computational study #318
• Best oral communication Award Margarida Maia. Thermoelectric Materials for new innovative devices: from nanoparticles to composites #313

Symposium in Informatics Engineering
• Best paper Award to TBD

Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering
Best poster presentation Award to Mariana Gomes, Rui Vilarinho, Rui Pinho, Abílio Almeida, Paula Vilarinho and Joaquim Agostinho Moreira: Piezoelectric Response of K0.5Na0.5NbO3 Designed by Sintering Engineering. # 325
Best oral communication Award to Íris Carneiro, Filomena Viana, Manuel F. Vieira, José V. Fernandes and Sónia Simões: Understanding the strengthening effect of carbon nanotubes in nickel matrix nanocomposites. #66
Best short paper Award to Clarissa Melo, Aníbal Guedes, Carlos Tavares, Fatih Toptan and Sónia Simões: Diffusion brazing Ti6Al4V to Ti-B4C composite using different Ti-based fillers. #65

Symposium on Mechanical Engineering
• Best poster presentation Award – Daniel Cruz, Miguel Trindade, Abel D. Santos, Joaquim Mendes, Rui L. Amaral and Sara S. Miranda. Development of a miniature testing for sheet metal mechanical characterization. #114
• Best oral communication Award to Daniel Rodrigues, Jorge Belinha, Lúcia Dinis and Renato Natal Jorge. A modified Hill yield criterion combined with meshless methods formulation for the elasto-plastic analysis of FFF printed thermoplastics. #77

Symposium in Mining and Geo-Resources Engineering
• Best student oral communication to Rui Sousa, Aurora Futuro, António Fiúza and Mário Machado Leite. Design of a Lepidolite flotation pilot plant based on lab scale tests (#47).
• Best student poster  presentation – Catarina Mendes, Rui Sousa, Diogo Martins and Aurora Futuro, Reprocessing the tailings from the Cabeço do Pião Dam – recovery of copper and zinc by differential flotation (#67).

Symposium on Occupational Health and Safety
• Best Poster (best poster presentation) Solange dos Santos, J. Duarte, André Lucena and J. C. Guedes. Ergonomic analysis of cleaning professionals: pilot study. #242.
• Best Oral communication (best oral presentation) J. Duarte, Mário Vaz, José Torres Costa and J. Santos Baptista. Occupational exposure to dust in the mining industry context – a short review. #177.

Symposium on Sustainable Energy Systems
Best oral communication Award – Micael Simões, Gil Sampaio, André Madureira and Ricardo Bessa, “Monitoring and predictive control of LV networks”. #97


1st “DCE Photo Contest Award” to Carolina Garreto with this picture