Parallel sessions will be dedicated to each Symposium. Each Symposium has its own program. Please check the specific program for your Symposium in the ‘SYMPOSIA’ menu. The program will be composed by Oral Communications and Poster Communications (not all Symposia will have posters. Please check your Symposia specific page in the ‘SYMPOSIA’ menu)

Instructions for ‘Oral Presentations’

Rooms for parallel sessions (Symposia) will have a computer and a projection system available.

Authors have to bring their presentations in a USB disk and contact the Symposia Organizing Comittee to have their presentation set in the rooms’ laptop 15min before the session starts.

Authors who bring the presentations in their laptops must go to the reception – at least 30min before the beginning of the session – and request support.

Presenters who need to leave early or make program arrangements must speak to Symposia Chairs before the beginning of the sessions.

Instructions for ‘Poster Presentations’

see the menu ‘Poster Session’

The authors should be present during the poster session to explain and discuss it with other participants.