Submissions will be reviewed and, based on the combined marks of the reviewers, they will be assigned either for oral or poster presentation (you may put an indication of ‘Oral’ or ‘Poster’ in the Easychair submission platform, but that indication will have to be validated by you respective Symposia Committee)

All accepted abstract to ‘Presenation by poster’ will have its reference in the Congress Booklet and will be published in the specific Symposia Book of Abstracts.

The poster session will take place at 10h30, in corridor B.

The Posters will be displayed in the windows of the corridor of the B buiding.

Authors should bring their posters printed (the windows have 97cm height X 1,05cm width).

The Symposium Organization will provide tape to attach the posters.

The windows will have a tag, with a number, indicating the location of each poster (please look for your Abstract number #)

Authors are expected to be present beside their poster, during the poster session.




ACCEPTED POSTERS (86 accepeted, 84 presented)

Symposium on Biomedical Engineering

  • Ana S. G. Martins, Pedro M. D. Moreno and Ana P. Pêgo. Neuronal Targeted Multifunctional DNA Nanostructures. #68
  • Maria Carolina Fornari, Andreia Sofia Pinheiro de Sousa, Marcos Duarte and João Manuel Ribeiro da Silva Tavares. Posturography in quiet standing: state-of-the-art and a stroke case study. #78
  • Suellen Moraes, Sofia Lima, Salette Reis, João Pedro Araújo, Célia Sousa and Cláudia Nunes. In the Trail of a New Doxorubicin Nanoformulation Loading Magnetic Nanoparticles. #317
  • João Jordão, Susana Novais, Susana Silva and Orlando Frazão. A brief review of fiber optic based Raman spectroscopy for cancer detection. #324


Symposium on Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Daniel Salvaterra, Fernando Pagels, Helena Amaro, Isabel Sousa-Pinto and A. Catarina Guedes. Cyanobium sp. – Optimization of biomass production. #19
  • Filipe José Pires Almeida, Fernando Alberto Nogueira da Rocha and António Manuel Azevedo Ferreira. Effect of oscillatory conditions on bubble dynamics and mass transfer in an oscillatory flow reactor provided with smooth periodic constrictions. #23
  • Ana Rufino, Emanuel Capela, Maria Quental, João Coutinho and Mara Freire. Aqueous biphasic systems formed by protic ionic liquids and polymers. #30
  • Joana Assunção, Helena M. Amaro, Francisco Xavier Malcata and Ana Catarina Guedes. Evaluation of the bioactive potential of Synechocystis salina. #49
  • Faezeh Fathi, Samad N. Ebrahimi, Peyman Salehi, Fernando Rocha and Berta Estevinho. Microencapsulation of Enriched Polyphenolic Extracts from Some Iranian Medicinal Plants. #50
  • Sérgio Moreira, Filipa Paulo and Lúcia Santos. Valorization of Grape Pomace: Microencapsulation of its phenolic rich extracts. #58
  • Sara Faria and Filipe Mergulhão. Influence of hydrodynamic conditions and surface properties on cyanobacteria adhesion. #198
  • Rute Seabra, Vanessa Martins, Ana Mafalda Ribeiro, Alexandre Ferreira, Alírio Rodrigues and Kristin Gleichmann. Ethylene/Ethane Separation by Gas-Phase SMB in Binderless Zeolite 13X Monoliths. #207
  • Ana Pereira, Maria João Regufe, Alírio Rodrigues, Ana Mafalda Ribeiro and Alexandre Ferreira. Shaping, characterization and measurement of adsorption properties of ZIF-8 and MIL-53(Al). #215
  • Alexandra Soares, Luciana Gomes and Filipe Mergulhão. Effect of nutrient medium composition on the expression of a recombinant protein in Escherichia coli biofilms. #216
  • Susana Fernandes, Lúcia Chaves Simões, Nelson Lima and Manuel Simões. The study of adhesion of filamentous fungi from drinking water. #230
  • Rafael Morais, Natalia Rey-Raap, Miguel Granja, José Luís Figueiredo and M. Fernando Pereira. Non-noble metal biomass-derived carbons for oxygen reduction reaction. #245
  • Ricardo Oliveira, Ana Luísa Sousa, Eva Pinho, Nuno Filipe Azevedo and Carina Almeida. De novo selection of toxin-specific aptamers using nucleic acid mimics. #251
  • Joana Vilas Boas, Luciana Peixoto, Vânia B. Oliveira, Manuel Simões and Alexandra M. F. R. Pinto. Cyclic voltammetry study of a yeast-based microbial fuel cell. #258
  • Diana Oliveira, Anabela Borges, Fernanda Borges and Manuel Simões. Furvina as scaffold for new quorum-sensing inhibitors of Staphylococcus aureus agr system. #265


Symposium on Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Enio Vasconcelos Filho, Carlos Humberto Llanos Quintero and Guilherme Caribé de Carvalho. Development of the trajectory planner and control system of a spherical robot manipulator embedded in a FPGA board #1
  • Aqsa Aslam, Luis Almeida and Frederico Santos. An Adaptive Overlay TDMA Protocol for Platooning in Vehicular Network Ext. #132
  • Navdeep Singh Randhawa and Manpreet Kaur. Minimization of Energy Consumption in WSN using Hybrid WECRA Approach  # 218
  • Navdeep Singh Randhawa and Manpreet Kaur Proposal for Energy Efficient Wireless Body Area Network Using IoT #219
  • Luis Braña, Ricardo Lopes, Artur Costa, Pedro Lima and Andrea Soto. Validation of a white-box model of power transformers through recurrent surge test: a practical case  #283
  • Manuel Pereira and Rui Esteves Araújo. Comparative Study of Methods and Techniques in Switched Reluctance Motor Control  #284


Symposium on Engineering Physics

  • Sofia Ferreira-Teixeira, Ana L. Pires, Will R. Branford, João P. Araújo, Lesley F. Cohen and André M. Pereira. The Topological Surface State on a Variable Range Hopping dominated conduction Sb2Te3 sputtered thin film #310
  • Paula Quitério, Arlete Apolinario, Célia Sousa, Paula Dias, João Azevedo, Adélio Mendes and Joao Araujo. 1D Hematite photoanodes for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production #314
  • Sandra Rodrigues, Joana Paiva, Paulo Marques, João Cunha and Pedro Jorge. Trapping nanometer sized particles with optical fiber tweezers – a computational study #318
  • João Magalhães, André Pereira, Ana Pires and Clara Pereira. On the Development of Organic and Inorganic Thermoelectric Materials for Printing Techniques #319
  • Paulo Robalinho and Orlando Frazão Fiber micro-cantilever displacement detection #321
  • Filipe Marques and Orlando Frazão. Transmission Properties of Optical Fibers during Taper Fabrication: Adiabaticity, Mode Dissipation, and Diameter Control #322
  • Tiago D. Ferreira, Nuno A. Silva, O. Bertolami, C. Gomes and Ariel Guerreiro. Exploring cosmological systems under alternative theories of gravity using the Schrödinger-Poisson formalism #328
  • Tiago D. Ferreira, Nuno A. Silva and Ariel Guerreiro A multidimensional solver of the generalized Schrödinger equation based on GPGPU supercomputing #329
  • Rui Fernandez, Guiomar Evans, José Augusto, Luis Gurriana and Agostinho Gomes Low Noise Power Supply Board #336
  • Filipe Cuim, José Augusto, Guiomar Evans, Agostinho Gomes and Filipe Martins. Functional Tester for High Voltage Boards of the TileCal Calorimeter #339
  • João Mendes, Luís Coelho, Carlos Pereira, Barna Kovács, Pedro Jorge and Teresa Borges. New Optochemical sensor for dissolved CO2 evaluation: results from application to a recirculation aquaculture system and bacterial microcosms #342
  • Helena Vasconcelos, Almeida, Saraiva, Jorge and Coelho. Detection of hydrogen peroxide using a chemiluminescence technique: preliminary study #344
  • José Brandão, Joana Oliveira and Maria Braga. Effect of radiation on the electrolyte of a solid-state battery #345
  • João M. Serra, Sara Sequeira, Ismael Domingos, Ana Oliveira, Ermelinda Maçôas, Susana Cardoso, Helena Alves and Diana Leitão. Micropatterning Organic Single Crystals for Photonic Sensor Applications #348


Symposium on Environmental Engineering

  • Ana Díaz, et al. Comparison of two microbial cultures in metal bio-recovery from Panasqueira mine by-product.  #43.
  • Ana Gorito, A.R. Ribeiro, A.M.T Silva, C.M.R Almeida. Constructed wetlands and advanced oxidation processes to remove micropollutants from aquaculture farms. #160
  • Jonas Neto, Maria Eduarda Schneider, Hugo Bacelo, Silvia Santos, Cidália Botelho. Preparation of Ca-loaded materials for phosphate sequestration from wastewater and use as fertilizer. #185
  • Cátia Brandão, Cidália Botelho, Ariana Pintor, Olívia Soares. Preparation of Ca and Mg-loaded cork for phosphate sequestration from wastewater. #253


Symposium on Informatics Engineering

  • Felipe Oliveira Prado, Joiro Gomes da Silva Neto and Enio Vasconcelos Filho. Low Cost IOT system for Residential Automation using Open Hardware and Open Software with a Focus on Disabilities #2
  • Liliana Inocêncio Carvalho and Rute Carvalho Sofia. Leveraging Pervasive Sensing Platforms via Distributed Edge Computing #28


Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering

  • Raimundo Silva, Luna Viana, Filomena Viana and Manuel Vieira: Vegetable Material as an abrasive Substitute for Sandpapers. #53
  • Márcio Silva Rabbi, Filomena Viana and Manuel Vieira: Additive Manufacturing Technology – Review and Challenges. #92
  • Mariana Gomes, Rui Vilarinho, Rui Pinho, Abílio Almeida, Paula Vilarinho and Joaquim Agostinho Moreira: Piezoelectric Response of K5Na0.5NbO3 Designed by Sintering Engineering. # 325


Symposium on Mechanical Engineering

  • Cláudia C. Rua, Elza M. M. Fonseca, Paulo A. G. Piloto, Vânia C. C. Oliveira, Jorge Belinha, Renato M. N. Jorge and José C. Vasconcelos. Biomechanical stabilization of bone metastases and tumor necrosis due to the thermal effects for different patient age group #4
  • Lino Silva and Elza M. M. Fonseca. Design of wood-steel connections with dowel fasteners subjected to fire #10
  • Catarina Silva, Jorge Lino Alves, Gabriela Caldas and Jorge Belinha. Influence of the infill shape and orientation on mechanical properties of PLA 3D parts #69
  • João Araújo Afonso, Jorge Lino Alves, Gabriela Caldas and Jorge Belinha. Influence of 3D printing process parameters on the mechanical properties of PLA parts and comparison with simulated values #70
  • Bruno Areias, Marco Parente, Fernanda Gentil, Eurico Almeida and Renato Natal Jorge. Numerical study of the human cochlea. #72
  • Daniel Cruz, Miguel Trindade, Abel D. Santos, Joaquim Mendes, Rui L. Amaral and Sara S. Miranda. Development of a miniature testing for sheet metal mechanical characterization #114
  • Miguel Trindade, Joaquim Mendes, Abel D. Santos, Rui L. Amaral and Sara S. Miranda. Development of a mechanical sheet metal characterization system using LabVIEW #125
  • João Sousa, Joaquim Mendes, Abel D. Santos, Rui L. Amaral and Sara S. Miranda. Development of a control unit and data acquisition system for a sheet metal universal testing machine #130
  • Rogério Lopes, Abel Santos, Dipak Wagre, Rui L. Amaral and Sara S. Miranda. Sheet metal forming simulation and experimental validation using defined benchmarks #144
  • Jozef Pobijak, Tomáš Pavlusík, Abílio M. P. de Jesus, Abel D. Santos and Andrej Czán. Overview about the Application of Driven Tools for Turning Operations #271
  • Tomáš Pavlusík, Jozef Pobijak, Abel D. Santos, Abílio M. P. de Jesus and Andrej Czán. Residual stresses in PMO material during the production of tools #307


Symposium in Mining and Geo-Resources Engineering

  • Catarina Mendes. Reprocessing the tailings from the Cabeço do Pião Dam – recovery of copper and zinc by differential flotation #67
  • Inês Matos Luís, Rita Santos and João Prazeres Depression of Galena using dextrin in a Chalcopyrite flotation circuit: optimization of operational conditions for an Industrial Trial at SOMINCOR’s Copper plant #133
  • Lisandra Santana, J. Santos Baptista and J. Duarte. Conditions for the availability of implementation of inert waste landfill in Kasic zones. Proof of the concept in an Industry 4.0. perspective #135
  • Paulo Jorge Afonso da Rocha, Miguel Tato Diogo and Jorge Guedes. Study of the structure cost of the Extractive Industry in Portugal – Optimization of the mortar Plants #139
  • Flávio Rodrigues, Mario Rui Machado Leite and Aurora Futuro. Development of platform for dimensioning of mineral processing equipment #141
  • Joana Silva, José Soeiro and Aurora Futuro. Methodology of Optical Control of Aggregate Calibration in Raw Materials Processing – Masters Dissertation #170
  • Octávia Vieira and Maria Dinis. Modelling the transport and fate of radionuclides in a sludge heap from the processing of phosphate ores #176
  • Luís Chambel. Mapping the International Standards and Guidelines in Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, Reserves and Value Reporting #191
  • Luís Chambel and Teresa Burguete. Reporting in the Mineral Industry: Exploration, (E)Valuation and (Social, Environmental and Source) Responsibility #192
  • Luís Caetano and Luís Chambel. The Circular Economy of the Portuguese Natural Stone Industry: conceptual model and first results #203


Symposium on Occupational Health and Safety

  • Marta Oliveira, Klara Slezakova, Cristina Delerue-Matos, Maria Do Carmo Pereira and Simone Morais. Exposure levels of health-relevant pollutants and importance of biomonitoring studies at preschools. #154
  • Ana Sophia Rosado, Carolina Garreto and J. Duarte. OWAS method analysis applied on a slaughterhouse company. #178
  • Maria I Santos, Marcelo Ribeiro and Radigande Silva. Prevalence of Occupational Diseases in Women in Universities: Review Article. #187
  • Marcelo M. Ribeiro, Maria Inez Santos, Radigande Silva and Trajano Silva. Suicide and Work, Sociological View. Review article. #188
  • Arminda Uachisso, Patrícia Padrão, Susana Carvalho, Daniel Agostinho and Olivia Pinho. Analysis of the nutritional composition of the typical meals of the rural workers in the Muanza District in Sofala – Mozambique. #197
  • Antonio Dickson Sobrinho and Mario Vaz. The Posted Workers and their difficult in European Union. #204
  • Pablo Monteiro, J. Duarte, Olívia Pinho, J. Santos Baptista, João Ferraz and Amanda Santana. Food in the occupational environment and its benefits in worker health. #227
  • Gairo Garreto, J. Santos Baptista, Antônia Mota and António Torres Marques. Hand tools characteristics in slave labour. #229
  • Gairo Garreto, J. Santos Baptista, Antônia Mota and Mário Vaz. Thematic review on the slaves’ feeding in colonial and imperial Brazil. #231
  • R. P. Martins, Daniele Costa and J. C. Guedes. Predicting thermal sensation through local body skin temperatures to assess thermal comfort: a short systematic review. #233
  • Humberto Costa and Trajano Silva. The Sound Aesthetic of Servicescape: Influence In The Aesthetic Experience Of Employees. #239
  • Carolina Garreto, J. Duarte, Jacqueline Castelo Branco and Joana Guedes. Geographic information Systems enforced to Occupational Health and Safety Practices: A short literature review. #240
  • Trajano Silva, Humberto Costa and Marcelo Ribeiro. Work Accidents with Biological Material With Health Professionals In Brazilian Hospitals #241
  • Solange dos Santos, J. Duarte, André Lucena and J. C. Guedes. Ergonomic analysis of cleaning professionals: pilot study. #242.


Symposium on Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Rebeka Maria Sotero Silva, Ana Paula de Oliveira Medeiros, Antonio Rodrigues Albuquerque Filho, Beatriz Nascimento Ko Fontenele and Daniel Barboza Guimarães. Willingness to Pay and Consumers’ Ecological Behavior: An Applied Study on the Green Building Field. #149