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Please register right after submitting.

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The symposium on “Engineering Physics” will be held in the scope of the 3rd Doctoral Congress Engineering (DCE19) which will be hosted at FEUP, Porto, Portugal on the 27th and 28th of June 2019.

The Doctoral Symposium on Engineering Physics stems from the Doctoral Programme in Engineering Physics, a joint programme of FCUP and FEUP.

The Symposium is open to communications (oral and poster) by Master and PhD students on any topic of Physics Engineering/Applied and Technical Physics. Communications addressing published patents are welcome.


Topics for submission will focus on:

Actuators, micro and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS); Advanced metrology and scientific instruments; Applied biophysics, medical physics and bio-inspired systems; Computational physics and quantum computing; Cryogenics; Device physics; Dielectrics, ferroelectrics, and multiferroics; Electronics, electromagnetic technology and microwaves; Energy conversion, harvest and storage; Geophysics and environmental physics; Interdisciplinary physics; Lasers; Magnetics and spintronics; Microelectronics and microfluidics; Nanotechnology; Nuclear engineering; Nuclear magnetic resonance; Nuclear physics, fusion and plasmas; Optics, microscopy, imaging and spectroscopy; Organic electronics and photonics; Particle detection, detectors, sources, optics and acceleration; Photon detection, detectors and sources; Photonics and Optoelectronics; Physics teaching technologies; Semiconductors; Structural, mechanical, optical and thermodynamic properties of advanced materials; Superconductivity and superconducting electronics; Surfaces and interfaces; Thermometry, thermal diffusivity and acoustics sensors and any other physics engineering area.



–> deadline for submission has been extended to 31/05



Presentation (oral communication/poster)

At least one of the authors is required to attend the Symposium to present the abstract.



All accepted and revised abstracts, with at least one author registered in the Congress with a paid fee, will be mentioned in the event’s program/Booklet that will be given to congress participants on the 1st day.

All accepted and revised abstracts, with at least one author registered in the Congress with a paid fee, will be published in the Symposium Book of Abstracts (with ISBN).




Authors of accepted and revised abstracts, presented at the Congress, will be eligible for:

  • Best poster presentation
  • Best oral communication

Please check the ‘Awards’ page.


Registration (Payment)

Registration is mandatory for all participants.

At least one author of each accepted and revised abstract must be registered in the event, with a paid fee, for the abstracts’ reference to appear in the Booklet and in the Book of Abstracts.

Dinner is not included in the costs supported, nor are the workshops.

Low cost hostel accommodation for three nights at Porto starts at 33€. The Symposium is open to non-authors, including students wishing to have a glimpse of Engineering Physics activities across Portugal.

Please check the ‘Registrations‘ webpage and follow the guidelines.


Symposium Committee

Symposium Chair: Joana Espain – FEUP

  • Adriano Carvalho, FEUP
  • André Pereira, FCUP
  • António Cunha, U. Aveiro
  • António Silva, FEUP
  • Bernardo Almeida, U. Minho
  • Carla Rosa, FCUP
  • Hélder Crespo, FCUP
  • Helena Braga, FEUP
  • Henrique Salgado, FEUP
  • Inês Carvalho, FEUP
  • Jaime Villate, FEUP
  • Joana Oliveira, FEUP
  • João Pedro Araújo, FCUP
  • João Ventura, FCUP
  • José Rebordao, FCUL
  • Isabel Catarino, NOVA
  • Isabel Lopes, FCUC
  • Luísa Andrade, FEUP
  • Manuel Alves, FEUP
  • Manuel Vieira, FEUP
  • Maria de Jesus, NOVA
  • Mário Pimenta, IST
  • Olinda Conde, FCUL
  • Paulo Marques, FCUP
  • Paulo Sá, FEUP
  • Pedro Alpuim, U. Minho
  • Pedro Camanho, FEUP
  • Pedro Jorge, FCUP
  • Susana Freitas, IST
  • Vitor Amaral, U. Aveiro