Date: 29.06.2021, 16h30
Link: Youtube streaming


This session will be presented by António Augusto de Sousa (Member of FEUPs Executive Board, FEUPs Vice-President for Pedagogical Affairs)

Each Symposia has chosen to award prizes to its authors.

All winners will receive a certificate and a prize.

The prizewinners will be ad aeternum placed in this webpage, after the Congress.

All participants should be present at this Session.



Symposium on Biomedical Engineering
• Best oral communication – Ana Spencer. Designing a new neurotargeted dendritic nanoparticle for nucleic acid delivery #93
• Best poster presentation – João Pedro Cotovio. Production of Liver Organoids from hiPSCs in a Dynamic Suspension Culture #90


Symposium on Chemical and Biological Engineering
• Gold Poster Communication – José Barbosa. Advanced materials applied on textiles for electromagnetic shielding #238
Silver Poster Communication – Patrícia Ramalho. Carbon-based catalysts for NOx removal #247
Bronze Poster Communication – Marisa Gomes. The Effect of CNT Loading and Textural Properties on the Antibiofilm Activity of CNT-based Surfaces #270
Gold Oral Communication – Pedro Walgode. Dihydroxyacetone production by glycerol oxidation over Pt commercial catalysts and purification by Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography. #303
Tied for Silver, Oral Communication – Liliana Gonçalves. Enhanced performance of N-doped CNT as catalyst support for CO2 methanation reaction #213
Tied for Silver, Oral Communication – Pedro Pacheco. A comparison of distinct meshing strategies for large-eddy simulation of a high efficiency cyclone separator #232


Symposium on Civil Engineering and Spatial Planning
Best oral communication Award – Gustavo Lopes dos Santos and Beatriz Condessa. Increasing Spatial Scales: Olympic Agenda 2020 and Portugal as Olympic Host #99
Honorable Mention – João Pedro Martins, Álvaro Costa and Paulo Soares. Reflection on the feasibility and location of an airport infrastructure in the Central Region of Portugal #82
Honorable Mention – Mariana Pizzo Diniz and Miguel Serra. Towards a Quantitative Approach to Morphological Regions in GIS #200


Symposium on Eletrical and Computing Engineering
Best Abstract Award – Vinicius Silva, Filomena Soares and João Sena Esteves. A Hybrid Supervised Approach for Human Robot Interaction with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder #354
Best Presentation Award – Sergio Vinha, Luís Tiago Paiva and Fernando A.C.C. Fontes. Comparison of L0 and L1 Path-Following Controllers for Airborne Wind Energy Systems #362


Symposium on Engineering Physics
Best poster presentation Award – Rita Veloso. Characterization and optical performance of conventional black colorants doped with TiO2 nanoparticles for energy efficient building coatings #337
Best oral communication Award (Ex aequo) – David José Gaspar Marques. Electroluminescence studies with a CYGNO/INITIUM prototype #356
Best oral communication Award (Ex aequo) – Cátia Rodrigues. Performance analysis of a triboelectric nanogenerator in ocean-like conditions #1


Symposium on Environmental Engineering
Best poster presentation Award (Ex aequo) – Filipe Rocha. Occurrence and potential ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in Portuguese municipal sewage sludge #153 (P21)
Best poster presentation Award (Ex aequo) – Juliana Sá. Impact of COVID-19 prevention measures on CO2 in a primary school – preliminary results #167 (P34)
Best oral communication Award (Ex aequo) – Telmo Lopes. Photoelectrochemical solar energy storage: a 25 cm2 solar redox flow cell #110
Best oral communication Award (Ex aequo) – Rita Dias. Reuse of water treatment sludges for the removal of hormones – A Portuguese case study #15


Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering
Best oral communication award – Luisa Fialho. Development of cytocompatible and antibacterial porous tantalum oxide surfaces doped with zinc oxide nanoparticles #325
Best poster award – João Cardoso. Designing Anepectic metamaterials #267
Best Short Paper Award (this award, eligible only to PhD candidates/students will cover the costs of a journal publication) – Bruno Oliveira. Dewetting of Cu Thin Films Over Metallic Diffusion Barrier Layers #139


Symposium on Mechanical Engineering
• Best oral communication Award – Daniel do Espírito Santo Rodrigues. Using a meshless method with a coupled flow and heat transfer formulation to simulate the viscoplastic extrusion process #43


Symposium in Mining and Geo-Resources Engineering
Best student oral communication – Helga Jordão. Generative Adversarial Network Applied to Ore Type Modelling #98
Best student poster presentation – Ana Pinto. Study of the potential of steel slags in acid mine drainage treatment #344


Symposium on Occupational Health and Safety
Best Poster (best poster presentation) – Jane Souza. Dor lombar na operação em equipamentos pesados de carga e transporte, nas indústrias de mineração a céu-aberto e de construção – breve revisão #295
Best Oral communication (best oral presentation) – Filipa Esteves. Assessment of Potential Health Risks of Portuguese Wildland Firefighters’ Occupational Exposure: Biomonitoring Approach #285


Symposium on Transport Systems
Best short paper – Claudio Lombardi, Anuradha M. Annaswamy, Luís Picado-Santos. Model-based dynamic toll pricing scheme for a congested suburban freeway with multiple access locations
Best presentation – Luis Leal Pinho de Morais. Public charging infrastructure placement, a power demand and supply analysis


DCE21 3min-Elevator Pitch Contest
Best pitch (Workshop Org. Committee votes) (aex aqueo)
– Maali Mersel
– Cátia Domingues

Best pitch (audience votes on Youtube)
– Heloisa Almeida