Submissions will be reviewed and, based on the combined marks of the reviewers, they will be assigned either for oral or poster presentation (you may put an indication of ‘Oral’ or ‘Poster’ in the Easychair submission platform, but that indication will have to be validated by you respective Symposia Committee)

All accepted abstract to ‘Presentation by poster’ will have its reference in the Congress Booklet and displayed in this webpage. They will also be published in the specific Symposia Book of Abstracts.

The Posters will be displayed on the 28th of June.

The Live Poster Session will take place on the 28th of June, at 3p.m.





Symposium on Biomedical Engineering

  • Ana Lopes, Anna Letournel and Joana Cabral. Research of biomarkers in Schizophrenia with functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging data. #14 POSTER
  • Catarina Soares, Andressa Avelar Belo, Rita Rynkevic, Jorge Lino Alves and António Augusto Fernandes. Degradation and sterilization effect on polycaprolactone filament produced by melt electrospinning technology. #45 POSTER
  • Joana Goncalves, Ana Moreira, Hugo Pereira, Joana Silva, Cláudia Nunes and Paula Ferreira. Hydrothermal production of hydroxyapatite for bone regeneration materials using calcium carbonate from coccolithophore microalgae. #46 POSTER
  • Diana R. Fonseca, Ana Moura, Catarina L. Seabra, Victoria Leiro, Berta Estevinho, Cátia Teixeira, Paula Gomes, Paula Parreira and M. Cristina L. Martins. When Helicobacter pylori met pexiganan A-grafted chitosan microspheres: a fateful story. #73 POSTER
  • Bruna Costa, M. Cristina L. Martins and Fabíola Costa. Norbornene-functionalized chitosan nanogels to prevent infections in orthopaedic implants. #75 POSTER
  • Gonçalo Ferreira, João Ferreira, Manuel Falcão and Marco Parente. Image Classification of OCT Scans using Transfer Learning. #76 POSTER
  • Andreia S. Oliveira, Rogério Colaço and Ana P. Serro. Polyvinyl alcohol hydrogels as scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering. #77 POSTER
  • Andreia S. Oliveira, Rogério Colaço, Ana P. Serro and Nicholas A. Kotov. Influence of the preparation solvent on the properties of PVA hydrogels. #79 POSTER
  • Francisco Sampaio and Joaquim Mendes. Low-Cost Simultaneous and Proportional Myoelectric Control of Powered Upper Limb Exoskeletons. #83 POSTER
  • João Maia Aguiar, Ilaria Cerrone, José Carlos Fonseca and José Machado da Silva. Assessment of Nerve Stimulation to Restore Dental Proprioceptivity. #84 POSTER
  • Débora Moreira, Victoria Leiro, Sofia Santos and Ana Paula Pêgo. Dendrimers as anotherapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease. #85 POSTER
  • Mariana Santos, José Silva and Maria Pereira. A Wearable Cortisol Monitoring Microsystem. #87 POSTER
  • Catarina Chaparro, Vera Neves, João Paulo Borges and Paula Soares. Novel hybrid nanoparticles for Alzheimer’s disease theranostic: efficient overcoming of nanomaterials across the blood-brainbarrier. #88 POSTER
  • Duarte Silva, Ana Pêgo and Victoria Leiro. Surface Engineering of Fully Biodegradable Dendrimers to act as promising siRNA vectors. #89 POSTER
  • João P. Cotovio and Tiago G. Fernandes. Production of Liver Organoids from hiPSCs in a Dynamic Suspension Culture. #90 POSTER
  • Eva D. Carvalho, Miguel R. G. Morais, Helena Ferreira, Marco Araújo, Hendrik Hubbe, Eduardo Mendes, Cristina C. Barrias and Ana P. Pêgo. A novel tissue-engineered based platform to study the mechanobiology of the (de)myelination. #91 POSTER
  • Ricardo Matos, Jorge Silva, Paula Soares and João Borges. Magnetic bioactive glass-based 3D systems for bone cancer therapy and regeneration. #94 POSTER
  • Catarina Ricardo. The regulatory effect of the neuronal activity on axonal transport dynamics. #95 POSTER
  • Afonso Pinheiro, José M. Silva and Mafalda Sousa. A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) method synchronized with movement towards anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation. #97 POSTER
  • Iulian Otel, Joao Silveira, Valentina Vassilenko, Antonio Mata and Sofia Pessanha. Development of Raman fiber-optic probe for in-vivo Dentistry applications. #101 POSTER
  • Carlos Rodrigues, Miguel Correia, João Abrantes, Marco Aurélio Benedetti Rodrigues and Jurandir Nadal. Stochastic analysis of center of pressure excursion as a stability metric on dynamic vertical impulsion. #154 POSTER
  • Miguel R. G. Morais, Eva D. Carvalho and Ana P. Pêgo. Glial Wars: the astrocyte awakens. Exploring astrocytic phenotype and morphology in response to mechanical and biochemical stimulus. #304 POSTER

Symposium on Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Mohsen Karimi, Alírio E. Rodrigues and José A.C. Silva: Fixed Bed Adsorption of Modified Activated Carbon for Gas Capture and Separation in Post-Combustion Conditions. #18 POSTER
  • Tiago Godinho, Maria Lemos and Francisco Lemos: Modeling the melting and degradation of polypropylene. #41 POSTER AUDIO
  • Andreia Marisa Ribeiro, Berta Estevinho and Fernando Rocha: Vitamin E encapsulation by spray-drying, using different biopolymers as encapsulating agents. #58 POSTER AUDIO
  • Antónia Gonçalves, Berta Estevinho and Fernando Rocha: Binary and ternary blends of biopolymers for encapsulation of retinoic acid using spray-drying technology. #59 POSTER
  • Manuel Peñas-Garzón, Almudena Gómez-Avilés, Jorge Bedia, Carolina Belver and Juan J. Rodriguez: Pharmaceuticals removal by solar photocatalysis using TiO2/Active carbon heterostructures. #61 POSTER
  • Ana S. Luís, Ana M. Silva, Cristina Delerue-Matos, Ricardo Ferraz, Jaroslava Švarc-Gajić and Francisca Rodrigues: Bioactivity, Antioxidant and Radical Scavenging Activity of Actinidia arguta leaves extracts obtained by Subcritical Water Extraction. #63 POSTER AUDIO
  • Joana Assunção, Inês Meirinho, Helena M. Amaro, F. Xavier Malcata and A. Catarina Guedes: Biomass production optimization of cyanobacterium Synechocystis salina via a Box-Behnken model design. #78 POSTER AUDIO
  • Ana Azevedo, Luciana Gomes, Rita Teixeira-Santos, Gabriel Monteiro and Filipe Mergulhão: Optimization of enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein (eGFP) production in Escherichia coli biofilms. #100 POSTER
  • Thais T. Grabowski, Juliana M.T.A. Pietrobelli and Ramiro J.E. Martin: Partial replacement of cement by sewage treatment plant sludge in eco-friendly cement mortar #113 POSTER AUDIO
  • Rami Arafah, António Ribeiro, Alírio Rodrigues and Luis Pais: Complete separation of the quaternary mixture of nadolol stereoisomers using preparative and simulated moving bed chromatography. #129  POSTER AUDIO/VIDEO
  • Guilherme Esteves, José A. Pereira, Nuno F. Azevedo, Andreia S. Azevedo and Luzia Mendes: Friends with benefits: an inside look of periodontal microbes’ interactions – scoping review. #160  POSTER  AUDIO/VIDEO
  • Carlos Alberto Vega-Aguilar, Filomena Barreiro and Alírio E. Rodrigues: Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of lignin and lignin model compounds to C4 dicarboxylic acids #202 POSTER
  • Liandra Gracher Teixeira, Madalena Dias, Lillian Barros and Filomena Barreiro: Protection of anthocyanin-rich colourants using water-in-oil-in-water (w/o/w) emulsions. #208  POSTER AUDIO/VIDEO
  • André Torres-Pinto, M.J. Sampaio, Cláudia G. Silva, Joaquim L. Faria and Adrián M.T. Silva: Photocatalytically evolved H2O2 for the oxidation of organic pollutants. #211 POSTER
  • Paulo A.N. Dias, Ricardo Jorge Rodrigues and Marco S. Reis: Prediction of mechanical and dimensional properties of paper for a wide range of operational conditions using an efficient and theoretical sound experimental method. #221  POSTER
  • Mateus Mestriner Pituco, Ricardo Santos, Madalena Dias, Francisca Moreira and Vítor Vilar: Assessment of the volumetric ozone-water mass transfer coefficients in the NETmix®. #222  POSTER
  • Heloísa Almeida, Joana Amaral, Isabel Fernandes, Tiane Finimundy, Alírio Rodrigues, Maria Filomena Barreiro and Lillian Barros: Obtainment and chemical characterization of hydrosols. #223  POSTER
  • Daniela F.S. Morais, C.J. Tavares, Vítor J.P. Vilar and Francisca C. Moreira: Mass transfer measurements by the limiting current technique in a pioneering electrochemical flow microreactor. #227  POSTER
  • José Barbosa, Ana Rita Sousa, Renata Matos, João Ferreira, Gilda Santos, Augusta Silva, José Morgado, Patrícia Soares, Sergiy Bunyayev, Gleb Kakazei, André Pereira, Clara Pereira, Salomé Soares and Manuel Pereira: Advanced materials applied on textiles for electromagnetic shielding. #238 POSTER  AUDIO/VIDEO
  • Mateus Caixeta, Ricardo Santos and Vítor Vilar: CFD modeling and simulation of a tube- in-tube membrane reactor for ozonation towards CECs removal from municipal wastewaters. #239 POSTER
  • Cátia S. N. Braga, Andreia F. Salvador, Gilberto Martins, Luciana Pereira, O. Salomé G. P. Soares, M. Fernando R. Pereira, Inês A. C. Pereira and M. Madalena Alves: Activated carbon and magnetite affect the methanogenic activity of acetoclastic and hydrogenotrophic methanogens. #242  POSTER   AUDIO/VIDEO
  • Lucio Gomes, Pedro Presumido, Ana Gomes and Vítor Vilar: Optimization of the performance of innovative membrane photo-reactor in the removal of contaminants of emerging concern present in urban wastewater after secondary treatment. #245  POSTER
  • Patrícia Ramalho, Salomé Soares and Fernando Pereira: Carbon-based catalysts for NOx removal. #247  POSTER  AUDIO/VIDEO
  • Samara Silva, Thayná Almeida, Lillian Barros, Madalena Dias, Ângela Fernandes, Eliane Colla and Filomena Barreiro: Microalgae protein extraction using ultrasound and conventional mechanical stirring Technologies. #250  POSTER
  • Maria João Romeu, Dany Domínguez-Pérez, Daniela Almeida, João Morais, Alexandre Campos, Vítor Vasconcelos and Filipe Mergulhão: Qualitative proteomic study on cyanobacteria: from planktonic to biofilm lifestyle. #252  POSTER
  • Leonor S. Castro, Guilherme S. Lobo, Patrícia Pereira, Márcia C. Neves, Mara G. Freire and Augusto Q. Pedro: Purification of Interferon α-2b using ionic liquid-based technologies. #253  POSTER
  • Joana Príncipe, Vera Duarte, Adélio Mendes and Luísa Andrade: Stability assessment of perovskite solar mini-modules with an active area of 26.4 cm2. #260  POSTER AUDIO/VIDEO
  • Sandra Carvalho, Nídia S. Caetano, Terese M. Mata and António A. Martins: Cynara cardunculus L. var. altilis (DC) as a sustainable source for a biorefinery. #264  POSTER
  • Gabriel F. Pantuzza, Carmen Rodrigues, Francisco Sánchez-Soberón, Luís Miguel Madeira and Nuno Ratola: Removal of siloxanes from WWTP sludge to improve the efficiency of biogas production. #266 POSTER
  • Marisa Gomes, Luciana Gomes, Rita Teixeira-Santos, Manuel Pereira, Olívia Soares and Filipe Mergulhão: The Effect of CNT Loading and Textural Properties on the Antibiofilm Activity of CNT-based Surfaces #270 POSTER
  • Martina Kocijan, Lidija Ćurković, Tina Radošević, Patrick Seleš, Damjan Vengust and Matejka Podlogar: Effects of annealing temperature on structural, morphological, and photocatalytic properties of TiO2/rGO nanocomposites #271 POSTER AUDIO/VIDEO
  • Lucas Fenato Sanches, Adriano dos Santos Silva, Fernanda Fontana Roman, Jose Luis Díaz de Tuesta, Fernando Alves Silva, Adrián Manuel Tavares da Silva and Helder Gomes: Magnetic carbon nanotubes obtained from plastic as catalysts for wet peroxide oxidation of paracetamol. #275 POSTER
  • Ana F.C.S Rufino, Mafalda R. Almeida, Mukesh Sharma, João A. P Coutinho and Mara G. Freire: Ionic liquid-based aqueous biphasic systems for the prepurification of bovine serum albumin. #276 POSTER  AUDIO/VIDEO
  • Marguerita E. Rosa, Francisca A. E Silva, João A. P. Coutinho and Mara G. Freire: Three- phase partitioning as an alternative pretreatment approach of human serum. #280 POSTER
  • Ana Filipa S. Pereira, Flávia F. Magalhães, Ana Paula M. Tavares and Mara G. Freire: New liquid supports for the immobilization of laccase and production of polydopamine. #282 POSTER AUDIO/VIDEO
  • Marinela Couselo Seijas, Alberto Molares Vila, Susana Bravo López, Ángel Fernández, Cristina Almengló Buzón, Xiaoran Fu, María Gómez Lázaro, Moisés Rodríguez Mañero and Sonia Eiras Penas: Qualitative and quantitative proteomic approach of epicardial cell secretome from atrial fibrillation patients after cholinergic stimulation. #311 POSTER
  • João Mendes, Luís Coelho, Pedro Jorge and Carlos Pereira: Synthesis of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers by Solid-Phase Method using Modified Stöber Silica Nanoparticles as Template Molecule Carrier. #333  POSTER  AUDIO/VIDEO

Symposium on Civil Engineering and Spatial Planning

  • Nara M.O. Cangussu, Pollyana L. Ramos, Tulio A.D. Tolentino, Stéphanie O.N. Rocha and Lino Maia. Concrete with coarse aggregates partially replaced by recycled construction and demolition waste. #4 POSTER
  • Sayedreza Jafarzadeh and Cyrus Eshaghi. Investigating the Retaining Wall Stiffness Relative to the Stiffness of Surrounding Soil in Order to Find the Exact Position of Base Level of Buildings. #16 POSTER
  • Ana Thereza Carvalho, Daniel B. C. Machado, Lino Maia and José Santos. Advantages of use of BIM methodology in civil construction. #23 POSTER
  • Ana Thereza Carvalho, Lino Maia and José Santos. BIM as a tool for Facility Management. #24 POSTER
  • Ana Cláudia Proença, Cecília Silva and José Palma-Oliveira. Designing Cities for Sustainable Mobility Mindsets. #28 POSTER
  • Filipe Figueiredo, Eriton Botero and Lino Maia. Treatment of cassava starch bagasse for use as pozzolan in cementitious materials. #32 POSTER
  • Daniel B. C. Machado, Ana Thereza Carvalho, Lino Maia and José Santos. Uses and benefits of BIM in construction management. #34 POSTER
  • Daniel B. C. Machado, Stéphanie Rocha, Alvaro Junior, José Santos and Lino Maia. Characterization Of Concrete Blocks Commercialized In The City Of Montes Claros – MG. #35 POSTER
  • Anas Shrefahe. City Archive: A tool for raising a city from the ashes. The case of Aleppo, Syria. #136 POSTER
  • João Teixeira, Rui Neto, Cecília Schaefer, Jorge Lino, Bárbara Rangel, Lino Maia and Sandra Nunes. Development of an extruder for laboratory testing of 3D printing mortars. #157 POSTER
  • Gonçalo Ferreira, Pedro Aires Montenegro, António Henriques and Rui Calçada. A probabilistic view on high speed low cost railway bridges. #186 POSTER
  • Stéphanie Oliveira Nina Rocha, Jessé Lima, Pedro Quintino, Daniel Bc Machado and Lino Maia. Evaluation of concrete pavers using plastic as fine aggregate. #190 POSTER
  • Stéphanie Oliveira Nina Rocha, Ises da Silva, Izael Junior and Lino Maia. Partial replacement of Portland cement for by-product waste silica in cored concrete blocks. #193 POSTER
  • Juliana Carvalho Rodrigues da Silva, Fábio Matoseiro Dinis and João Poças Martins. Optimization of BIM-based Virtual Reality environments: a workflow proposal. #355 POSTER
  • Marina Krauze Thomaz, Denis Alcides Rezende and Lino Maia. Project: “E-Waste projects, strategies and public services and relation with strategic digital city”. #359 POSTER

Symposium on Engineering Physics

  • Liliana Soares, António Ferreira, Orlando Frazão and Susana Silva. Quantitative analysis of paracetamol liquid solutions by Raman spectroscopy. #8 POSTER
  • Paulo Robalinho and Orlando Frazão. Compact Optical Fiber Sensor with Vernier Effect for Giant Displacement Sensitivity. #10 POSTER
  • Federico Danzi, Nuno Guerreiro, Pedro Ponces Camanho and Maria Helena Braga. All-solid state structural batteries: Manufacturing and electrochemical tests. #191 POSTER
  • Marcelino Ngando, António Amorim, André Boné, Hêner Rodrigues, Mercedes Filho and Paulo Garcia. Assembly, Integration, and Testing of the CAS Prototype. #320 POSTER
  • Fernando Maia, Paulo Robalinho and Orlando Frazão. High Power Fiber Laser: a beam expansion and turbulence analysis. #328 POSTER
  • Rita Veloso, Nuno Ramos and João Ventura. Characterization and optical performance of conventional black colorants doped with TiO2 nanoparticles for energy-efficient building coatings. #337 POSTER
  • Vicente V. Rocha and Nuno A. Silva. Probing weak and strong turbulent dynamics with fluids of light. #338 POSTER
  • Carlos Callaty Garcia, João Ventura, Isabel Gonçalves and Cátia Rodrigues. Influence of materials properties in the performance of new triboelectric energy harvesters. #375 POSTER
  • Eduardo Calvo and António Silva. Numerical simulations for the study of electric insulation systems. #378 POSTER
  • Tiago Azevedo. SERS Based Immunosensors for SARS-CoV-2 Detection. #380 POSTER
  • Nuno Mendes, João Mendes, Pedro Jorge and Luís Coelho. Colorimetric based Carbon Dioxide Sensor for Capnography Monitoring. #383 POSTER
  • Guilherme Pereira, Ricardo Cabrita and Vladimir Solovov. The nervous system of the LUX-ZEPLIN detector. #386 POSTER
  • Mariana Gomes, Rui Vilarinho and Joaquim Agostinho Moreira. Phase sequence and properties of piezoelectric K0.5Na0.5NbO3 ceramics sintered by different routes. #390 POSTER
  • Ana Carolina P. Silva, Cátia R. S. Rodrigues, João O. Ventura and André M. Pereira. Understanding the role of metamaterials on triboelectric nanogenerators. #392 POSTER
  • Duarte J. Silva and Ariel Guerreiro. Quantum state discrimination through quantum reservoir computing. #393 POSTER
  • Chaves Guerreiro, Federico Danzi and M. Helena Braga. Scanning Kelvin Probe to advance solid-state devices. #396 POSTER

Symposium on Environmental Engineering

Session I: Water Pollution and Treatment technologies (15h-15h30 GMT+1)

  • P01. Cláudia Machado, Sílvia Santos and Cidália Botelho. Decolorization of a textile dyehouse effluent using a plant-derived coagulant. #402 POSTER
  • P02. Pablo Gutiérrez Sánchez, Laura Laila Sánchez Morales, Marcos Larriba Martínez, Silvia Álvarez Torrellas and Juan García Rodríguez. Removal of sulfamethoxazole from water by liquid-liquid extraction with hydrophobic eutectic solvents. #120  POSTER
  • P03. Estrella Serra-Pérez, Silvia Álvarez-Torrellas, Gabriel Ovejero Escudero and Juan García Rodgríguez. Naproxen degradation by catalytic wet air oxidation: kinetics and mechanism. #149 POSTER
  • P04. Pablo Gutiérrez Sánchez, Marcos Larriba Martínez, Juan García Rodríguez and Silvia Álvarez Torrellas. Simultaneous extraction of trimethoprim and ciprofloxacin antibiotics from aqueous solutions by using terpenes. #121 POSTER
  • P05. Antón Puga, Emilio Rosales, Marta M. Pazos and M. Angeles Sanroman. How could the electricity improve the adsorption of Fluoxetine using a three-dimensional cell configuration? #175 POSTER
  • P06. Pedro Henrique Presumido, Lucrécio dos Santos, Manuel Feliciano, Ana Primo, Hermenegildo Garcia and Vítor Vilar. A novel continuous graphene-TiO2 nanocomposite thin film to improve CECs removal in photocatalytic membrane reactors. #111 POSTER
  • P07. Diego Rodríguez-Llorente, Alberto Santos-Sanz, Silvia Álvarez-Torrellas, Juan García and Marcos Larriba. Extraction cycles, solvent reuse, and recovery of Bisphenol A from aqueous solutions using terpenoids and hydrophobic eutectic solvents. #116 POSTER
  • P08. Rodrigo de Mello, Artur de Jesus Motheo, Cristina Saez and Manuel Andres Rodrigo Rodrigo. Benzene removal via an adsorption/electrochemical oxidation combined process. #313 POSTER
  • P09. Eva Sanz Santos, Macarena Muñoz García, Julia Nieto Sandoval, Silvia Alvarez, Blanca Calderón, Zahara Martínez de Pedro, Marcos Larriba Martínez, Andrés Fullana, Juan García and José Antonio Casas de Pedro. Application of carbon-encapsulated iron nanoparticles for the removal of emerging pollutants: rapid adsorption and effective CWPO regeneration. #142 POSTER
  • P10. Ana Teixeira, Nuno Jorge, Leonilde Marchão, Vanessa Guimarães, Marco Lucas and José Peres. Application of the heterogeneous zeolite-based catalysts in removal of dye reactive violet 5 by adsorption and Fenton-like process. #195 POSTER
  • P11. Mayra Lissette Gorozabel-Mendoza, Luis Angel Zambrano-Intriago, Ricardo José Baquerizo-Crespo, Luis Santiago Quiroz-Fernández, José Miguel Giler-Molina and Joan Manuel Rodríguez-Díaz. Photo-Fenton/Sunlight degradation of a Blue 1 and Yellow 6 dye mixture: Optimization by experimental designs. #196 POSTER
  • P12. Dong Han, Montserrat López-Mesas and Manuel Valiente. Study of Adsorption of Trace Tetrachloroplatinate (II) towards Three Adsorbents: Cysteine-functionalized silica gel, 3-(Diethylenetriamino)propyl-functionalized silica gel, and MetalZorb®Sponge. #38 POSTER
  • P13. Ana Vieira, Rita Ribeiro, Rui Ribeiro and Adrián Silva. Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured carbon spheres. #310 POSTER
  • P14. Daniel Salvaterra, Isabel Sousa-Pinto, Isidro Blanquet and Isabel Costa Azevedo. Nutrient bioremediation potential of Ulva sp. and Gracilaria sp. cultivated in a RAS effluent. #127 POSTER
  • P15. Cristiano Gomes, Ariana Pérez-Pereira, João Carrola, Bruno Castro, Maria Elizabeth Tiritan and Cláudia Ribeiro. Enantioselective ecotoxicity of psychoactive substances in Daphnia magna. #128 POSTER
  • P16. Sofia Helena Ferreira, Nuno Ratola, Francisco Soberón and Vera Homem. Sand as an indicator of the impact of siloxanes on coastal areas. #201 POSTER

Session II: Waste Management and Valorisation (15h30-15h45 GMT+1)

  • P17. Miguel Ángel González-Curbelo, Montserrat López-Mesas and Carmen Gutiérrez-Bouzán. Microplastic pollution in sandy beaches of La Guajira (Colombia). #135 POSTER
  • P18. Isabella Tomasi, Aynur Sözkesen, Sílvia Santos and Cidália Botelho. Eco-friendly coagulants/flocculants for water and wastewater treatment: current state of the art and production prospects from Portuguese abundant waste materials. #118 POSTER
  • P19. Javier Canas-Jimenez, Carlos Ruiz-de Leon, Silvia Alvarez-Torrellas, Juan García, Vicente I. Agueda and Blanca Hermana. Phosphorous recovery as struvite after a sewage sludge wet oxidation process. #147 POSTER
  • P20. Eva Sanz Santos, David Calleja Cascajero, Lucía Ceballos Torcida, Marcos Larriba Martínez, Silvia Álvarez Torrellas and Juan García Rodríguez. Efficient removal of neonicotinoid pesticides by adsorption onto sludge-based carbon materials. #140 POSTER
  • P21. Filipe Rocha and Vera Homem. Occurrence and potential ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in Portuguese municipal sewage sludge. #153 POSTER
  • P22. Sara G.S. Santos, Daniela F.S. Morais, Andreia I.R. Costa, Ramiro J.E. Martins, Rui A.R. Boaventura, Tânia F.C.V. Silva and Vítor J.P. Vilar. Optimization of coagulation-flocculation for urban landfill leachate post-treatment: from lab-scale to a full-scale plant. #137 POSTER
  • P23. Silvia Escudero-Curiel, Ángeles Sanromán and Marta Pazos. AOPs as a powerful regeneration technique for absorbents based on agricultural wastes. #168 POSTER
  • P24. Valeria Acevedo-García, Emilio Rosales, Marta Pazos and María Ángeles Sanromán. From waste to biomaterial applied to the treatment of emerging pollutants: Hydrothermal carbonisation treatment as a study process. #178 POSTER
  • P25. Diego Rodríguez-Llorente, Vicente Ismael Águeda, Silvia Álvarez-Torrellas, Juan García and Marcos Larriba. Extraction of Volatile Fatty Acids from Aqueous Streams using Geraniol as Sustainable Solvent. #115 POSTER
  • P26. Sara Pardilhó, Rui Boaventura, Manuel Almeida and Joana Dias. Valorization of Marine Macroalgae Waste for Biogas Production: Preliminary Studies. #60 POSTER
  • P27. Cátia A. L. Graça, Filipe Rocha, Filipa Gomes, M. Rosário Rocha, Ariel Farias, Vera Homem, Nuno Ratola and Arminda Alves. Metals present in crumb rubber used as infill of synthetic turf pitches: Iberian Peninsula as case study. #173 POSTER
  • P28. Rubí Medina-Mijangos and Luis Seguí-Amórtegui. Sustainability in the evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste management projects. #124 POSTER

Session III: Sustainability, Gaseous Pollutants and Energy (15h45-16h, GMT+1)

  • P29. Gustavo Henrique Bruno Polli and Ana Margarida Vaz Duarte Oliveira E Sá. Qualitative analysis of sustainability certification systems based on ISO 21929-1. #12 POSTER
  • P30. Joana Pesqueira, Manuel Fernando Pereira and Adrián Silva. Life cycle assessment of advanced urban wastewater treatments for micropollutants removal: A case study of solar-based photocatalysis (TiO2, photo-Fenton). #262 POSTER
  • P31. A. F. Esteves, A. L. Gonçalves, V. J. P. Vilar and J. C. M. Pires. Modulation of light supply in Chlorella vulgaris cultures to enhance biomass productivities and biochemical composition. #7 POSTER
  • P32. Pedro Quelhas, Luisa Gouveia, Joana L. Silva and Manuel V. Simões. Optimization of microalgal biomass spray drying process. #122 POSTER
  • P33. Maali-Amel Mersel, Lajos Fodor and Ottó Horváth. Enhanced photocatalytic H2 production from H2S. #126 POSTER
  • P34. Juliana Sá, Pedro Branco, Fernando Martins, Maria da Conceição Ferraz and Sofia Sousa. Impact of COVID-19 prevention measures on CO2 in a primary school – preliminary results. #167 POSTER
  • P35. Larissa O. Paulista, Josep Albero, Ramiro J. E. Martins, Rui A. R. Boaventura, Vítor J. P. Vilar, Tânia F. C. V. Silva and Hermenegildo Garcia. Transforming Carbon Dioxide and Ethane into Ethanol by Solar Driven Thermo-Photocatalysis over SrTiO3:RuO2:NiO. #112 POSTER
  • P36. Andrés Cañada Barcala, Francisco Javier Carreras Navarro, Gonzalo Pascual Muñoz, Rubén Calero Berrocal, José Antonio Delgado Dobladez and Vicente Ismael Águeda Mate. Synthesis and characterization of NiETS-4 adsorbent/catalyst for methane production by hydrogenation of captured CO2. #117 POSTER
  • P37. Andrea Nataly Arias Sanchez, Manuel Andrés Rodrigo Rodrigo and Lobato Bajo Justo. Benzene Removal from Gaseous Streams through Electro-scrubbing. #171 POSTER
  • P38. Andrés Cañada-Barcala, Diego Rodríguez-Llorente, Laura López, Vicente Ismael Agueda Mate, Juan Carlos Parajó, Sandra Rivas and Marcos Larriba Martínez. Terpenoids and Hydrophobic Eutectic Solvents to Sustainably Produce Furfural in Biphasic Reactors. #146 POSTER

Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering

  • José Costa, Elsa Sequeiros and Manuel Vieira; Die production by LPBF systems for industry, a benchmarking study: dimensional, surface, microstructural, and mechanical characterization. #107 POSTER
  • Adriana M. L. Gonçalves, Filipe V. Almeida, João Paulo Borges and Paula I. P. Soares; Production and characterization of dual-stimuli nanofibrous membranes. #204 POSTER
  • Jorge Sousa, Todor Vuchkov, Talha Yaqub and Albano Carvalho; Mo-Se-C Coatings – Microstructural, Mechanical and Tribological Characterization, and Potential for Friction Reduction against Rubber. #210 POSTER
  • Inês Pereira, Vítor Anjos, Gorka Alonso, Luís Malheiros and Rámon Suarez; High Silicon Nodular Cast Irons. #228 POSTER
  • Marina Alves and Sascha Sadewasser; Development of a sputtering deposition process for In2O3:H transparent back contact for Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells. #229 POSTER
  • Miguel Madeira, Sascha Sadewasser and Pedro Anacleto; Sputtering-based process for the deposition of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 micro solar cells. #261 POSTER
  • José Fonseca, Pedro Anacleto and Sascha Sadewasser; Semi-transparent Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells for window applications. #263 POSTER
  • João Cardoso, Alexandre Velhinho, João Borges, Carla Machado, Daniela Silva, Frederico Pascoa, Gonçalo Catatão, Guilherme Cândida and Patrícia Almeida; Designing Anepectic metamaterials. #267 POSTER
  • Liliane C. G. Savaris, Bruno M. C. Oliveira and R. F. Santos; Novel Diffusion Barrier Layers for Advanced Copper Interconnect Metallization. #318 POSTER
  • Pedro Pereira, Joaquim Sacramento, Ana M. R. Senos and Luís F. Malheiros; Wear and corrosion resistances of a developed WC-NiCrMo hardmetal. #335 POSTER
  • David Esteves, Elsa Sequeiros and Maria Paiva; Influence of electromagnetic forces on the electrical resistivity of MWCNT/Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) composites. #346 POSTER
  • Aida B. Moreira, Laura M.M. Ribeiro and Manuel F. Vieira; Characterization of Low-Carbon Cast Steel Reinforced with WC Particles. #350 POSTER
  • Magda Silva, Carina Gomes, Isabel Pinho, Hugo Gonçalves, Ana Vale, Natália Alves and Maria Paiva; Poly(lactic acid)/Graphene-based Nanocomposite Filaments for Ligament Scaffolds. #382 POSTER
  • João P. Oliveira, Bruna Silva and Bernardo Almeida; Dielectric Properties of CoFe2O4\LiNbO3 Bilayers. #399 POSTER

Symposium on Mechanical Engineering

  • Rogério Lopes. A numerical dynamic analysis of multibody buses #2 POSTER
  • António Francisco de Galhano Tenreiro. A Review of Structural Health Monitoring of Bonded Structures using Electromechanical Impedance Spectroscopy #9 POSTER
  • João D. M. Marafona. The Shooting Method: Discontinuous Stiffness Systems  #19 POSTER
  • Fernando Castro Sousa. Overloading effect on the tensile fatigue behaviour of a ductile adhesive #22 POSTER
  • Catarina S.P. Borges. Effect of water ingress on the mechanical and chemical properties of polybutylene terephthalate reinforced with glass fibers #29 POSTER
  • Bruno Areias. Influence of the insertion speed during a straight electrode array implantation, a numerical study  #123 POSTER
  • Filipe J F Luz. Packaging station for textile industry: structural analysis of the forklift using FEM  #199 POSTER
  • Rita Moura. Biomechanical influence of the second stage of labor duration on childbirth-related trauma #207 POSTER
  • Rui Couto. Mechanical and thermal analysis of a piston using different materials #225 POSTER
  • Beatriz Henriques. Analysis of a Stiffened Laminated Composite Panel for Damage Detection #289 POSTER

Symposium on Mining Engineering and Geo-Resources

  • Ana Pinto, M. Cristina Vila, Mafalda Oliveira and Joana Dias: Study of the potential of steel slags in acid mine drainage treatment. #344 POSTER
  • Gil Abreu Leite and Maria de Lurdes Dinis: Acid mine drainage treatment using industrial by-products as neutralization chemicals. #323 POSTER
  • Joana Monteiro, Aurora Futuro and Rui Sousa: Study of stripping process on recovery of gold by activated carbon using alternative reagents – Sodium Thiosulphate and Bromide. #334 POSTER
  • Roberto Miele, Bernardo V. Barreto, Paula Yamada, Luiz E. Varella, Anderson L. Pimentel, João F. Costa and Leonardo Azevedo: Geostatistical Seismic AVA inversion with self-updating rock physics. #309 POSTER
  • Vitor Colombo and José Soeiro de Carvalho: Why should every mining engineer learn physical computing and digital electronics? #332 POSTER

Symposium on Occupational  Safety and Health 

  • Jane Paula Souza, Tatiana Teixeira, J. C. Guedes, J. Castelo Branco and J. Santos Baptista. Dor lombar na operação em equipamentos pesados de carga e transporte, nas indústrias de mineração a céu-aberto e de construção – breve revisão. #295 POSTER
  •  Jane Paula Souza, Soraya Wingester Vasconcelos, J. Castelo Branco and J. Santos Baptista. Acidentes ocupacionais em operações com equipamentos pesados de carga e transporte, nas indústrias de extração a céu aberto e de construção – breve revisão.#296 POSTER
  • Nilberto Rocha Neto, André Lucena and Fabricia Oliveira. Aspectos ergonômicos da adaptação de estudantes de engenharia ao regime remoto de ensino na pandemia de Covid-19. #299 POSTER
  • Joana Santos, Artemisa Dores, Cristiana Ramos, Cristiana Silva, Rodrigo Silva and Sara Moreira. Mainstreaming Occupational Safety and Health in Primary School:ChildOSH Project. #300 POSTER
  • Carolina Lemos, Fabricia Oliveira and André Lucena. Análise das condições ergonômicas na atividade de execução de alvenaria utilizando o método RULA. #301 POSTER