The symposium on “Engineering Physics” will be held in the scope of the 4th Doctoral Congress  Engineering (DCE21) which will be hosted at FEUP, Porto, Portugal on the 28th and 29th of June 2021 (online).

The Doctoral Symposium on Engineering Physics stems from the Doctoral Programme in Engineering Physics, a joint programme of FCUP and FEUP.

The Symposium is open to communications (oral and poster) by Master and PhD students on any topic of Physics Engineering/Applied and Technical Physics. Communications addressing published patents are welcome.


Topics for submission will focus on:

  • Advanced materials,
  • Photonics and Optoelectronics,
  • Energy storage and harvest physics,
  • Applied biophysics,
  • Advanced Instrumentation:
    • Structural, mechanical, optical and thermodynamic properties of advanced materials;
    • Micro and nanoelectromechanical systems;
    • Semiconductors, dielectrics, ferroelectrics, multiferroics;
    • Superconductivity and superconducting electronics;
    • Thermometry, thermal diffusivity and acoustics sensors;
    • Magnetics and spintronics;
    • Energy storage and harvest devices;
    • Thermal management systems;
    • Laser technology;
    • Optics, microscopy, imaging and spectroscopy;
    • Organic electronics and photonics;
    • Particle detection, detectors, sources, optics and acceleration;
    • Photon detection, detectors and sources;
    • Electronics, electromagnetic technology;
    • Microelectronics and microfluidics;
    • Nuclear engineering;
    • Nuclear magnetic resonance;
    • Nuclear physics, fusion and plasmas;
    • Medical physics and bio-inspired systems
    • Advanced metrology and scientific instruments;
    • Computational physics and quantum computing;
    • Geophysics and environmental physics;
    • Physics teaching technologies;
    • Interdisciplinary physics and any other physics engineering area.



Please check the ‘INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS’ menu

submission extension: 19/05/2021

Abstracts up to 1 A4 page will be automatically considered for poster.

Short papers (maximum length of 3 A4 pages) will be reviewed and, based on the marks of the reviewers, will be assigned either for oral or poster presentation.


Registration (Payment)

Registration is mandatory for all participants.

At least one author of each accepted and revised abstract must be registered in the event, with a paid fee, for the abstracts’ reference to appear in the Booklet and in the Book of Abstracts.

Please check the ‘Registrations‘ webpage and follow the guidelines.



Presentation (oral communication and/or poster)

At least one of the authors is required to attend the Symposium to present the abstract.



28th June, 14h30 | The challenge of controlling anthropogenic climate change in the 21st century

Filipe Duarte Santos | Physics Department, Faculty of Science of the University of Lisbon

Professor Santos holds a M.Sc. in Geophysics by the University of Lisbon and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics by the University of London. He is since 1979 full professor of Physics, Geophysics and Environment at the University of Lisbon and the Director of the PhD program on Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies.
He is the President of the Conselho Nacional do Ambiente e do Desenvolvimento Sustentável (National Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development) (CNADS) since the 9th of March 2017, by nomination of the Conselho de Ministros (Council of Ministers).
Author of more than one hundred and fifty peer review papers in the areas of Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Astrophysics, Global Change and Sustainable Development, Professor Santos has recently published a considerable number of reports and articles covering climate change and its impacts.
Professor Santos was first Vice-President to the UN COPUOS and delegate to the Conference of Parties of the UNFCC. He is a member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences. He was also the Coordinator for the “Area de Desarollo Sostenible, Cambio Global y Ecosistemas del Programa CYTED (Ciencia y Tecnologia para el Desarollo)” from 2007 to 2011 and was Review Editor for the 5th Assessment Report of the UN IPCC. Member of ESAC – European Academies Science Advisory Council, in representation of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences.

29th June, 11h00 | Materials by design, response by design: active and multifunctional materials

S. Lanceros-Mendez graduated in physics at the University of the Basque Country, Leioa, Spain. He obtained his Ph.D. degree at the Institute of Physics of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Germany. He was Research Scholar at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, USA and has been visiting scientist at the Pennsylvania State University, USA and University of Potsdam, Germany, among others. From 1998 he has been at the Physics Department of the University of Minho, Portugal, where he is Associate Professor. From 2012 to 2014 he was also Associate Researcher at the INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. In January 2016 he joined the BCMaterials, Basque Center for Materials, Applications and Nanostructures, where he is Ikerbasque Research Professor and Scientific Director. His work is focused in the area of advanced and functional materials for sensors and actuators, energy and biomedical applications, with over 490 ISI papers and 10 patents in the field.

At the University of Minho he started a group on Electroactive Smart Materials that nowadays is among the leaders in its field. He has integrated the Scientific Council of the School of Science of the University of Minho, the directive committee of BCMaterials, he has been the coordinator of the research line on “Functional and smart materials and surfaces for advanced applications” at the Center of Physics of the University of Minho as well as the director of the Center of Physics of the University of Minho.



All accepted and revised abstracts, with at least one author registered in the Congress with a paid fee, will be mentioned in the event’s program/Booklet that will be given to congress participants on the 1st day.

All accepted and revised abstracts, with at least one author registered in the Congress with a paid fee, will be published in the Special Issue on the U.Porto Journal of Engineering as well as in the Symposium Book of Abstracts.




Authors of accepted and revised abstracts, presented at the Congress, will be eligible for:

  • Best poster presentation
  • Best oral communication

Please check the ‘Awards’ webpage.



  • Joana Cacilda Rodrigues Espain Oliveira (FEUP)
  • André Miguel Trindade Pereira (FCUP)

 Organizing Committee:

  • Joana Silva

Scientific Committee:

  • Adriano da Silva Carvalho (FEUP)
  • Ana Pires (FCUP)
  • André Pereira (FCUP)
  • António José dos Santos Silva (FEUP)
  • Bernardo Almeida (UM)
  • Carla Carmelo Rosa (FCUP)
  • Diana Cristina Pinto Leitão (INESC MN)
  • Inês Carvalho (FEUP)
  • Isabel Catarino (FCT UNL)
  • Isabel Lopes (LIP)
  • Maria Helena Sousa Soares de Oliveira Braga (FEUP)
  • Mário Pimenta (LIP)
  • João Amaral (CICECO / UA)
  • João Filipe Horta Belo da Silva (FCUP)
  • João Pedro Araújo (FCUP)
  • João Ventura (FCUP)
  • Joaquim Agostinho Gomes Moreira (FCUP)
  • José Luís Campos de Oliveira Santos (FCUP)
  • José Manuel N. V. Rebordão (FCUL)
  • Paulo Jorge Valente Garcia (FEUP)
  • Paulo Vicente da Silva Marques (FCUP)
  • Pedro Jorge (FCUP)
  • Senentxu Lanceros-Mendez (UM)
  • Susana Cardoso Freitas (INESC MN)