The symposium on “Environmental Engineering” will be held in the scope of the 4th Doctoral Congress  Engineering (DCE21) which will be hosted at FEUP, Porto, Portugal on the 28th and 29th of June 2021 (online).

This Symposium is organized by PhD students of the Doctoral Program in Environmental Engineering (PDEA) at FEUP, with the support of the research center LEPABE and LSRE-LCM

The Symposium Committee is pleased to invite everyone who wants to extend and share their knowledge and their practice in the Environmental area to submit their work, including PhD, MSc students, researchers and others.

You are also invited to attend, even if you are not submitting (as attendee).


Topics for submission will focus on:

  • Clean Water: Emerging Pollutants, Monitoring and Treatment;
  • Air Quality: Emissions, Assessment and Health Safety;
  • Waste Management and Circular Economy;
  • Energy, Sustainability and Innovation: Products, Technologies and Climate Change Mitigation.



||  Deadline extension: 23rd April ||

Format: for oral or poster

Please check the ‘Instructions for authors’ page.


Registration (payment)

Registration is mandatory for all participants.

At least one author of each accepted and revised abstract must be registered in the event, with a paid fee, for the abstracts’ reference to appear in the Booklet, in the Book of Abstracts and in the Proceedings.

The doctoral program in Environmental Engineering will support the registration costs of any student from the Doctoral Program (PDEA, FEUP).

A limited number of free registrations will be offered to other students and researchers, depending on the number of attendees. For any questions, please contact



Keynote speaker: 

Dr. Despo Fatta-Kassinos has coordinated several EU and national projects related to water and wastewater management and serves on numerous scientific evaluation panels throughout the world. Her expertise includes water and wastewater treatment and reuse, development of analytical methods for emerging contaminants detection and its toxicity assessment, as well as degradation and removal of recalcitrant compounds and antibiotic resistance in the environment. She has published over 160 scientific papers (h-index 61, citations 19458, Google Scholar – March 2021) and is a highly cited researcher for 3 consecutive years so far (2018-2020). She has edited various books on wastewater, while she serves on the Advisory Boards of various European and International projects and Water Research Centers (e.g., ICRA and CRETUS in Spain, ACEWATER in Africa).





Format: for oral or poster

At least one of the authors is required to attend the symposium to present the abstract in an oral/poster communication.

+ info in the ‘Presentations‘ menu.



All accepted and revised abstracts, with at least one author registered in the Congress with a paid fee, will be mentioned in the event’s program/Booklet and published in the Symposium Book of Abstracts (with ISBN and DOI).

Authors of accepted and revised abstracts will be encouraged to submit their manuscripts (full paper with revisions completed) to the Symposium Proceedings in a special issue of the U. Porto Journal of Engineering (



Authors of accepted and revised abstracts, presented at the Congress, will be eligible for best oral and poster presentations.

Please check the ‘Awards’ page.


Symposium Committees

Symposium Chair

  • Arminda Alves, FEUP

Symposium Organizing Committee

  • Arminda Alves, Director of the PDEA-FEUP
  • Adrian Silva, Vice-Director of PDEA-FEUP
  • Ana Gonçalves, PhD student
  • Filipe Moisés, PhD student
  • Joana Pesqueira, PhD student
  • Juliana Sá, PhD student
  • Miguel Costa, PhD student
  • Sara Pardilhó, PhD student

Symposium Scientific Committee

  • Adrián Silva | LSRE-LCM, FEUP
  • Arminda Alves | LEPABE, FEUP
  • Cristina Vila | CERENA, FEUP
  • Francisco Taveira Pinto | IHRH, FEUP
  • Javier Castro Jiménez | IFREMER (France)
  • Joana Maia Dias | LEPABE, FEUP
  • Luigi Rizzo | UNISA (Italy) 
  • Maria de Lurdes Dinis | CERENA, FEUP
  • Nuno Ratola| LEPABE, FEUP
  • Rita Lado | LSRE-LCM, FEUP
  • Sofia Sousa| LEPABE, FEUP
  • Vítor Vilar | LSRE-LCM, FEUP