Submissions will be reviewed and, based on the combined marks of the reviewers, they will be assigned either for oral or poster presentation (you may put an indication of ‘Oral’ or ‘Poster’ in the Easychair submission platform, but that indication will have to be validated by you respective Symposia Committee)

All accepted abstract to ‘Communication by poster’ will have its reference in the Congress Booklet and will be published in the specific Symposia Book of Abstracts.

The poster session will take place after lunch, on the 9th of June, in corridor B.

Placards/stands will be available since 10h00 (please hang your poster before 12h00)

Authors should bring their posters printed (the maximum poster size allowed is A0 – 841 mm x 1189 mm).

The Symposium Organization will provide push pins/tape to attach the posters.

The placards will have a tag, with a number, indicating the location of each poster.

Authors are expected to be present beside their poster, during the poster session.



Symposium on Biomedical Engineering

  • Carla F. Santos, Fernanda Gentil, Jorge Belinha, Marco Parente, Bruno Areias, Renato Natal Jorge. Biomechanical study of the vestibular maneuvers of the inner ear using images from video acquisition. #47
  • Carlos Rodrigues, Miguel V. Correia, João Abrantes, Jurandir Nadal, Marco Benedetti. Case study on contact forces during modified gait modes. #201.
  • Elisabete Silva, Marco Parente, Teresa Mascarenhas, Renato Natal Jorge. Variation of the material parameters of the Mooney-Rivlin hyperelastic model applied to the pelvic floor muscles of two women – asymptomatic and other with pelvic organ prolapse. #118.
  • Filipa Costa, José Machado da Silva, Pedro de Jesus Mendes, Cláudia Tonelo. Medical Device Based on Smart Fabrics. #136.
  • Sabrina Guetibi, Mohammed El Hammoumi, António Carvalho Brito. Hospital Information and Quality Improvement System: a new tool for Hospitals. #32.
  • Suellen Moraes, Célia Sousa, Pedro Araújo. High Aspect Ratio Magnetic Nanoparticles as a Multimodal Nanocarriers for Cancer Therapies. #245. PRESENTATION AWARDED

Symposium on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering

  • Ana Moreira, Madalena Dias and José Lopes. Emulsification using the NETmix technology for production of microcapsules #119
  • Andreia Ribeiro, Madalena Dias, Maria Filomena Barreiro and Isabel Ferreira. Tarragon extract as a functional ingredient for development of new pizza dough #40
  • Anny Kariny Feitosa, Júlia Elisabete Barden, Odorico Konrad, Manuel Arlindo Amador de Matos and Diogo Appel Colvero. Description of household waste in the northeast region of Brazil: Case study in Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará #163
  • Bárbara Vieira, Ariana Pintor, Rui Boaventura, Cidália Botelho and Sílvia Santos. Arsenic removal from contaminated water by adsorption on iron-coated Sargassum muticum #79
  • Carlos Eduardo Monteiro, Margarida Correia Dos Santos, Antonio Cobelo-Garcia and Miguel Caetano. Platinum-group elements in Portuguese aquatic systems: the (un)known data and future research #54 PRESENTATION AWARDED
  • Catalina Filote, Silvia Santos, Irina Volf and Cidália Botelho. Laminaria sp. and Fucus spiralis marine macroalgae as potential biomass sources for biorefinery processing #135
  • Diogo Colvero, Ana Paula Gomes, Luís António Tarelho, Manuel Arlindo Matos and Anny Kariny Feitosa. Proposal for MSW management facility in a Goiás State municipality, Brazil #181
  • Diogo Silva, Helder Nunes, Alexandra Pinto and Carmen Rangel. Catalytic Hydrolysis of NaBH4 for Hydrogen synthesis: Study of recyclability of by-product NaBO2 #180
  • Emanuel Costa, Conceição Ferraz, Manuel Almeida and Joana Dias. Crambe abyssinica cultivation in Portugal: Field Study #187
  • Ewelina Chmiel and Jacek Lubczak. Oligoetherols and Polyurethane Foams with silicon atoms #48
  • Francisco Ramalhosa, Joana Vilas Boas, Vânia Oliveira, Manuel Simões and Alexandra Rodrigues Pinto. Identification of microorganisms with high cell viability for winery wastewater treatment in Microbial Fuel Cells #114
  • Inês Carvalho and Patrícia Reis. Use of Green Public Procurement for Acquiring Copy Paper and Graph Paper #120
  • Isabel T. Carvalho, Paula Penêda, Joana Teixeira and Lúcia Santos. Environmental mobility of antibiotics: A global human health treat #85
  • Joab Silva, Manuel Almeida, Conceição Alvim-Ferraz and Joana Dias. Sweet potato ethanol upgrade using quicklime #74
  • Joana Ferreira, Filipa Castro, Fernando Rocha and Simon Kuhn. Droplet-based microfluidic platform for protein crystallization #134
  • João Pedro Ferreira, Marco Parente and Renato Natal Jorge. Constitutive modeling of crosslinked actin networks: overview and implementation #2
  • Kamila Wysoczanska and Eugénia A. Macedo. Liquid-liquid extraction of biomolecules in biodegradable ATPS: phase equilibria and partitioning #31
  • Luís Moreira, Nuno Guimarães, Joana Loureiro, Maria Do Carmo Pereira and Nuno Azevedo. Nucleic Acid Mimics (NAMs) delivery into live bacteria mediated by nanovehicles #49
  • S.S. Santos, L. Peixoto, C. Dias-Ferreira, M.M. Alves and A.Mendes. Coupling bioelectrochemical systems and redox flow batteries for sustainable energy production and storage #123
  • Márcia P. Silva, Ana M. Ribeiro, Cláudia G. Silva, Joaquim Faria, José M. Loureiro, Jong-S. Chang, Alírio E. Rodrigues and Alexandre Ferreira. Adsorption behaviour of MIL-100(Fe) under vapour water #102
  • Maria J. Lima, Adrián M. T. Silva, Cláudia G. Silva and Joaquim L. Faria. Selective photocatalytic oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes using exfoliated g-C3N4 #88
  • Maria João Romeu, Patrícia Alves, João Morais, Vítor Ramos, Vítor Vasconcelos and Filipe Mergulhão. Biofilm formation by cyanobacterium Leptolyngbya mycoidea LEGE 06118: surface effect #35
  • Monique Branco-Vieira, Nidia Caetano, Marcos Freitas, Sergio San Martin and Cristian Agurto. Sustainability of microalgae biofuel production #182
  • Patrícia Alves, Joana Moreira and Filipe Mergulhão. Evaluation of bacterial adhesion to biomedical surfaces in controlled hydrodynamic conditions #36
  • Raquel A. Fernandes, Maria J. Sampaio, Joaquim L. Faria and Cláudia G. Silva. Photocatalytic synthesis of aromatic aldehydes using ZnO-based catalysts and energy-efficient light sources #89
  • Regivaldo Filho and Jaênes Alves. Sustainability Assessment of Agricultural Production Units (UPA) of Southern Bahia-Brazil: a study with organic cocoa farmers associated to Cabruca Cooperative #202
  • Sara Ramos, Vera Homem and Lúcia Santos. Is our daily routine reflected in the vegetables we eat? #73
  • Taofiq Oludemi, Sandrina A Heleno, Lillian Barros, Ricardo C Calhelha, Maria Jose Alves, Ana M González-Paramás, Maria F Barreiro and Isabel C F R Ferreira. The potential of Ganoderma lucidum to develop cosmeceutical formulations behind its nutritional value #19
  • Túlio Vieira, Sónia Carabineiro, Paulo Fernando Trugilho, Rodrigo Simetti and Breno Loureiro. Chemical changes in heat-treated Eucalyptus urophylla wood #22
  • Valciney G. De Barros, Rose M. Duda and Roberto A. De Oliveira. Highest methane production from sugarcane vinasse with filter cake in thermophilic UASB reactors #80
  • Vanessa Natalia de Lima, Carmen Susana De Deus Rodrigues and Luis Miguel Madeira. Hydroquinone degradation by Fenton process: a new application for the bubble column reactor #64

Symposium on Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • António Ramires, Matthew Davies and Rui Penha. Automatic Transcription of Vocalised Percussion; #153
  • Tiago Ressurreição, Francisco Gonçalves and Cândido Duarte. Underwater Power Transfer with Magnetic Coupling; #204

Symposium on Engineering Physics

  • Ana Lúcia Pires, Inês Figueiredo, Pedro Resende and André M. Pereira. Bi2Te3 Thin Films and Their Future Application in Thermoelectric Devices #223
  • André Filipe Ventura Cortez, Filipa Borges, Sérgio Do Carmo and Carlos Conde. Multi-Grid HPXe Gas Proportional Scintillation Counter – New Developments #211
  • Beatriz Silveira, João Belo, Rui Pinto, Orlando Frazão, André Pereira, João Pedro Conde and Virgínia Chu. Deflection Sensor based on Magnetostrictive Microcantilevers magnetically actuated #218
  • Cátia Rodrigues, Carla Alves, Joel Puga, André Trindade and João Ventura. Triboelectric Generator to Harvest Energy from the Motion of Fluids #235
  • Daniel Pereira, Margarida Facão, Nuno Silva and Armando Pinto. Quantum Key Distribution with Continuous Variables #246
  • David Leite, Bruno Filipe Oliveira Correia and Nuno André Teixeira Moreira. Navigation Using Signals of Opportunity #258
  • Duarte Viveiros, João Ferreira, Pedro A. S. Jorge and P. V. S. Marques. Point-by-point optical fiber Bragg gratings fabricated by femtosecond laser exposure #213
  • Joana Almeida and Dawei Liang. Recent advances in solar-pumped lasers #249
  • M. Maia, A. L. Pires, A. M. L. Lopes and A. M. Pereira. Zinc Oxide as a Material for Thermoelectric Power #228
  • Narsireddy Anugu, António Amorim, Paulo Garcia and Paulo Gordo. An overview of commissioning of GRAVITY at The Very Large Telescope Interferometer of ESO #240
  • Paula Quitério, João Araújo and Célia Sousa. High aspect-ratio hematite nanostructures for photoelectrochemical water splitting #234
  • Paulo Andrade, Carlos M. Correia, Johann Kolb, Paulo J. V. Garcia and Maria Inês Carvalho. Estimation of atmospheric turbulence parameters from Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor measurements – iterative correction of effects from Zernike modes cross-coupling #227
  • Sara Sousa, Lara Carramate, Ana Silva, Carlos Azevedo and João Veloso. MPGD for X-ray imaging Purposes #257
  • D. Ferreira, J. H. Belo, B. Silveira, R. Pinto, O. Frazão, V. Chu, J. P. Conde and A. M. Pereira. Enhanced Microcantilever for Applications in MEMS: Comparison between Numerical Simulations and Experimental Results #222
  • Vítor A. Amorim, João M. Maia, D. Alexandre and P. V. S. Marques. Fabrication and optimization of broadband Y-junction splitters in fused silica by femtosecond laser direct writing #96

Symposium on Mechanical Engineering

  • Abderrahim Aissa, Elza M M Fonseca and Belkacem Lamri. Computational model for W-W-W connections at ambient and high temperatures #133
  • Edwin Garzon, Jorge Lino Alves and Leonardo Santana. Optimization of Post-Processing of Infiltration in Pieces Obtained by 3D Printing with Plaster Powder Material #173
  • Gabriel Costa, Elza M M Fonseca and Laercio J Junior. Numerical model to evaluate the protected and unprotected wooden slabs under fire #139
  • Leonardo Santana, Jorge Lino Alves and Aurélio Sabino Da Costa Netto. Low cost 3D printing applied to Design for Assembly: building snap fits #109
  • Maria Fernandes, Elza Fonseca and Renato Jorge. Drilling of bone: numerical and experimental investigations #147

Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering

  • Aida Beatriz V. Moreira, Inês M. da Frada, Pedro M. M. de Lacerda and Laura M. M. Ribeiro. The influence of ageing on microstructure and mechanical properties of nickel alloy CW6MC #185
  • Ana S. Neto and José M.F. Ferreira. Hydrothermal synthesis of biphasic calcium phosphate scaffolds from cuttlebone #97
  • Almeida, MF. Montemor and MGS. Ferreira. Corrosion and protection by functional coatings of multimaterials for electronic devices #125
  • David Moreira, Tânia Azevedo and Carlos Silva Rribeiro. Quantification of porosity on cast Al-Si alloy, using image-processing software #131
  • Correia, A. Mendes and CJ. Tavares. Transparent thermoelectric ZnO:Ga,Bi thin films for energy harvesting #162
  • Filipa M. Oliveira, Nadya Dencheva, Senentxu Lanceros-Mendez and Zlatan Denchev. Polyamide laminate composites with tailored electrical properties #57
  • Inês M. da Frada, Aida B. V. Moreira, Pedro M. M. de Lacerda and Laura M. M. Ribeiro. Cast Nickel Superalloys for Corrosion Resistance Applications #154
  • Marques, M. Forte and C.J. Tavares. A Versatile Tool for Mosquito Repellency: Solar Activated Release of IR3535 from TiO2 Functionalized-polyurethane Microcapsules #152
  • Forte, C.J. Tavares and R. Silva. Encapsulation of Phytonutrients in Polymeric Microcapsules Coated With Photocatalytic Nano Materials #162  PRESENTATION AWARDED
  • Manoel R. Silva, Nubia S. Santos, Leonardo Santana, Edwin M.O. Garzón, Maria A. Sá and Jorge L. Alves. Rubber composite with EVA and Pine Resin #178

Symposium on Occupational Safety and Health

  • Ana Raposo, José Torres Da Costa and J. Santos Baptista. Work-related shoulder musculoskeletal disorders among workers in a dairy factory #94
  • Francisco Milton Junior, Cláudia Pereira and Marta Santos. Judicial work and the health of judges in Brazil: integrated analysis of the Effort-Reward Imbalance Questionnaire with the qualitative approach #25  PRESENTATION AWARDED
  • Gairo Oliveira Garreto and J. Santos Baptista. The working conditions of black slaves in colonial and imperial Brazil: a systematic review of descriptive studies #252
  • Gina Marins and Jorge Saraiva. Mental suffering: suicide, suicide attempt and suicidal ideation for occupational exposure to the psychosocial risk factor and investigated by validated tools #256
  • Sumaya Lima, Ana C. Meira Castro and J. Santos Baptista. Identification and characterization of the main forest management systems #255
  • Margarida Cerdeira. How we use sleeping pills: Summary of systematic review of literature #250
  • Marko Cvetkovic, J. Santos Baptista and José Torres Da Costa. Relation between fibrosis and low frequency noise #107
  • Raquel Martins and J. Santos Baptista. Work-related accidents and illnesses in the Foodservice Industry – A systematic review #170