Calls for abstracts 

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to be part of the Symposium on Biomedical Engineering, integrated on Second Doctoral Congress in Engineering (DCE) which will be hosted at FEUP, Porto, Portugal on 8th and 9th of June 2017.

The Biomedical engineering symposium covers several topics such as: Bioimage and radiation; Biomedical devices; Biomechanics; Biomaterials and Artificial Organs; Neuroscience; Bioinformatics, Information Management and Hospital Equipment.

This Symposium aims to provide knowledge sharing between FEUP and other national and international participants, encouraging them to present their ongoing research and promote networking between the participants.

This event is mainly focused on the participation of young researchers and doctoral students. DCE17 aims at exploring the latest progresses and developments worldwide made by young researchers and professionals.

The Biomedical Engineering Symposium is organized by PhD students from doctoral program in biomedical Engineering with the support of the interface institutes I3S and INEB.

Presentation sessions

Candidates can select their preference for an oral or posters presentation. All accepted abstract will be published in the program/Booklet of the event, that will be given to congress participants.

The templates for publishing can be obtained here.

Click here to know more about the abstract submission instructions.

Oral presentations

The duration of oral presentations is 10 minutes including 5 minutes for possible discussions and questions.

In the beginning of the corresponded session, authors should bring their presentations (pdf or power point format) in a USB pen, copy to the computer available in the room session and check them.

Program for the oral communications

Session I (8th.June, 9:30h-11h00)  |  Moderated by Fernando Jorge Monteiro

  • Invited Speaker: Manuela Gomes, Principal Investigator of the 3B’s Research Group of the University of Minho.
  • Invited student: Marta Ribeiro – Student of PRODEB, thesis title: Silk fibroin/nanohydroxyapatite porous scaffolds for bone regeneration, Leader: Maria Pia de Melo Alvim Ferraz Tavares, Co-leader: Fernando Jorge Mendes Monteiro.
  • Invited student: Pedro Morais – Student of PRODEB, thesis title: Guidance of transseptal punctures for left heart interventions using personalised biomechanical models and volumetric ultrasound imaging, Leader: João Manuel Ribeiro da Silva Tavares, Co-leader: João Luís Araújo Martins Vilaça

Session II (8th.June, 11:30h-13:00h) | Moderated by Renato Jorge Natal

  • Madalena Peyroteo, Jorge Belinha, Susana Vinga, Lúcia Dinis, Renato Natal Jorge. New Mechano-Biological Model of Bone Remodeling: Mechanical Loading and Cellular Dynamics. #15. PRESENTATION AWARDED
  • JC Silva, TA Silva, BJ Colaço, MH Fernandes, PS Gomes. Minocycline-loaded pmma bone cement as a delivery system to enhance bone healing in diabetic conditions. #23 (WAS NOT PRESENTED)
  • I.R.A. Maia dos Santos, J. Belinha, L.M.J.S. Dinis and R.M. Natal Jorge. In silico cellular growth using a new numerical technique. #28.
  • Veiga, F. Castro, A. Oliveira and F. Rocha. Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite and Sericin nanocomposites. #72.

Session III (8th.June, 14:30h-16:03h) | Moderated by Inês Castro Gonçalves

  • Cláudia Martins, Francisca Araújo, Maria João Gomes and Bruno Sarmento. Development of polymeric nanoparticles loaded with efavirenz targeting central nervous system through microfluidic platforms. #121.
  • Domingos Vieira, Ricardo Vardasca, João Manuel R.S. Tavares. Attenuation Correction in Brain Positron Emission Tomography Studies. #137.
  • Maria do Carmo Vilas-Boas, Ana Patrícia Rocha, Hugo Miguel Pereira Choupina, José Maria Fernandes, Teresa Coelho, João Paulo Silva Cunha. Exploring Gait of Transthyretin Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy Patients. #184.
  • Rafaela Pinto, Sandra Ventura, Vítor Silva, João Manuel R.S. Tavares. Preprocessing of Magnetic Resonance Images with Multiple Sclerosis Lesions. #188.
  • Rita Rodrigues, João Manuel R. S. Tavares, Rita Coelho. Healthcare Signage Design: What do the users expect?. #195.
  • Carlos Rodrigues, Miguel V. Correia, João Abrantes, Jurandir Nadal, Marco Benedetti. Low dimension joint coordination on modified gait modes. #208.

Poster presentations

The poster session will be during the coffee break. The placards will have a tag, with a number, indicating the location of each poster presentation.

Authors should bring their posters printed, the maximum poster size allowed is A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm). The Symposium Organization will provide push pins to attach the posters.

Authors are expected to be present at their poster during the poster sessions.

Accepted posters can be checked here: 



Submissions of abstracts will be eligible either for:

  • Best Poster (best poster presentation)
  • Best Oral communication (best oral presentation)

These will be decided by scientific committee of the Biomedical Engineering Symposium.

Publication agreement

Authors of same of the best poster and oral presentations will be encouraged to submit their manuscripts (full paper with revisions completed) to the open journal U. Porto Journal of Engineering for publication in a special issue.

Invited Speakers

This symposium will count with the participation of invited speakers, both from industry and academic fields.


Registration is mandatory for all participants.

Click here for information regarding the registration process.

Note: The Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering will respectively support the costs of any student from PRODEB and MEB at FEUP, who registers in DCE2017’s Symposium in Biomedical Engineering (authors and participants). Dinner is not included in the costs supported by PRODEB/MEB, nor are the workshops.

Symposium Committee

            Organizing Committee

  • Fernando Jorge Monteiro – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB; Symposium Chair
  • Renato Manuel Natal Jorge – FEUP;
  • João Manuel Ribeiro da Silva Tavares – FEUP;
  • Inês de Castro Gonçalves de Almada Lobo – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB;
  • Marta Laranjeira – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB;
  • Christiane Salgado – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB;
  • Nilza Ribeiro – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB;
  • Liliana Grenho – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB;
  • PhD student Joana Barros – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB;
  • PhD student Ângela Carvalho – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB;
  • PhD student Marta Ribeiro – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB;
  • PhD student Catarina Coelho – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB;
  • PhD student Mariana Barbosa – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB;
  • PhD student Domingos Vieira – FEUP;
  • PhD student Ana Patrícia Henriques – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB.

           Scientific Committee

  • Fernando Jorge Monteiro – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB;
  • Renato Manuel Natal Jorge – FEUP;
  • João Manuel Ribeiro da Silva Tavares – FEUP;
  • Inês de Castro Gonçalves de Almada Lobo – FEUP/ I3S/ INEB;