Calls for abstracts

Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at Faculty of Engineering University of Porto present two doctoral programs. They are called PDEMM (Doctoral Program in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering) and PDMPA (Doctoral Program in Advanced Materials and Processing). The latter one is a joining program with University of Lisbon, New University of Lisbon, University of Coimbra, University of Aveiro, University of Minho and University of Beira Interior. Both programs train students and promote their level of knowledge and experiences to be served in both research and industrial environments. They will be excellent and highly qualified to solve materials engineering problems.

The symposium of “Materials Science and Engineering” will be held in the scope of Second Doctoral Congress Engineering (DCE) which will be hosted at FEUP, Portugal on 8th and 9th of June 2017. This event can be very interesting for young researchers and students because majority of technical innovations and newly developed facilities are linked to materials and it seems that this relation will keep growing in years ahead. DCE17 aims at exploring the latest progresses and developments worldwide. Participants from Master or PhD students, Post doctorate position holders and researchers can apply for oral presentations or poster sessions. The details of the event time table will be announced after registration period.

Abstract guideline

Please find the template of Materials Symposium. The abstract should be in 2 pages maximum and in English. The full paper submission is only after the Congress.

Registration cost

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at FEUP supports the registration cost of the main author who is student and he/she is going to present his/her work in oral or poster sessions. This cost includes attending plenary sessions, lectures, parallel sessions, coffee break and lunch. However, other events such as workshops have different costs and they are to be paid by the participants.

Chance of publication

After the event, accepted abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts of the Materials Science and Engineering Symposium.

After the event, selected manuscripts will be published in Ciência & Tecnologia dos Materiais (

Details of oral presentation sessions

Each presentation is to be presented within 10 minutes plus more 5 minutes for any questions and discussion. Presentations should be prepared by Power Point 4:3 format and speakers must copy their presentations onto the computer placed in the presenting room(s) before session(s) starts.

Session I (Thursday, 8th.June, 9h30-11h00, room B016) |  Moderated by Omid Emadinia and Ricardo Sousa

  • Tânia Azevedo, David Moreira, Joana Vinagre, Delfim Soares and Carlos Silva Ribeiro. Relationship between image analysis microstructural parameters, density index and thermal analysis solidification behavior of an Al-Si casting alloys #247
  • Aida Beatriz V. Moreira, Pedro M. M. de Lacerda, Manuel. F. Vieira, Ana Maria P. Pinto and Laura M. Ribeiro. White cast iron reinforced with structural ceramics for wear resistance applications #186
  • Íris Carneiro, Filomena Viana, Marcos A.L. Reis, Manuel F. Vieira and Sónia Simões. Characterization of nickel composites reinforced by carbon nanotubes #126
  • V. Maksakova, S. Simões, A.D. Pogrebnjak and V.M. Beresnev. Characterization of Vacuum-Arc Deposited Multilayer ZrN/CrN Coatings # 122
  • Clarissa Melo, Aníbal Guedes, Carlos Tavares, Fatih Toptan and Sónia Simões. Brazing of Ti6Al4V to B4C Reinforced Ti Metal Matrix Composite #86
  • Emadinia, M.T. Vieira and M.F. Vieira. Micro Hot-embossed Aluminium and Aluminium Metal Matrix Nano Composites: Debinding and Sintering #93

Session II (Thursday, 8th.June, 11h30-13h00, room B016) |  Moderated by Omid Emadinia and Ricardo Sousa

  • Bruno M.C. Oliveira, A.P. Piedade, P.J. Ferreira, S. Simões and Manuel F. Vieira. Characterization of sputtered copper thin films in regard to processing conditions #172  PRESENTATION AWARDED
  • Vasconcelos, P. Fiedler, K. Vediappan and C. Fonseca. Electroless Silver Plating on Thermoplastic Polyurethane through Physical Surface Functionalization of the Substrate with Polyvinylpyrrolidone #179
  • Soares, Y. Shirosaki, J. Borge, T. Cidade and M. Lopes. Drug-Delivery system based on hollow spheres #124

Details of digital poster sessions

Poster session will be held in a digital format according to the time table. It should be in Portrait format, height of 120 cm and width of 84 cm, the minimum font size must be 36.

Accepted posters can be checked here: 


Symposium Committee

Organizing Committee

  • Omid Emadinia (PDMPA)
  • Ricardo Sousa (PDEMM)

Scientific Committee

  • Professor Manuel Vieira (UP – Chairman)
  • Professor Filomena Maria da Conceição Viana (UP – Co-Chairman)
  • Professor Joaquim Manuel Vieira (UA)
  • Professor Ana Paula da Fonseca Piedade (UC)
  • Professor Ana Maria Pires Pinto (UM)
  • Professor Rodrigo Ferrão de Paiva Martins (UNL)
  • Professor Maria Teresa Varanda Cidade (UNL)
  • Professor Maria Ascensão Ferreira Silva Lopes (UP)
  • Dr Sonia Luísa dos Santos Simões (UP)
  • Dr Rúben Filipe da Silva Santos (UP)
  • Dr Elsa Wellenkamp de Sequeiros (UP)