The symposium of “Mechanical Engineering” will be held in the scope of Second Doctoral Congress Engineering (DCE) which will be hosted at FEUP, Porto, Portugal on 8th and 9th of June 2017.

Symposium organizers are pleased to invite you to share ongoing work or results of PhD or Master. Topics will include all areas of Mechanical Engineering, namely:

  • Friction and Tribology;
  • Computational Mechanics;
  • Fluids Mechanics;
  • Adhesive Joints;
  • Dynamic Analysis;
  • Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • Experimental Mechanics.

Scheduled Programme 

Chairs: César Sá and Abel Santos

Location: B025

Time for presentation: 40 min. for keynote speakers; 15 min. for presenting authors

Session I (Thursday, 8th of June, 9:45h-11)  |  Moderated by Albertino Arteiro (FEUP/INEGI)

  • Joana Gomes, Jorge Belinha, Lúcia Dinis and Renato Natal Jorge. A phenomenological study of chitosan nerve conduits for the regeneration of peripheral nerves #26
  • Daniel Rodrigues, Jorge Belinha, Lúcia Dinis and Renato Natal Jorge. Simulation of the elasto-plastic behaviour of polymeric materials when subjected to compression loads #29
  • Marco Marques, Jorge Belinha, António Fonseca Oliveira and Renato Natal Jorge. Tensor Fabric definition using micro-CT Images #30
  • João Martins, António Andrade-Campos and Sandrine Thuillier. Parameter Identification Strategies for non-linear mechanical models #160
  • Manuel A. F. Araújo and J. Luís Alves. Damage models in metal forming #203

Session II (Thursday, 8th of June, 11:30h-13)  |  Moderated by Eduardo Marques (FEUP/INEGI)

  • José Machado, Eduardo Marques, Raul Campilho and Lucas da Silva. Mode I and II determination of CFRP as a function of temperature and strain rate #1
  • Marcelo Costa, Guilherme Viana, Lucas Filipe Martins da Silva and Raul Duarte Salgueiral Gomes Campilho. Development of a cohesive zone element for adhesive joints subjected to fatigue and humidity degradation #9
  • Ana Barbosa. Influence of size, amount and surface treatment on a brittle epoxy toughened with micro cork particles #16
  • Tiago Sanches and Kouamana Bousson. Optimal Robust Trajectory Control of Atmospheric Flights #142
  • Kawser Ahmed and Kouamana Bousson. 4D Commercial Trajectory Optimization for Fuel Saving and Environmental Impact Reduction #148
  • Milca Coelho and Kouamana Bousson. Adaptive Nonlinear Filter and Optimal Radar Tracking of Aerospace Vehicles #165

Session III (Thursday, 8th of June, 14:30h-16:15)  |  Moderated by Abílio Jesus (FEUP/INEGI)

  • Invited speaker: Prof. João Manuel R. S. Tavares.
  • Tiago .E.F. Silva, A.M.P. Jesus, P.A.R. Rosa and A. Reis. Flow stress and damage constitutive models identification for metal cutting simulation based on experimental tests featuring shear mechanism #113
  • Soumitra Gain, Diogo Pinto, Rui Soares, Tiago Silva, Abilio Jesus and Ana Reis. Identification of Flow Stress Curve for the Al9SiCu3 using Johnson-Cook formulation #151
  • Santiago David Castellanos Villa and Jorge Lino Alves. A Review of Milling of The Gamma Titanium Aluminides #171
  • Rui Soares, Ana Andrade, Santiago Castellanos, Abílio Jesus and Ana Reis Experimental Study on Machinability of Gypsum Plaster with Potential Application in Hybrid Manufacturing #198

Session IV (Friday, 9th of June, 9h-10:15)  |  Moderated by Inês Oliveira (FEUP/INEGI)

  • Dipak Wagre, Abel Santos, Diogo M. Neto, Rui Amaral and Marta C. Oliveira. Springback analysis using finite element method of an aluminium panel processed by sheet metal forming #111
  • Erfan Azinpour, José César de Sá and Abel Santos. Ductile failure modelling using gradient and phase field approaches #132
  • Rui Amaral, Abel Santos, José César de Sá and Sara Miranda. A comparative analysis on the ability of ductile damage models to predict fracture #164
  • Sara Miranda, Abel D. Santos, Manuel. Barbosa, J. Bessa Pacheco and Rui Amaral Air Bending Analysis using Artificial Neural Networks #166
  • André F. G. Pereira, Pedro A. Prates, Marta C. Oliveira and José V. Fernandes. Identification of the work hardening parameters using the bulge test with elliptical and circular dies #199

Session V (Friday, 9th of June, 11h-12:30)  |  Moderated by Pedro Moreira (FEUP/INEGI)

  • Behzad V. Farahani, Paulo Jose Tavares, Pedro Moreira and Jorge Belinha. A Fracture Mechanics Analysis on a Compact Tension Specimen #44
  • Anvar Makhkamov, Rui Amaral, Abel Santos, António Baptista and Luis Malheiro. Determination of the friction coefficient in the flat track strip drawing test #51
  • Rita Rynkevic, Pedro Martins and António Fernandes. In-vitro degradation test and effect of freezing on mechanical performance of meshes used in hernia surgery #63
  • Syed Asad Ali Zaidi, Kashif Mushtaq and Muhammad Asif. Design and Fabrication of supersonic shock tube capable of producing shock waves #68
  • João Pereira Amorim and José Dias Rodrigues. Passive Vibration Control Using Viscoelastic Damping Patches #168
  • Antonio Gomes, Joaquim Mendes and João Tavares. A Low-Cost System for the Biomechanical Analysis of Tennis Players #192

Poster Session (Friday, 9th of June, 14h-14:30)

  • Leonardo Santana, Jorge Lino Alves and Aurélio Sabino Da Costa Netto. Low cost 3D printing applied to Design for Assembly: building snap fits #109
  • Abderrahim Aissa, Elza M M Fonseca and Belkacem Lamri. Computational model for W-W-W connections at ambient and high temperatures #133
  • Gabriel Costa, Elza M M Fonseca and Laercio J Junior. Numerical model to evaluate the protected and unprotected wooden slabs under fire #139
  • Maria Fernandes, Elza Fonseca and Renato Jorge. Drilling of bone: numerical and experimental investigations #147
  • Edwin Garzon, Jorge Lino Alves and Leonardo Santana. Optimization of Post-Processing of Infiltration in Pieces Obtained by 3D Printing with Plaster Powder Material #173

Download the Book of Abstracts here: BoAME

Instructions for authors

Abstracts must be in English and formatted according to template with a maximum length of 2 pages. Only original and unpublished research is accepted for submission. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Proceedings Book, which include ISBN and DOI registration.

Each presentation has 15 minutes (including 5 minutes for any questions and discussion). Presentations should be prepared by 5Power Point 4:3 format and speakers must copy their presentations onto the computer placed in the presenting room(s) before session(s) starts.

Selected works will be given the chance to publish full papers in the U. Porto Journal of Engineering. The announcement of the selected abstracts will be made after the congress, along with further instructions for the authors.

Registration (Payment)

All PRODEM students (participants and/or authors of submitted abstracts), MIEM students (authors) and Computational Mechanics students (authors) who wish to register in DCE17’s Symposium in Mechanical Engineering, will have their registration costs covered (after registration in here, please wait for the confirmation email). Dinner is not included in the costs supported by PRODEM, nor are the workshops.

All others (students, researchers and professors) – from FEUP or outside – that wish to register in the Symposium on Mechanical Engineering may have their registrations sponsored, upon request (please contact Prof. César Sá –

Invited Speakers

This symposium will count with the participation of invited speakers, Details will be announced soon.

Symposium Committee

                  Organizing Committee

  • José César de Sá | FEUP
  • Abel Dias dos Santos | FEUP
  • João Ferreira | FEUP
  • Rui Amaral | FEUP

                  Scientific Committee

  • Abel Dias dos Santos | FEUP
  • António Augusto Fernandes | FEUP
  • António Gil d’Orey de Andrade Campos | U.Aveiro
  • António Torres Marques | FEUP
  • Armando Carlos Figueiredo Coelho de Oliveira | FEUP
  • Carlos Alberto da Conceição António | FEUP
  • Clito Félix Alves Afonso | FEUP
  • Fernando Gomes de Almeida | FEUP
  • Fernando Jorge Lino Alves | FEUP
  • João Manuel Ribeiro da Silva Tavares | FEUP
  • José Fernando Dias Rodrigues | FEUP
  • José Luís Carvalho Martins Alves | U.Minho
  • José Valdemar Bidarra Fernandes | U.Coimbra
  • Lucas Filipe Martins da Silva | FEUP
  • Marta Cristina Cardoso de Oliveira | U.Coimbra
  • Marcelo Francisco de Sousa Ferreira de Moura | FEUP
  • Paulo Manuel Salgado Tavares de Castro | FEUP
  • Pedro Manuel Ponces Rodrigues de Castro Camanho | FEUP
  • Renato Manuel Natal Jorge | FEUP
  • Rui Jorge Sousa Costa de Miranda Guedes | FEUP