Call for submission

 Topics for submission:

  • Refining Engineering
  • Petrochemical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering


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Registration is mandatory for all participants. At least one author must be registered in the event with a paid fee, for the abstract to appear in the Booklet and in the Symposium Proceedings.

The Doctoral Program on Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering will support the registration fee of PDERPQ enrolled students. Dinner is not included in the costs supported by PDERPQ.

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Session I (8th.June, 9:30-11:00) | Moderated by Fernando Martins
Time for presentation: 15 min + 5 min discussion

  • E. Araújo, F. P. Bernardo, C. M. Reis and F. G. Martins. Total Site Analysis to Identify Heat Exchanger Opportunities Between Process Units #197
  • Joana M. Pinheiro, Sérgio Salústio, João Rocha, Anabela A. Valente, Carlos M. Silva. Analysis of distinct porous metal/metalloid oxide materials for adsorption heating applications #130
  • Afonso, A. Ribeiro, J. Vital and L. M. Madeira. Industrial benzene nitration by-products precursor #144
  • Filipa Franco, J. Prior, S. Velizarov and A. Mendes. Monitoring of chlor-alkali membrane cell performance under industrial conditions #244

Session II (8th.June, 11:30-13:00)Moderated by Fernando Martins
Time for presentation: 15min + 5min discussion

  • Valério, C. A. V. Torres, M. Tavares, M. A. M. Reis, J. Crespo and C. Brazinha. Valorisation of corn fibre: Optimisation of an integrated process for the production of bio-vanillin #243
  • Gonçalves, J. Pereira, N. T. Paiva, J. M. Ferra, J. Martins, F. Magalhães, A. Barros-Timmons, L. Carvalho. Optimisation of amino resins and their impact on wood-based panels properties #76
  • Rita, M. Santos, J. Ribeiro, L.M. Madeira, S. Sanches. Spent caustic soda characterization and acid crudes processing versus oil and grease contamination of a refinery effluent #65
  • Pedro D.A. Bastos, Maria António Santos, Pedro J. Carvalho and João G. Crespo. Phenolic reduction in refinery wastewater treatment for water reuse #91 (TFP: 10min + 5min discussion)
  • Ferreira da Silva, Nídia de Sá Caetano, Carla Brazinha and Luís Costa. Sustainable microalgae biorefinery development through process optimization #193 (TFP: 10 min + 5 min discussion)

Session III (8th.June, 14:30-16:30) | Moderated by Fernando Martins
Time for presentation: 10 min + 5min discussion

  • Churro, F. Mendes, M. F. Ribeiro, L. M. Madeira and P. Araújo. Amination of Cyclohexanol and Cyclohexanone for the Production of Cyclohexylamine and Aniline #149
  • Ameessa Tulcidas, Bruno Santos, Sylwin Pawlowski and Fernando Rocha. Development of scale-up methodologies for pharmaceutical crystallization processes #159
  • Dias, P. Saraiva, R. Oliveira and M. Reis. Development of inferential models for the prediction of RON in Catalytic Reforming #155
  • L. Leal, F. G. Martins and J. Ribeiro. RON and MON determination using near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy data #45
  • Gonçalves, N. T. Paiva, J. M. Ferra, J. Martins, L. Carvalho, F. Magalhães. Near infrared chemometrics applied to formaldehyde based resins #56
  • Frederico G Fonseca, Júlio Paiva and Romualdo L Salcedo. Optimization of multi-objective cyclone systems – strategies from small to large scale problems #41


Symposium Committee

  • Fernando Martins – FEUP
  • João Crespo –  FCT,UNL
  • Francisco Lemos – IST, ULisboa
  • Nuno Oliveira – EQ, UC
  • Carlos Manuel Silva – UA
  • João Ferra – SONAE
  • Carlos Martins de Andrade – GALP
  • Vanessa Araújo – PhD candidate, FEUP