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Engineering in a minute

Aware of the fundamental role that Higher Education Institutions and Research Units have in disseminating scientific knowledge, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) has embraced the dissemination of science and technology amongst the public as a strategic vision, considering the extension of its activities as an essential element for the development of the surrounding environment.

This is a mission that has been carried out through various initiatives, such as the widespread dissemination of science and technology through the OCS, thanks to the regular collaboration between FEUP's professors in their role as specialists and the mainstream media who request practical explanations about current problems that affect society in general, so that non-scientific audiences can clearly and simply perceive the greater questions that influence their daily lives and their quality of life.

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto has assumed the role of promoter of a project within the MEDIA SCIENCE Program. This project aims to help with the production of content for scientific and technological dissemination within media and has obtained complete funding. The objective is to create science and technology content of a non-commercial nature aimed at the general public, to be disseminated through mainstream media platforms, namely RTP Informação, Público Online and Radio Nova.

This project was based on a partnership with other entities that also promote science and technology, namely the Interface Institutes based in the FEUP Campus and the research laboratories - involving around 500 researchers. "Engineering in a Minute" is a highly multidisciplinary and cross-cutting endeavour, involving teachers/researchers and specialists, based on all 9 of the following areas of engineering: Mining, Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Informatics and Computing, Electronics and Computers, Industrial Management, Physics, Metallurgical and Materials.

The objective of the project is to disseminate scientific knowledge to broader and non-specialized audiences while demystifying the complexity of science and technology and simplifying the concept of engineering, showing that it is everywhere, all throughout our life, and also to promote the broader scientific culture and the interaction between society and specialists.

Vincere: Science and Engineering in Portuguese

The "Science and engineering in Portuguese: video and interaction" project, funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, aimed to train FEUP teachers in the autonomous creation of video content to complement their classes, to create video content as pedagogical resources and to assess the impact of the use of said videos in the students’ performance. Videos create more time for other activities, for classroom interactivity in particular, thus peer instruction was implemented and evaluated. These activities are part of a strategy to develop teaching quality, as well as innovation and institutional capacity, while aiming for greater learning success. 

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