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The Department of Civil Engineering has the following management bodies: 

  • Department Council;
  • Department Director;
  • Executive Committee.

The Professors’ Council is an advisory body to the DEC.

The Department’s Executive Committee is composed of: The Coordinator of the Department; five faculty members or doctorate researchers, appointed by the Coordinator of the Department, one them being the Deputy Coordinator who is responsible for replacing the Coordinator of the Department in his / her functions in the event of absence or temporary impairment.
The Department Council is composed of 30 members including: The Department Coordinator; the Coordinator of the Integrated Master in Civil Engineering (MIEC); the Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Civil Engineering (PRODEC); the Coordinators of the I&D Units recognized by the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) hosted at FEUP and who are members of the department; the Section Coordinators; representatives of professors and researchers with doctorate degrees elected by their peers.

The Professors’ Council consists of all the professors currently working within the Department and functions as an advisory board for scientific and pedagogical affairs.

The Department of Civil Engineering is organized in: 

  • Sections; 
  • Research Centers; 
  • Central Services. 

Laboratories exist within the Sections’ scope.

The Sections are the basic elements of the Department’s structure, each of them corresponds to a specific scientific and pedagogical area and its teaching staff.

The Research Centres of the DEC correspond to the R & D Units included in the multi-year funding program of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and that currently function within the DEC.

The DEC Laboratories are experimentation units that provide aid for both graduate and postgraduate education, research and for the provision of services to outside sources, whose activity is developed in articulation with the Sections of the same scientific area.

The Central Services support the operations of the Department, with each service having a responsible person appointed by the Executive Committee.


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