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The Laboratory of Vibrations and Structural Monitoring (ViBest) is a facility / research unit of the Civil Engineering Department  of FEUP that provides support to the performance of experimental and numerical works in the context of the development of research, consultancy and teaching activities in the field of Structural Dynamics, aiming in particular the experimental characterization of vibratory phenomena, the analysis, identification, monitoring and control of the structural behaviour under different types of dynamic loads.

The main areas of activity are the following:

  • Experimental characterization of vibratory phenomena
  • Analysis and identification of dynamic properties of structural systems
  • Finite element modeling and updating of large Civil Engineering structures
  • Numerical and experimental assessment of traffic induced vibrations
  • Aeroelastic analysis of slender structures
  • Long term monitoring of the dynamic structural behaviour
  • Vibration based damage detection
  • Passive, active and semi-active control of vibrations

Special attention has been given to the study of dynamic problems in bridges and special structures, such as:

  • Dynamic behaviour of cable-stayed and suspension bridges
  • Modal parameter identification based on forced vibration, ambient vibration and free vibration tests
  • Evaluation and control of dynamic effects of traffic loads in railway and roadway bridges
  • Analysis of fatigue
  • Buffeting and aeroelastic instability analysis of long span bridges
  • Design and tuning of vibration control devices in footbridges and cable structures
  • Construction and long-term monitoring of bridges, dams and special structures
  • Dynamic analysis of large stadia and cable roofs
  • Soil propagation of vibrations induced by railway or roadway traffic
Álvaro Cunha
Prof. Álvaro Cunha / Prof.ª Elsa Caetano Departamento de Engenharia Civil Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto Rua Dr. Roberto Frias 4200-465 Porto Email: [email protected] Phone: +351 22 508 1580 / 1904