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The Hydraulics, Water Resources and Environment Section (SHRHA) is responsible for pedagogical coordination in the area of Hydraulics, Water Resources and Environment, within the Integrated Master of Civil Engineering.

It ensures the teaching of the following compulsory subjects: General Hydraulics 1 (2nd year), General Hydraulics 2 and Hydrology and Water Resources (3rd year), Urban and Environmental Hydraulics (4th year).

During the 5th year, SHRHA provides the teaching of the following disciplines: Dissertation on Hydraulics, Maritime Works (I and II), Hydraulic Works and Fluvial Works (I and II), Water Supply Systems and Urban Drainage Systems.

This set of compulsory disciplines intends to confer knowledge and skills in the following aspects:

  • Design, planning, execution and observation of maritime and port structures;
  • Design, hydraulic and structural dimensioning, environmental incidents inherent to the establishment of the work and to the connection of the hydraulic scheme project;
  • Design and management of water supply systems;
  • General fluvial and environmental engineering aspects and concepts;
  • Design, construction and operation of drainage and wastewater treatment systems.
  • SHRHA also teaches several Course Units from both the Integrated Masters in Environmental Engineering and the Doctoral Program in Civil Engineering (PRODEC).
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