The aim of the course is to provide training in the analysis and dimensioning of civil engineering works in which there is a strong interaction with Structures and Geotechnics. The 1st Semester aims to ensure a solid training in the field of Structures and Geotechnics. These objectives are complemented in the 2nd Semester by introducing course units that deal with the design and analysis of civil engineering works. The 3rd Semester is dedicated to an applied approach of the project, construction and intervention within Structural and Geotechnical works, complemented by training in Materials. During the 2nd and 3rd semesters it is possible to create a personalized academic journey through the selection of 3 course units, during each one of the semesters, from a range of 13 different options.

Study Plan

Access conditions
Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or a Foreign academic degree awarded following a 1st cycle of studies in Civil Engineering, organized according to the Bologna Process.


Number of vacancies

Preferably English

Rui Faria

General objectives
The main objective of the course is to provide students with a solid theoretical and applied training in the areas of Structures and Geotechnics within Civil Engineering.
Objective 1 - To provide training in methods of analysis and dimensioning of Civil Engineering works in which Structures and Geotechnics have strong interaction.
Objective 2 - Ensure training for a more competitive insertion within the national and international labour markets.

Learning objectives (knowledge, skills and competences)

Objective 1 - Mastering of formulations and use of structural analysis methods
Objective 2 - Mastery of the soil-structure interaction
Objective 3 - Ability to select, characterize and apply the materials to be used in the execution of the works
Objective 4 - Structural and / or geotechnical conception
Objective 5 - Planning, construction and intervention in structural and / or geotechnical works
Objective 6 - Research capacity