The proposed Cycle of Studies, under the responsibility of the Civil Engineering Departments of FEUP and FCTUC, is defined as a project of excellence at the level of the 2nd Bologna cycle, which aims at the transmission of advanced knowledge in the specific fields of Geotechnics. Students are to acquire a solid education and diverse competences in this area and an important competitive edge when entering the national and/or international labour markets, while enhancing the knowledge of those who have already done so and promoting the competitiveness in the specific area they are active in.

Study plan


Access conditions
Bachelor's or Master's degree in Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, Mining Engineering or areas related to the nature of the course.
Holders of a scientifically significant academic, scientific or professional curriculum.


Number of vacancies


Pedro Alves Costa

General objectives

This Master’s degree offers advanced training in the Geotechnical specialization area for Civil, Geological and Mining Engineers, and has the following main objectives:
- Provide students with a solid basic training and diverse skills in the geotechnical area
- To give students a competitive advantage in the geotechnical area within the international, and Portuguese-speaking markets
- Prepare students with the knowledge and the tools for a successful career in the area of geotechnical research

Learning objectives (knowledge, skills and competences)

At the end of the course students are expected to have acquired fundamental theoretical knowledge, which will enable them to strengthen their ability to understand and analyse geotechnical works of various kinds, and develop skills that will enable them to:
- Recognize, identify and characterize the natural masses relevant to the works;
- Define intervention strategies and techniques that, if necessary, make it possible to improve or reinforce the natural masses;
- Design, plan and build various types of geotechnical works;
- Instrument, observe and interpret the behaviour of masses and geotechnical structures;
- Evaluate and propose solutions to environmental geotechnical problems, while interacting with professionals from related areas;
- Evaluate the effectiveness of geotechnical solutions in light of the concepts of sustainability, life cycle analysis and circular economy;
- To develop research capabilities in the field of Geotechnics.